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Tue 26th November, 2013

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Webby-sama commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (North America):

Smash sale Wii U -

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - 29.99
Donkey Kong (VC) - 3.49
Donkey Kong Jr. (VC) - 3.49
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (VC) - 4.99
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (VC) - 4.99
PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventure - 11.99
Pikmin 3 - 39.99



Webby-sama commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (North America):

Smash sale 3DS -

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 19.99
Star Fox 64 3D - 29.99
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 19.99
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (VC) - 2.49
Donkey Kong (VC) - 3.49
Kirby's Dream Land - 2.49
PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventure - 11.99
Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr. - 1.49



Webby-sama commented on Nintendo Confirms Week Two Details for Super S...:

@aaronsullivan This is from

Rating Summary: This is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of a young adventurer who journeys through a fantasy world. Players engage in tactical battles by moving characters around grids and taking turns attacking enemies. Gameplay attacks consist of brief animations in which characters slash each other with swords, or attack with magic spells; light effects and cries of pain denote damage. Cutscenes also contain instances of violence: characters getting impaled with swords, lightning bolts; enemy soldiers attacking a village; a character jumping off a cliff to her death. During the course of the game, there is occasional suggestive dialogue/text (e.g., “Your philandering is quite deplorable, but high marks on your attitude,” “Noble or not, you should be wearing at least a towel when you address a lady!” and “loins afire” when a character is in love.); a few characters also wear low-cut tops that reveal deep cleavage. A handful of scenes feature characters discussing mead, wine, and being drunk. The words “ar*e” and “p*ss off” appear in dialogue.



Webby-sama commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Nintendo does the new iteration thing all the time. "If I had known" is a terrible way to think. You may as well just live a generation behind if you're gonna regret a purchase because Nintendo basically didn't have a five year plan laid out publicly.



Webby-sama commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

I actually just traded away my Monster Hunter to Game Stop (32 bucks, worth it especially since I only paid 20 for it). Kinda glad this sale only started today, might have considered buying it off the eShop and doing a data transfer first.

Need a break from it though. I'm not even very into it but I liked playing with friends when we actually bothered. No regrets. RIP, What.



Webby-sama commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

DLC is perfect for a game like Mario Kart. It adds to the longevity of the title since Mario Kart is (thankfully) not a yearly release type game. I loved the Mario Golf World Tour DLC too so I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Side note: Link in Mario Golf, please.