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Wed 30th September, 2009

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WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: Dreaming of a Nintendo Christmas - To...:

The GCN, Wii and Wii U I ended up getting as christmas presents, although the latter I bought for myself. Every other nintendo consle before hand I ended up getting on my B-day or saving up enough koopa coins with a huge mix of bagging. :P

I had myself a merry little sega Christmas with the genesis at one point, too bad my parents got me that wretched Sonic Pinball. Out of all the games....



WaveyChristmas commented on Renegade Kid Is Bringing Survival Horror Title...:

I found DII to be a little disappointing. The stylus pointer controls seemed a little too sensitive, there was more of an emphasis on shooter dooder' action, the settings were less interesting and the final boss + ending were a huge let down compared to the first game. however, smashing down doors with a sledge hammer felt truly satisfying. :P



WaveyChristmas commented on Renegade Kid Is Bringing Survival Horror Title...:

Loved the first Dementium! That was truly one hell of a unique experience on the DS, all the thanks to the brilliant and intuitive Stylus controls, wonderful haunting unsettling score and dreary atmosphere. I'll definitely be picking up the enhanced 3D version once it arrives on the eShop. B-)



WaveyChristmas commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

I'm still baffled at how MM1 gets hailed as the toughest mega man game. it's one of the easiest imo. The toughest? That honor would go to Mega Man & Bass, plus MM10.....The only titles I found easier than MM1 in the classic series were 5 & 6. 2 is a close call though when not playing it on 'easy' mode.

Anways, these kids clearly don't know classic platforming rythem ballet, they're just plowing through everything taking hits hoping to get lucky with random shots and jumps. I played this game for the first time when I was 5 year olds, and my skills easily put most of theirs to shame. :P
anyways, good to hear they had fun with it!



WaveyChristmas commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

For me, they ruined brawl by destroying and crippling the air dodging mechanic, making the overall gameplay slower and floatier....I hated that they threw in Solid snake as well. Brawl felt like an incomplete experience with an underwhelming selection of characters. It also ruined Targets mode, and the time creating sticker mode could of been used to make another character(ect)

Melee is my choice definitely. It was truly something special when it came out. Brawl? MEH. Haven't played smash 4 yet though, other than the 3DS demo. Seems a bit quicker and less floatier, although air dodging is still disappointing. It's got an amazing roster of characters(Little mac, pacman, dunk hunt dog ect), it has finally made the next gen HD plunge rather than looking like another gamcube sequel like Brawl and SSB 3DS, and it has so much else going for it. I just WISH they would of given players the 'controllable air dodging mechanic and more time being suspended in the air when pulling it off like in melee



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):


Problem is, a lot of people think that 8-16 bit games these days should go for under $10 because they're not utilizing next gen visuals.
I dropped over $100($119.99 to be exact...eek!) for sonic the hedgehog back in the day, and while it was challenging a skilled player could beat that one in no time.

$10 seems fair me guesses. even then, I'd still rather play Fusion or Zero Mission by a land slide.



WaveyChristmas commented on Sega Looking To Turn Streets Of Rage, Shinobi,...:

Your average young modern gamer has no idea what these franchises even are, but I like the idea that they're taking a chance. Streets of Rage would be pretty neat....and if either of these shows prove to be successful, then we can expect videogames out of them. SOR is long over do!



WaveyChristmas commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

Same deal with me.
The N64 and PS1 was filled with so many lows and highs. but ultimately, the N64 by a land slide is my least favorite Nintendo console. 32-bit polygons have no aged well, to make things worse, many N64 games have frame rates that plunge below 30fps....OOT being the perfect example. The n64 to me was the beginning of the end, and Nintendo scoffed at the idea of 32-bit sprite based games.....WHICH by the way would of aged wonderfully.



WaveyChristmas commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

This is your first time playing Mario 64? Try playing it back in 96' when it was absolutely groundbreaking, revolutionary and the most amazing full-scoped 3D platformer to grace any system. The analog stick and 3 handle controller was incredibly unique. you just had to of played it during the time to understand, especially coming from an NES & SNES. Nobody will be able to appreciate the landmark in gaming that it once was by playing it now, considering Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D World are out...



WaveyChristmas commented on New Mario Maker Footage Shows Off Multi-Genera...:

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where if it isn't a sequel to a popular renowned franchise or an overly violent grisly realistic shooter it will fail 95% of the time.

The Wonderful 101, game & Wario, Pikmin 3 just to name a few examples.

