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Wed 16th Mar 2011

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What_She_Said commented on Review: Heavy Fire: Black Arms (WiiWare):

Okay, so. I really only joined this site to state these few things.

Wiiware is really just a giant waste pit of virtual numbers being spent. Wiiware rarely ever has anything good since it's dying into crappy puzzle game hell. Then they brought this out, which then trigger's the reaction of window browsing kids who go into a frenzy over a war game and of course, they don't research it at all. If you notice that most games are rarely ever given out any complete information about the game? All they give you is reviews. And I was totally expecting this to be a pit of wasted points. Judging by most games on Wiiware I wasn't expecting alot of good news for this game. And guess what I learned about this game? It's crap. My only concern about this game was if you could at least move and you don't just stand there and randomly blind fire all over the place. My concerns were right.