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Fri 25th Dec 2009

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WhiteDragon9928 commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow:

To be honest, I'd welcome this if it were true.
I have poor eyesight, and larger screens help tremendously. My fiancee and I have a DSI XL along with our 3DSes and it's an absolute dream when playing ds games. We both have large pockets so the larger size is not an issue.
I tried playing Thor: God Of Thunder on my 3DS and found myself wishing for the XL's larger screens.
So...3DS XL, you say? BRING IT ON!!! lol



WhiteDragon9928 commented on Resi Revelations Infects North America on 7th ...:

I'll say this: I'm excited about this game coming out, but it better not have a control setup like the first RE. I quit playing it after 5 min. when i saw how awful the controls were. So if Revelations controls like that, Capcom should listen to people like me who loved the RE4 control setup and make the RE4 setup an alternate, optional way to play the game. Otherwise, i won't play it. Case closed.



WhiteDragon9928 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

I know it may sounds stupid to say, but if im going to spend $20-$50 on a game, i want something tangible that i can hold in my hands, not something thats coming to me through thin air that may or may not get to me with errors, etc. i might spend up to $10 for a downloadable title, like something off DSIware, but no more. i just look at like this...if youre hungry and want an apple, will you spend x amount for a real apple that you can eat or would you take the picture of an apple thats behind the counter?



WhiteDragon9928 commented on Review: Derby Dogs (WiiWare):

Yall should've used a different main picture. Those dogs are...creepy looking. They bring to mind the dog-heads on the Thing in the 1982 Kurt Russell sci-fi horror gorefest film, "The Thing".



WhiteDragon9928 commented on Review: Dragon's Lair (DSiWare):

I just got this through dsiware and i have to say, from what i remember from my hundreds of hours spent (and quarters) at the arcade playing this game, this is a darn-near perfect translation of the arcade game itself. in fact, dare i say it: it IS the arcade game, right down to the "boop" sounds that indicate a correct move was made now i dont know much about this compression bit but i have to say i dont see where anything was lost. i own a copy of digital leisures ps2 version of this and i compared the dsi version with the ps2 version and actually, the dsi version seems to be better...probably just my imagination but it seems like it. i love it...its so fun and kinda surreal to have ppl gather around me to watch me play this, same as they did way back in 83 when ppl would gather to watch me play the arcade game. kudos to digital leisure...yall did a MARVELOUS job!!!