I'm surprised by SHovel Knights success though, but it rightfully deserves it!
If this were the NES era it would of been a smash hit B-)

Pikmin: New Play control on the Wii is how I got into the series...Like many that were new to the franchise, I thought it wouldn't be my cup of tea but I took the chance, picked it up, dove right in and had a wonderful time with it. It's one of the few Nintendo games imo too that poses a pretty good challenge, what, with the time limit and all. Keeps you on your toes!



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

It deserves no more than a 6.
This game isn't even deserving to be called a new 'NES' game....4 levels only, uninspired lackluster stage design, weak soundtrack, kindergarten-difficulty(ect) I want my $5 back.... :P classic mega man fans should stay clear and just spend the $5 on mega man 2 or 3. Even as a bonus I wouldn't waste time with this one.



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

Kind of hard? you've got to be kidding me. this is the easiest piece of NES trash in comparison to classic mega man games. I could finish this game blind folded.

I take it you have little experience with the classic mega man games or NES games in general?



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):


I Completely agree. As somebody who has beaten every single classic mega man game, _including the Gameboy titles(Aside from 7 on the SNES) and the X series(minus the PS2 sequels X7 and X8) Mighty Gunvolt is a total waste of time and giant disappointment overall....Even as a freebie I wouldn't bother with it. it's a half baked, whipped up, pathetic excuse for an NES game. Mega man fans stay clear.

It's way too short(first wave NES games were much longer, meanwhile the ones that weren't were point rackers so they have an excuse), it's ridiculously easy....Your character has too much health(to the point where you can be totally careless and still win), the level design is lazy, bland and uninspired, the enemies are lack luster, the bosses aren't memorable and the music was very weak. I beat it with all 3 characters(big whoop, pretty easy feat)and I nearly feel asleep during the mid point. If anything, I kind of liked the 'school' chip tunes, and Gunvolts controls felt very fluid, kenetic and zippity.

However, I'd give it no more than a 6, and even that's sort of being generous. giving this game an 8 is just wrong on so many levels. :P
for $5 you can actually get a REAL full fledge NES game, like Mega Man 2 for example which is absolutely amazing. Gunvolt shouldn't be priced higher than $1.99

Mega man 4(which i'll admit isn't one of my favorite mega man games) gets a 7 on this site, and mighty gunvolt scores an 8? really?....



WaveyChristmas commented on New Mario Maker Footage Shows Off Multi-Genera...:


Pikmin is flippin brilliant.....there are so many Nintendo fans unwilling to give it a chance. too bad for them because they're missing out a fantastic franchise because they're too busy starring through their rose tinted nostalgia glasses.

I absolutely love Mario, Punch-Out!!, Kid Icarus(ect ect) as much as the next guy, but Pikmin is the real deal and a worthy contender of being up their with Nintendo's classics.



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

I think the mega man Zero series is very intimidating. I've beaten zero 1 which was pretty damn amazing, but I'm not sure I have the urge to dip into it' sequels. MM Zero was infuriating challenge wise(which i'll admit I loved. ahem, total masochistic gamer right here) and it is the MM epitome in terms of Pattern mastering. But I keep asking myself, do I really want to play another entry in the zero series? Eh....seems like the original was enough for me.

As for Azure, it looks way too similar to MM Zero, at this point....I'd probably rather play Zero 2. :P



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

I put in 15 minutes of Gunvolt before I hit the sack. :P
The music sounds like it was just whipped together(forgettable stuff), The visuals in regards to the environments look half bunzed', and the story barely makes any's too out of left field for it's own good, even for the NES era. . it truly does feel half baked....but it's wayyy too early to make a call. I doubt this game is better than a 7. I still enjoyed what I played though, looking forward to plowing through it tonight.

Anyways, it seems like Comcept is just spewing out everything they can with Mighty N.9 on the way....The MN9 CG cartoon series looks pretty lame. talk about getting a head of yourself. They need to wait and see if M9 actually becomes a success.



WaveyChristmas commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:


Awesome games such as this don't seem to sell well these days. If you're not releasing a sequel that's part of a popular renowned franchise or a violent blood soaked 3rd or first person shooter you're essentially doomed. Take a look at the fate of The Wonderful 101, Even pikmin 3(2ndd sequel, still poor sales), Zack & Wiki, Elebits, just to name a few examples.

Wonderful games that too many stuck up close minded gamers willingly passed up

Shovel knight got lucky!
If this were the NES/Master System era, Shovel Knight would of been a HUGE hit. ;)

But now we're overpopulated with videogames, we're basically stuck in a video game jungle with too many platforms, too many young gamers that feel the need to prove their masculinity over a videogame to the point of jumping on the Nintendo hate train, shrugging off the Wii U and titles like 'Shovel knight' all together because it doesn't fit their mature dooder' image. As much as I dig the eShop(Also PSN and XBOX live downloadable games) there's just TOO much....too much to the point where stand alone/new franchises drown in the midst of it all, especially in comparison to big AAA games.

