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Wed 13th May 2009

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Why_is_esposch_banne commented on Interviews: Kyle Gray talks Henry Hatsworth & ...:

@ Kyle
When it was announced on Joystiq the only 2 Aussies to comment said "Oh well, just download it toi [sic] your R4 card." "The first rule about fight club is not to mention fight club"

I think the majority of Aussies who care about Hatsworth will either import (like me and possibly my friends if I love it) or Download (like fag on Joystiq and possibly some of my other friends if I love it)

Anyway, us Aussies are used to it, not getting EarthBound or Chrono Trigger, and not getting Super Paper Mario till September 2007 and Brawl till the end of June last year. Although technically we got the majority of Brawl back in 2002 (y'know, Melee on the cube).