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United Kingdom

Sat 12th Mar 2011

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WayneLFC74 commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

This game is the reason I soft modded my original Wii, I bought the game and absolutely hated the controls, after modding the Wii and a simple cheat code later, I was able to use my Classic Controller and choose whatever button I wanted to use instead of those awful motion controls, so to all those that are saying it's too much work for Nintendo to dig through the code to change stuff.... it really isn't..



WayneLFC74 commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

"It's quite shocking that Donkey Kong, the game that made Shigeru Miyamoto famous, has never been perfectly ported to any system in the 30 years it has existed – Donkey Kong 64's version came extremely close, but for some reason it starts at a higher speed than normal to make things more difficult."

Just thought I'd mention that Donkey Kong recieved 2 very good conversions back in the day by Arcana Software... to the C64 and Amstrad CPC, both include all the levels and play damn near arcade perfect