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Fri 26th Sep 2008

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wesleyh commented on Tiki Towers Lined Up For A Christmas WiiWare L...:

Hey starwolf, was it you that was banned from wiiware channel? I'm banned as well.. (Well, it's not really banned... they just lock you in the last region you used, which is USA in my case..) Any way to get back to the EU region?



wesleyh commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:


"oh wait, i have a revolutionary new console that is family orientated and doesn't do the generic game line"

That is a load of crap. There are no revolutionary games for wii except for wii sports. All other games could be done easily on the other consoles as well.



wesleyh commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

Err KDR, not everyone wants wii to be the lead sku. The wii is graphically gimped, there is no denying. The wii is gimped in file sizes, nintendo will not increase the max size as the flash drive is just too small..

The only thing the wii needs is exclusives, not ports as there is no point what so ever of porting it to the wii if it leads to a worse gameplay experience. Live with it.



wesleyh commented on Wayforward Interview - LIT:

Looks awesome, only thing that bothers me is that there are "only" 30 puzzles. How much time does 1 puzzle usually take?

I don't want this game to be over in a matter of hours..



wesleyh commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (5th Nov):

Since there is so few information about games in the wii shop, people buy on what they think the game is about, or the idea of the game.

For example, had I not read the incredible maze review (or seen those hideous screenshots (big screenshots)), I would have probably downloaded it.

Same with all the other trash games.. Wiiware definitely needs at least an easier way to get info on a game, a video, etc.. from the wii shop channel. (Not from that other channel that no one even has any more).



wesleyh commented on JoJu Games Interview: Mart Racer:

I want a game where I can pick my virtual nose with the wiimote. Take out the boogers and then it turns into a puzzler based on the color of the boogers.



wesleyh commented on Review: The Incredible Maze (WiiWare):

Oh man, and in the press release they said they were gonna release more "exclusive" wiiware games.. Looking forward to that..

The concept was good though, I hope a capable developer capitalizes on it.



wesleyh commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tetris Party & The Incredi...:

Oh, and that sudoku game will have 100,000,000 puzzles.. LOL. Randomly generated.

Now’s your chance to play the brain-busting puzzle game taking the world by storm. With over 100,000,000 Sudoku puzzles, you’ll never see the same puzzle twice in Sudoku Challenge! You can select the classic nine-by-nine Sukodu gameboards as well as Grand Sudoku which challenges you to complete five intersecting Sudoku boards simultaneously!

Just a beginner? Don’t worry – With three difficulty options, even the most novice player can complete a Sudoku with ease. But if you’re a seasoned pro, challenge yourself in ‘Expert’ mode and test your true skills. It’s time to get your thinking cap on and see how many Sudoku puzzles you can conquer!



wesleyh commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

Tell me again why 2Dboy needed a publisher in the first place? This is all digital download, right?? .. Couldn't they have handled everything themselves?

And second point, I'm sure that they would have made much more money had they released the game as a digital download in Europe, versus the retail release a few months away.. Stupid decisions, really.



wesleyh commented on High Voltage Interview: High Voltage Hot Rod Show:

I also don't get why they ditch features because they don't have the budget.. If they build this once.. online functionality, DLC, etc.. they could abstract that and easily add it to their other new wiiware games as well, which would help their sales tremendously. It takes money/investments to make money, high voltage