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Male, 21, United States

Hi there. As you can tell, I love Nintendo and Spider Man!(As well as other things.) Can't wait to meet all the gamers here! :)

Sun 24th February, 2013

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WebHead commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

Remember guys this will mostly focus on Spring and obviously New 3DS for NA and EU. Don't get mad if you don't see Retro's new project. Spring titles are what we are promised. ANY non-spring thing is a bonus. Keep those expectations in check guys.



WebHead commented on New Nintendo 3DS Prices Pop Up in Italy, and T...:

Pretty good. Will most likely be $170 for Standard and $200 for XL in NA. I'll pre-order the standard soon as they go up and the release date is announced. Just announce the date already, stop beating around the bush Nintendo lol.



WebHead commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

I'm gonna get some heat for this but...honestly, I think it's time fore speedy blue hedgehog to hang up his red shoes and retire. This game looks like a mess, the majority of his games in the last decade and more have been bashed, sales aren't high. The Genesis era was his prime and he's well past it. Sonic games can't make anyone besides dumb kids happy anymore. Not trying to be a hater or pessimist, I just don't think Sonic has a place anymore.



WebHead commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

Well thing is just about every Nintendo handheld first-party system seller has released now. There isn't too much left that Nintendo can release that would move 3DS systems in droves. I doubt the successor will release next year, but with sales dropping right now, and if they continue, an E3 2015 reveal with a 2016 release is looking very real.