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WiiUExposed commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Sony and Apple sued the guy who created jailbreaks for iOS and the PS3. Both companies lost.

Like I said, Nintendo has a much stricter grip on the 3DS online than the Wii's. They can easily force people to update their systems before connecting to online games, which I think already happens. There was even a flash cart manufacturer who straight up said that one 3DS update made all their currently released flash carts obsolete because they said no firmware update to their flash carts could bypass the new wave of security on the 3DS. Nintendo can easily shut these guys down if they feel like it.



WiiUExposed commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@Kaze_Memaryu It took a lot of research into the Wii's OS to figure out USB loading. The 3DS isn't nearly as easy as the Wii to hack, and there are legit parts of 3DS save memory that are write-only. These guys would have to force the 3DS to ignore the eShop account status to have any hope of SD card loading, and they're already against that.

Also Nintendo equipped the 3DS to deal with hackers. There were error codes that were bypassed within weeks on the Wii, but Nintendo has a much stronger handle on the 3DS than they could ever hope to have on the Wii.

My point is that 3DS gameplay won't be getting hacked until the system's irrelevant to the point where Nintendo won't care.



WiiUExposed commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

I can't stand how console modders are demonized so much because actual pirates steal their code. If you want to demonize people, look at the online cheaters and pirates. These modders only intend to make custom tracks and whatnot.



WiiUExposed commented on Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo:

Great list. Just two things that weren't mentioned in this list:
1. Bring back older IPs- Metroid (2D and Prime), Starfox, F-Zero, etc
2. As others said, get the VC in top shape. Get the entire Wii VC library on there and more. Have some GCN and GBA games too.



WiiUExposed commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

Nintendo doesn't even make games that fully use it anymore. Nintendo Land is the one that really uses the Gamepad, and the line up of Wii U first party games don't use the Gamepad in anything big.

You don't have to differentiate yourself through hardware. You do it through software. Sega had no trouble at all being different from Nintendo in the 8 and 16 bit eras, and it wasn't because of controllers.



WiiUExposed commented on Pokémon Developers: Paid DLC Could "Ruin The ...:

Having millions (hyperbole) of Japan exclusive events hurts the "worldview"

But anyway, pay to catch is a crutch for people who can't catch it themselves if the pokemon is available in game. If the pkmn isn't available in game, then that's a fault on Game Freak, it's annoying to see so many pokemon that you pretty much need to cheat to even obtain.



WiiUExposed commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

@wasf I have no idea why people think that doing a smart business move is somehow "fearing" another company.

This is how business works. If you can provide a similar experience with your own products, try to snag a piece of the competition's install base.

Just business man.



WiiUExposed commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants it to be "Fun To Get Stuck" ...:

@Ernest_The_Crab The thing with Fire Emblem is that there were options: Casual and Classic to entice newcomers and keep challenge for veterans.

Most other Nintendo franchises wouldn't give that kind of option.

For example, 3D Marios have slowly gotten less and less complex since Galaxy. Galaxy 1+2 are still masterpieces, but by taking out huge hubworlds and levels to truly explore, they lost a whole lot of depth.



WiiUExposed commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:

The game looks like crap when you compare it to games like Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil, Star Fox 64, etc.

Those games did not suffer from 3D-related slowdown, Kid Icarus being the best example due to its fast nature and great graphics.



WiiUExposed commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

I wish that the models and textures were updated. The only major new graphical update was the lighting (which "major" is an understatement) (and high res isn't major). Looking at screenshots, I can tell that the models and textures are Gamecube quality. I wish they gave it the Ocarina of Time 3D graphical rehaul treatement rather than just lighting. Still picking it up though, probably Christmas.