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Fri 16th March, 2012

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WiiULoveGBA commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@andjahiam This right here.

Darned if they do, darned if they don't.

I want Nintendo's DLC because their games with DLC aren't any shorter than the equivalents on past consoles which also were sold at the same base price.

@the couple commenters here I ALWAYS expect to see telling people/Nintendo they are wrong: don't reply to me.



WiiULoveGBA commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

Iwata on DLC:

"And one thing Nintendo has determined as a company policy, what we are not going to do is create a full game and then say, ‘let's hold this back for DLC.' That's not our plan. We're definitely not doing that. It's an extreme example, but I think there are examples of games where you get that initial purchase — the very core part of the game — and everything else around it is all DLC. However, if you do that I believe customers will have no motivation to go out and buy the retail package to begin with."



WiiULoveGBA commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

Bumps will happen with Kart and Smash and Holiday'14 that's almost certain. Other than that Wii U just bumbling along and pleasing the fan base it's got. We'll see what Nintendo does to change minds at E3 to get even a few more sales that can't be predicted now with current release info.



WiiULoveGBA commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

Patent trolling is becoming such a widespread way of money getting. It affects far more than businesses like Nintendo. In fact I was listening to a podcaster who's podcast along with other podcasts came under lawsuit by patent trollers.

In many cases depending on the amount they are suing for, these groups just aim to be paid out a settlement because they know it may cost these companies more in legal fees to defend their property. So the companies could be tempted to just pay out a settlement to end the litigation.

In the cases of true patent trolling - groups that go out and file patents to later sue businesses - it's just terrible profiteering.



WiiULoveGBA commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

@mantrakid I actually really and very much appreciate the lowered stretch goal after checking out your kickstarter earlier this week. I should clarify that my comments speak to other kickstarters I've seen that dont ever bring their Wii U stretch goal down to a level that would communicate a real consideration for the platform or the kickstarters that just flat out know they are only teasing support of the platform. So again, I can certainly appreciate your research here where others, at least for me, haven't quite demonstrated as much. The game is looking really compelling though, and props on the Wii U approval :)

I do love the kickstarter opportunity that indie devs have now. it's a good thing so far in my opinion.



WiiULoveGBA commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

These kickstarters always want to tap into the very active online Nintendo community cause it can mean $$. All these met Wii U stretch goals from these various kickstarters better deliver and not just fly by night like that Sunbreak Games Studio Nintendo Life helped promote by a faint promise of "looking into Wii U" when the kickstarter got desperate.



WiiULoveGBA commented on Talking Point: Amazon Fire TV is an Early Warn...:

Nintendo has a lot riding on its QOL platform to return the company to profitability. Remember, Nintendo is in the business of manufacturing, software is just the icing for its current setup. If the new platform flops then the Wii U's problems now for Nintendo will suddenly look like a walk in the park. Nintendo needs another industry to prop up and cross promote its game business through like all it's competitors have.