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Wiiu. 3ds. Don't mess with me. J/k

Male, 26, United States

Nintendo is a big part of my life. I enjoy the gaming side of things and the behind the scenes type stuff as well. I think of my self not as a gamer as much as a enthusiast.

Thu 28th July, 2011

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Wiidsguy commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

My name is Matt Desind, and I would just like to say that while I might be bias, I think Tiny galaxy is worth your time and money, I made the soundtrack for the game I feel it's a fun and challenging game that will keep people entertained, if you have time all I ask is you give it some thought this is a game that was made with passion. And I know if given a chance, people will really enjoy it. The soundtrack is also for sale both digital and physical, just find me on Twitter @OnlyMattDesind



Wiidsguy commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (North America):

The games on the eShop are crazy this week, everything looks like it's wroth my time. We'll other then the flappy bird clone. Now I just don't know what to snag, plus there is stuff from the past week I want to check out!



Wiidsguy commented on Curve Studios And Dakko Dakko Heap Praise On T...:

I play my wiiu almost everyday, I love the games I have and the games coming. The eShop is getting better everyday, I had no idea that stealth 2 was an Exclusive wiiu game. I will be buying this game day one in support of quality products.



Wiidsguy commented on Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop):

You might be a little kind for a game that is about touching blocks, for 1.99 I think there is not much here, this should be free with extra cost for level packs,



Wiidsguy commented on Ubisoft Scaling Back Support For Wii U, Expect...:

@hiptanaka I wish there where a few fighting game and a first person or two. What is coming is great but... I think that there will be games that look great that will skip my wiiu. That's why it's nice I can buy other systems. People who only own one box will always miss out. They should not blame anyone. That's just how it is.