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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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Webby commented on EU WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch and Pop:

@Gavin (#7): Same here. I got my Wii replaced by a new one because of brawl and lost all my savegames. I put myself over the loss of a fully completed Maior Kart, unpack & plug in the new Wii, insert the Brawl disc, Error. So i shipped it back again to Nintendo yesterday



Webby commented on No WiiWare Games For Europe This Friday:

We got one, then nothing, then 2, then nothing. That's an average of 0,75 games a week, 39 a year. And you guys even published an article that there are 100 wiiware games in development. So they don't need any more developers for the next 3 years



Webby commented on Review: Star Soldier R:

I really like it a lot. Even my girlfriend started it and wants to improve her score now. The only bad thing is that there is no restart option. If you screw up in the beginning you have to finish the level ...