When we were just confined to the NES or master system(then again, I didn't know a lot of people that had it) or SNES & Genesis, two consoles only dedicated to retail releases, the word easily gets out!



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

I'll definitely be downloading this tonight! B-)
But I can understand the half balked remark....something about it feels a little cheap. For example, the way the characters walk seems a little too fast and fluid in a bad sort of way and the environments look kind of cookie cutter. doesn't exactly have the tip top quality of an NES(2 & 3 for ex)mega man game....And I doubt the soundtrack will even touch either of those two games. Regardless, it looks more fun than laying in the sun with everybodies favorite red tub of juice. B-)

It can't be any worse than Mega Man 5 & 6. ;)



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Paper Monsters Recut (Wii U eShop):


This game looks awful. The developers clearly were more interested in dishing out a unique visual spectacle rather than focusing on delivering a meaty fun game. As is, it looks like a basic uninspired bland platformer that does nothing new for the genre with yet another artsy fartsy visual finish.



WaveyChristmas commented on Dear Nintendo, Please Let The Next Wario Land ...:


Nintendo should release a Virtual Boy '3D' lineup on the 3DS's eShop with Wario Land VB(phenomenal game and sight to behold on Virtual Boy.) Mario Clash, TeloroBoxer, Space Squash, Jack Bros and Red Alarm(ect)

Seems like the perfect fit, a way to rejuvenate a few games on a system that totally failed.



WaveyChristmas commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

I was also a 16-bit Sega /Nintendo kid and I've got to say....Sonic's core game design was always kind of just never really 'clicked' Because his 'speedy' gimmick(which tried to make Mario look slow and uncool) wasn't exactly controllable and often made you come to a complete awkward halt...That or creating an explosion of sonics rings, slamming into a wall or jumping on a spring that also barely gave you any control ect...

you had no idea what in the hell was ahead of you blazing at that type of speed....Those speedy moments were the equivalent of watching somebody on a roller coaster ride. even the basic platforming controls felt a little too heavy and sloppy for my liking. I had a much better time with Castle of illusion to be honest....and don' get me started on Rocket Knight adventures which pummels the blue hendgehog. ;)

didn't stop me from beating 1, 2, owning the game gear sequel, Sonic pinball(worst Christmas present ever), sonic adventure 1, sonic adventure 2 and sonic rush....most of which I did NOT enjoy. :P

Sonic would work better zoomed out and in widescreen, so it would at least give you a heads up of what's to come during those speedy moments.



WaveyChristmas commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameCube Controlle...:


I honestly don' t like the gamecube controller that much anymore....The squishy face buttons and push sensitive L & R triggers feel cheap compared to the more tactile and responsive buttons on the wii u pro controller.

I've already used the GCN controller TWICE for Melee and Brawl, and I'm not using it again for smash's going to zap part of that next gen feeling away if I do, which is why I'm opting for the Wii U pro controller instead.



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Super Mario Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:


I agree. The NES version is a lot more charming and ultimately is the best version to play. The music, SFX and 8-bit visuals are far more favorable then the All-Stars advance versions which, i i remember correctly recycle certain SFX from Super Mario world....This version just doesn't convey the same magic, look and feel as the original.

This was my first GBA game, so it holds a special place in my wittle wavey heart, but I'd take the NES original over this in a Stacey Q heart beat. :*

Also, i was always bothered by the earlier overworld stages looking like a jungle in All-Stars/Advance.....not only did it look rushed and cheap or 16-bit, but it just wasn't what i was expected from the dreamy imaginative world of sub-con. The NES original leaves a lot more to the imagination



WaveyChristmas commented on Review: Super Mario Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

A 7? absolute mondo mega madness! Considering this is the greatest Mario game of all time unless you're another run of the mil silly sheep that OMFGd's over SMB3 ;)

Still, I much prefer the NES original. The nes music renditions, SFX and 8-bit sprites suited it better.
Also, Yoshi does not fit in in Subcon dream universe imo. I liked the little thrown in additional features in SMB2, but they were nothing special.



WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

"physically ill the day they announced it"

you and me both haha. I remember being absolutely pee'd off and overly negative towards it's E3 unveiling. But now, it seems like it's got a great selection of Nintendo hits on it's hands and has put the gamepad to good use, although, the potential still seems greatly untapped.. So far, including the upcoming Smash bros U and Nes Remix 1&2 there are about 22 or 23 retail Wii u games I'd want to own so far.
with 7 more announced titles on the way for 2015. That's good enough for me, given it's about for 2 years now. There's the eShop with the VC and indie scene.



WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:


How dare somebody pee all over the N64 and GCN parade. ;) I was only kidding......Slightly. The Gamecube, I found was a pretty solid system...But it simply put lacked the magic of the NES, SNES and even the N64 generation. Perhaps this Is because it didn't innovate the way the N64 and NES did...And 'like' the N64, there weren't any sprite based or 2D(viewtiful Joe 1&2 and alien hominid aside) games in sight.. Everything was 3D and I for one was getting tired of it.

The PS1 offered far more variety than the N64 and it actually gave us 32 bit side scrollers in the midst of an enormous pile of first wave 3d offerings. The N64(aside from it's initial launch) & GCN generation for me just didn't capture the magic of the NES, SNES and Wii era. With the Wii we entered the retro revival with titles such as NSMB Wii, Wario Land Shake it!, A Boy & his blob, Kirby's Epic Return, DKC Returns, mega man 9, Castlevania The Adventure, Klonoa ect, pointer/motion controls which were a total shake up to the industry, extremely fun and satisfying(elebits, Metroid prime 3, zack & wiki ect) and ground breaking when done right, AND the mighty virtual console which touched the pixel hearts of so many older gamers during it's launch. what's not to love? Hell, I enjoyed Nintendo's sequels to their big franchise far more than on the Cube. Cube didn't even get a proper Kirby or donkey kong game, not to mention wario land was nowhere to be found.



WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@jord @jord
"The N64 is by far and large the best Nintendo has ever put out and would ever probably put out in terms of home consoles."

You've got to be kidding me. :P Nah, in all serious 'different strokes' I mean we've all got our favorite Nintendo console. Had the N64 been my first console instead of the NES at the rype young age of 5 I might be singing a different tune. In the beginning, I thought the n64 was groundbreaking during it's initial release, what, with Mario 64 taking the cake and showed the world how 'real' 3D gaming was done right, in combintation with the analog stick and StarFox Rumble pack combo that released later, again, showed that Nintendo was an innovative force to be reckoned with(ect)

But I gravitated much more towards the PS1 during that generation. The n64 felt like the beginning of the end, and there weren't any sprite based or 2D video games in sight. Variety in comparison to the PS1 was simply put lacking. the cube, for me was an improvement....but that console wasn't exactly boasting any real unique innovation and it wasn't as exciting as the N64 hype train or launch.

It was just 'there' and by that point, the entire gaming scene took a turn for the worse, with Nintendo officially getting the 'kiddy' stamp by so many younger ignorant gamers. I still enjoyed it though, much more than the PS2 and XBOX during that generation.

The NES, SNES & Wii are thee' 3 I got the most enjoyment out of tee hee Oh and the DS(lite) absolutely amazing, ;)



WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:


Wii already surpassed the NintenCrap64 and Lamecube imo.
2D retro revival(N64 and GCN were all 3D games), when motion controls are done right they're outstanding and breath new live into many genres, and the Virtual Console, which was just heaven! The hype surrounding the wii and the sheer excitement I had with that console eclipsed those other two which bring back both good and shady memories. So far, it's NES, SNES & Wii all the way for me.



WaveyChristmas commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@Cyberbotv2 @Cyberbotv2
3 hours a week? pfff. I've been 'modern' gaming 3 hours per month during the past year. :P ok, maybe that's pushing it, but it's been quite Pathetic I know, but I've been too busy with my vintage horror movie binging and art work. I read far more than I play, which needs to change.

Also, It's incredibly depressing to hear numerous people chat about these silly wii u sales rather than embracing the awesome arsenal of games it's got rocking under it's underrated belt. Fanboyism is at an all time high as well, and the focus on delivering the next big interactive movie experience is making me hate where the industry is going even more, again, outside of Nintendo.



WaveyChristmas commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Super Smash Bro...:

you clearly weren't around during the 80's and early 90's were you? :P
I'd rather have these two host the show. ;)

Aside from the intro, The B-man at 8:25 cracks me up everytime. now THAT is how you present a new system! :*
Still, at least Nintendo minute is more watchable than it used to be.



WaveyChristmas commented on Shigeru Miyamoto is Now 62 Years Old:

Happy B-day Shiggy! Don't worry, keep releasing more pikmin games despite the ignorance of clueless modern gamers and close minded goober heads that are unwilling to dive into this brilliant franchise. ;)