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Wed 30th Jul 2008

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Wiiloveit commented on Review: TV Show King 2 (WiiWare):

One thing I don't like about this is how you depict the first game, especially with this quote:

"But one of our biggest problems with the game was that it is simply not much fun to play a trivia game by yourself."

You say this as though local multiplayer wasn't included (which it was), and it's also where the game really shines, so it's quite appalling that you don't even acknowledge that this even exists.



Wiiloveit commented on Podcast: Episode 8!:

I agree, Corbie, you've got a horrible voice...

...nah, I kid, I kid - it's good! MY voice is (on the contrary) really annoying, both when I speak and when I hear myself, even though I haven't contributed here for a while.



Wiiloveit commented on Review: You, Me, and the Cubes (WiiWare):

This looks good, but I would much prefer to play a quick demo beforehand... if Nintendo did demos. Because of this, I'm kinda unsure whether or not to pick it up, although I'll certainly consider it.

Quick question, though: what's with the people standing on the sides of cubes? How exactly does this gravity work?



Wiiloveit commented on Mobile Hit Townsmen Tipped for DSiWare Release:

Kubos is seriously overrated, IMO. Sure, it's not bad, but it gets old really quickly, there's not much variety in modes and the camera angles leave quite a bit to be desired.

Also, is it just me or does the screen above look like something similar to Locks Quest?



Wiiloveit commented on The Wii Sports Resort Events That Didn't Make It:

Why would we need a ball in a cup on our video gaming systems when we could just buy our very own ball in a cup? It might not sound as fun or exciting, but easy enough to work out:

Toss the ball, catch it in the cup, dump it out of the cup, toss it and catch it again!

Plus, you needn't worry about any mess or the possibility of losing your ball. Why? Well:

The ball is on a string, attached to the cup, so there's no worry if you don't catch the ball in the cup! Clean up is as easy as catching a ball in a cup...

Why spend another day not catching a ball in a cup because you'd rather catch a ball in a cup on your Wii, when you could be catching a ball in a cup? Mexico's favourite toy for over 340 years!



Wiiloveit commented on Nintendo Download: Contra Rebirth, 6 in 1 Dict...:

Questions (also posted on the forums):
How hard is Contra on the easy mode? Will it still be stress-inducingly difficult?
Does it make use of the Contra/Konami code?
Does the dictionary have actual definitions or is it a translator?
Does the dictionary have some kind of thesaurus feature to show synonyms (ie, words with similar meanings)?
Is the dictionary just a languages dictionary, or is there any bonus functionality to teach you some grammar skills etc for other languages?

If there's yesses to these questions, I'll get 'em.



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

It's a shame the multiplayer has taken such a hit, but I suppose it could be worse... like no multiplayer at all! Either way, looking forwards to this, although admittedly not as much as I was before the above points were stated about said mode.



Wiiloveit commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

@SanderEvers - I had the same problem after playing too much BOXLIFE. I gave it a rest, and then tried constantly pressing it to see if it was really not working or if it was my button-pushing technique that was flawed, and soon enough, it started working again.

As for the survey, I can't say I'm surprised, and only makes me stand by my decision of preferring the PS3 to the 360 if I ever had to make the choice between them. Also: imagine how high the rate for reliability in Windows computers will be...



Wiiloveit commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

I'd love to go through each entry and give my thoughts, but that'd take ages, so from what I did see (in around the first fourty posts), my favourites were the basketball one and the one where the tree appeared. Great work. Anyways, here's my first attempt, entitled "stuntman".



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Flipnote Studio (DSiWare):

I'm gonna wait until later to play this, since the new Team Fortress 2 update was also released today, and if I play that as much as possible before the Americans all wake up, there's more chance of me getting a good game without waiting for servers to free spaces. Anyways, really looking forward to giving this (and 3-2-1 Rattle Battle) a go!



Wiiloveit commented on Flipnote Studio Available This Friday:

I feel like being awkward, so I'm only going to be happy if we get this alongside Mario Vs Donkey Kong. Or maybe the new Brain Training game / Mighty Flip Champs. MAYBE.



Wiiloveit commented on Pop:

This shouldn't be in the Wii section now, should it?



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

I tried tot to get caught up in the discussion again since my last comment, but since most of the arguing appears to have been resolved now, I have a couple of things to say.

@Doogle: So... you're suggesting that because you were breast fed as a child you are intelligently superior? Just move on, now, that's what I've done.

@AlexSays: Well said, my friend. Spot on, you were.

@Kirigirisu (comment 108): You seem to be missing the point. Here's a copy and paste of what I said in a previous comment...
What I meant was that from what he's saying, he does seem to be claiming that the joystick control is only for the 4-bit mode, and from 8-bit mode you have to use the Wii remote on it's side, which is incorrect: you can use any of the control schemes at any point. Also, the extra mode I was referring to is based on the warp mode, not the standard mode, and is a further bonus in addition to the standard turbo mode, which he seems to think is all there is.



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Doogle: Sorry, but WHY must you CONTSTANTLY bash and throw hatred at Bplus' games. WHAT have they EVER done to you? Have you even PLAYED any of their games? Do you serve ANY other purpose on the website than to constantly bash their games? Why do you do this? Is there ANY reason why you must pick out Bplus' games when it comes to nitpicking and tearing apart and praying for negative reviews, because I hardly ever see you post on other articles. Honestly... call yourself a priest.



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@KDR_11k: You're missing the point, because Scott claimed there was nothing else to earn once you'd finished the game once, when clearly there was, he's making the game sound worse than it actually is.

Oh, and IMO, the level design is what makes it, and the dead ends don't ruin the gameplay that much anyway.



Wiiloveit commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

I've only seen two reviews for this game. This one, and the Wii's World one (which I am choosing to ignore, since they clearly stated the developers were being lazy with the design style - something I bet they wouldn't say if they reviewed Mega Man 9), but yeah, it does appear to be having mixed opinions.

@MarkyVigoroth: I thought I was the only person that didn't like ORBIENT, except I didn't get bored, just frustrated.