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Wed 21st April, 2010

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Weebz commented on You Can Now Control Your PC With Your Wii U Ga...:


"Just think tho if we can stream the desktop to the touch screen and use the gamepad as a controller we could play pc games on the gamepad!!!!"

If any group of custom controller adapter manufacturers could make that happen, it would probably be Mayflash. I mean, I'd like to see them try (though I'd imagine that bit about getting the PC video content cloned to the Gamepad's LCD would be the hardest part). Getting the Wii U Pro controller to work as a Direct Input usb Human Interface Device is cool enough, for now.



Weebz commented on Iwata Tells Shareholders "Core Gamers Will Acc...:

Call me a jerk, call me "crippled by nostalgia," but I haven't owned a console since my SNES suddenly ceased to function properly and didn't need to upon discovering the wonderful world of emulation way back in 2000. Through it I relived classics, as well as experienced titles that we should have gotten in the first place such as Seiken Densetsu 3, which __still__ has not been brought to the Virtual Console, yet Pulseman, Gleylancer and Sin and Punishment were?

I don't know what the term "core" gamer means, all I know is I like games that are simplistic, have decent mechanics and are fun, and to me all those Run n' Jump sidescrollers, shmups, and overhead view action RPGs are fun. I have a great set up with a Mayflash Wii Classic Controller adapter and two flatties (and two Buffalo USB SFC turbo pads) with Svideo from the comp cloned out to my TV, and a machine that runs atleast up to PSX games smoothly. So who needs you, Virtual Console? You don't even have Capcom's Ducktales, Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, or even Little Nemo and you probably never will... but I can sure play them just fine and quite close to how I remember them, without you.

The Wii U controller looks Rii-f*cking-diculous, but when I first saw it I got my hopes up that maybe Nintendo was going to ditch the strictly-home-based console and basically make a big DS that would double as both a portable on-the-go system and a stay-at-home system by way of transmitting the image to a TV by wireless video broadcaster (such things do exist, I just saw such a thing on my last visit to Fry's Electronics). But no, the Wii U controller apparently becomes useless after being taken so many feet away from the main console... So much potential, Nintendo. Why?