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Wiiu. 3ds. Don't mess with me. J/k

Male, 26, United States

Nintendo is a big part of my life. I enjoy the gaming side of things and the behind the scenes type stuff as well. I think of my self not as a gamer as much as a enthusiast.

Thu 28th July, 2011

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Wiidsguy commented on Review: Tiny Galaxy (Wii U eShop):

I would like to know how far the reviewer got in this game. I also would like to know what his star count is. I would like to see in game screen shots. All the pics in this review are images from the devs website for the game. I have to say that he did not talk much about the 6 world's. Or the boss stages that really change how the game is played. Nor did he talk about the music at all, there are 11 original songs made for this game. Each world has its own music, and nothing was said. I don't think this is a fair review of this game.



Wiidsguy commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

My name is Matt Desind, and I would just like to say that while I might be bias, I think Tiny galaxy is worth your time and money, I made the soundtrack for the game I feel it's a fun and challenging game that will keep people entertained, if you have time all I ask is you give it some thought this is a game that was made with passion. And I know if given a chance, people will really enjoy it. The soundtrack is also for sale both digital and physical, just find me on Twitter @OnlyMattDesind



Wiidsguy commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (North America):

The games on the eShop are crazy this week, everything looks like it's wroth my time. We'll other then the flappy bird clone. Now I just don't know what to snag, plus there is stuff from the past week I want to check out!



Wiidsguy commented on Curve Studios And Dakko Dakko Heap Praise On T...:

I play my wiiu almost everyday, I love the games I have and the games coming. The eShop is getting better everyday, I had no idea that stealth 2 was an Exclusive wiiu game. I will be buying this game day one in support of quality products.



Wiidsguy commented on Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop):

You might be a little kind for a game that is about touching blocks, for 1.99 I think there is not much here, this should be free with extra cost for level packs,



Wiidsguy commented on Ubisoft Scaling Back Support For Wii U, Expect...:

@hiptanaka I wish there where a few fighting game and a first person or two. What is coming is great but... I think that there will be games that look great that will skip my wiiu. That's why it's nice I can buy other systems. People who only own one box will always miss out. They should not blame anyone. That's just how it is.