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Tue 11th March, 2008

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Wii-1 commented on Bandai Almost Made A Laptop With A Built-In SN...:

Maybe that is what both companies fell out over in the early 90s. Bandai used to distribute Nintendo games in the UK but in the early 90s both fell out and it was near impossible to get new SNES titles for about 6 months. They were all locked in a warehouse in the UK by Bandai brcause of the dispute they both had. I remember it well.



Wii-1 commented on Video: Mute City in Mario Kart 8 Just Got Craz...:

It looks fantastic. The thing that worries me is; This is 200cc mode, at one point in the race Mario was going backwards, yet he finished second 😳 150cc is the hard mode so 200cc should be very hard? That looked easy.



Wii-1 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I'll be keeping a close eye on it anyway and I'll probably buy it as soon as it's released. I can't say I do that with many games.
The reviews will be very important. I will be expecting excellent reviews from the few sites I frequent. I'd be shocked if it got bad reviews and I have to have to have a rethink.



Wii-1 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

I didn't get angry. My point was don't knock it especially if you haven't even played it.

Your after saying something else that is a bit confusing "Doesn't change the fact that, by today's standards, the game is not THAT good." Eh how he heck would you know? Since you haven't even played it!. 😳



Wii-1 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

Your wrong. Mario 64 does deserve 10/10. I played it again last year on Wii and I can confirm its one of the greatest games ever made. I also had it back in the day. It's a fantastic looking game. Don't be such a graphics junkie.

Gaming didn't just get good when you bought your first console. It had been brilliant for years before that. Ya know putting down an absolute epic game that you haven't even played is a bit pathetic.



Wii-1 commented on Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Inc...:

I could nearly guarantee M$ had Nintendo analysed to see would it be possible to buy. M$ didn't have to buy Sega. They have become the new Sega. πŸ˜‰

It's a mad world where Nintendo are snubbed by the core gamer. I don't think these people who buy PS4 and Xbone and not Nintendo are gamers at all.



Wii-1 commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Nintendo will really have to pull something out of the bag regarding NX if they want to creat the excitement created by previous consoles. Either way I'll be getting one. It will be really interesting to see what they come up with.

If it has a touch screen I'll cry.



Wii-1 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

I think it could be a good idea. Think of the massive new audience Nintendo can tap into. It could be like advertising for their main console.

Nintendo needs to change their business model because the old one is clearly not working. I just hope their next console is a hit and we get some classic Nintendo games.

I got an iPad last Christmas and I never downloaded one game. They just don't appeal to me. I don't see a treat from tablet/smartphone gaming. Consoles and tablets can live side by side.



Wii-1 commented on Another Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Batt...:

The advanced techniques you mention, I never even heard of them😊. I have all four smash games If you include the N64 version. I don't have Project M. I'm kind of only starting to learn how to play now.

I love the Gamecube controller but the shoulder buttons can stick into my finger; the little edge they have. I looked at a video of project M just now, I might download it in the future.



Wii-1 commented on Another Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Batt...:

As much as I am a big fan of the GameCube controller, the Wii classic controller pro is perfect for playing smash.
The set up I use is:
A grab
B attack
X jump
Y special
ZR / ZL block
And no jumping with the analog stick.



Wii-1 commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

At the end of the day it is Nintendo's fault the game is overpriced. The main reason being it was a limited print. Hopefully this helps drive the price down and also lets us have a chance of owning this truly classic game.



Wii-1 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Rhythm Heaven Fever / Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise was €3.99 in Argos only recently.

I'm looking forward to downloading Metroid trilogy and Kirby in the next couple of weeks. Most of the games on your list can be got for less than a tenner anyway. I'd also like to see Excitebots. Mario strikers is an incredible game.



Wii-1 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I hope Nintendo put up games that are rare and overpriced. I will be downloading Metroid and Kirby. I'd like to see Mario sports mix. I don't have it. Imagine if they released Super Mario Allstars. πŸ˜ƒ



Wii-1 commented on Bidding Hits $100,000 on Uber-Rare NES Game, S...:

It's a bit mad really. I started collecting over the last few years. I have six brand new full version white Wii's and a lot of brand new Wii remotes, nunchuck's, classic controllers and GameCube controllers and a new GameCube console. It's a strange habit that I'm convincing myself will make me a profit in the future.

To pay this kind of money (if I had it) for one game does not appeal to me. There are other ways to invest big money. Different strokes different folks.



Wii-1 commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

Interesting read. The prices the consoles are, means it would be probably cheaper to fly or sail to the States and have a nice holiday when your at it.

Somehow I don't think it will effect people who live in the Favela πŸ˜‰



Wii-1 commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

I am using the Wii Classic controller pro which is perfect. I have 2 Wii u pro controllers but I don't want to "hammer them out of it" playing Smash, and the same goes for my GameCube controllers. Classic controller pro is fine.



Wii-1 commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

Got both controllers black & white online from Hong Kong. $34 for the white and $30 for the black. I ordered them a week apart to hopefully avoid paying import tax. 😍. Great price works out at €28 & €24