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Layle: "Leave it to me!"

Male, 26, Australia

Favourite Games: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii), Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii), The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Okami (Wii), Mario Kart (All), & Super Mario Galaxy (Wii). Favourite Genres: Adventure, Platformer, Karting, RPG, Puzzle, Shmups & Action.

Thu 25th February, 2010

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WiiLovePeace commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I wish the new 3DS XL had interchangable covers like the smaller 3DS does. Oh well. Not enough to make me downgrade to a smaller screen after owning the bigger 3DS XL since its launch.

@XyVoX it's both screens on both new & current 3DS XL models are exactly the same size.



WiiLovePeace commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:




WiiLovePeace commented on Amazon Pre-order Bonus Will Light Up Your Soni...:

Awesome! :O That looks really cool! I hope there is some way for me to get that glow-in-the-dark skin, I was planning to download this game but if I have to preorder it physically then I'll go that way. I hope they at least make it available as paid DLC...



WiiLovePeace commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

I just hope that Nintendo can disconnect anyone trying to connect to the servers with a lower firmware than the latest iteration. That way as long as there is no way to use the mods/cheats with the latest firmware the online should be cheat free. If this ever gets out I hope they are able to keep it all on their custom servers away from Nintendo's official online.



WiiLovePeace commented on Interview: Two Tribes Discusses RIVE, Starting...:

I absolutely adored Toki Tori 2, such a fun game without any hand-holding. But you still have all the actions required to solve all the puzzles, just need to bring your noggin ;) I've bought all of Two Tribes games available to me on Wii U & 3DS, except Toki Tori on GBC VC, I'll have to rectify that. I just like throwing my money at worthy developers. It feels good & I get a fun game out of it :p I'm excited for RIVE, looks great! :D



WiiLovePeace commented on The Letter Plummets to a New Low With eShop Di...:

They'd have to pay me to get me to download this game ;) I love supporting indie developers but when the quality isn't there, the developer isn't supporting me, the player. Buying games is a two way street.

Plus I ain't into horror games anyway :p