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Wed 30th September, 2009

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WaveWarlock commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameCube Controlle...:


I honestly don' t like the gamecube controller that much anymore....The squishy face buttons and push sensitive L & R triggers feel cheap compared to the more tactile and responsive buttons on the wii u pro controller.

I've already used the GCN controller TWICE for Melee and Brawl, and I'm not using it again for smash's going to zap part of that next gen feeling away if I do, which is why I'm opting for the Wii U pro controller instead.



WaveWarlock commented on Review: Super Mario Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:


I agree. The NES version is a lot more charming and ultimately is the best version to play. The music, SFX and 8-bit visuals are far more favorable then the All-Stars advance versions which, i i remember correctly recycle certain SFX from Super Mario world....This version just doesn't convey the same magic, look and feel as the original.

This was my first GBA game, so it holds a special place in my wittle wavey heart, but I'd take the NES original over this in a Stacey Q heart beat. :*

Also, i was always bothered by the earlier overworld stages looking like a jungle in All-Stars/Advance.....not only did it look rushed and cheap or 16-bit, but it just wasn't what i was expected from the dreamy imaginative world of sub-con. The NES original leaves a lot more to the imagination



WaveWarlock commented on Review: Super Mario Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

A 7? absolute mondo mega madness! Considering this is the greatest Mario game of all time unless you're another run of the mil silly sheep that OMFGd's over SMB3 ;)

Still, I much prefer the NES original. The nes music renditions, SFX and 8-bit sprites suited it better.
Also, Yoshi does not fit in in Subcon dream universe imo. I liked the little thrown in additional features in SMB2, but they were nothing special.



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

"physically ill the day they announced it"

you and me both haha. I remember being absolutely pee'd off and overly negative towards it's E3 unveiling. But now, it seems like it's got a great selection of Nintendo hits on it's hands and has put the gamepad to good use, although, the potential still seems greatly untapped.. So far, including the upcoming Smash bros U and Nes Remix 1&2 there are about 22 or 23 retail Wii u games I'd want to own so far.
with 7 more announced titles on the way for 2015. That's good enough for me, given it's about for 2 years now. There's the eShop with the VC and indie scene.



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:


How dare somebody pee all over the N64 and GCN parade. ;) I was only kidding......Slightly. The Gamecube, I found was a pretty solid system...But it simply put lacked the magic of the NES, SNES and even the N64 generation. Perhaps this Is because it didn't innovate the way the N64 and NES did...And 'like' the N64, there weren't any sprite based or 2D(viewtiful Joe 1&2 and alien hominid aside) games in sight.. Everything was 3D and I for one was getting tired of it.

The PS1 offered far more variety than the N64 and it actually gave us 32 bit side scrollers in the midst of an enormous pile of first wave 3d offerings. The N64(aside from it's initial launch) & GCN generation for me just didn't capture the magic of the NES, SNES and Wii era. With the Wii we entered the retro revival with titles such as NSMB Wii, Wario Land Shake it!, A Boy & his blob, Kirby's Epic Return, DKC Returns, mega man 9, Castlevania The Adventure, Klonoa ect, pointer/motion controls which were a total shake up to the industry, extremely fun and satisfying(elebits, Metroid prime 3, zack & wiki ect) and ground breaking when done right, AND the mighty virtual console which touched the pixel hearts of so many older gamers during it's launch. what's not to love? Hell, I enjoyed Nintendo's sequels to their big franchise far more than on the Cube. Cube didn't even get a proper Kirby or donkey kong game, not to mention wario land was nowhere to be found.



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@jord @jord
"The N64 is by far and large the best Nintendo has ever put out and would ever probably put out in terms of home consoles."

You've got to be kidding me. :P Nah, in all serious 'different strokes' I mean we've all got our favorite Nintendo console. Had the N64 been my first console instead of the NES at the rype young age of 5 I might be singing a different tune. In the beginning, I thought the n64 was groundbreaking during it's initial release, what, with Mario 64 taking the cake and showed the world how 'real' 3D gaming was done right, in combintation with the analog stick and StarFox Rumble pack combo that released later, again, showed that Nintendo was an innovative force to be reckoned with(ect)

But I gravitated much more towards the PS1 during that generation. The n64 felt like the beginning of the end, and there weren't any sprite based or 2D video games in sight. Variety in comparison to the PS1 was simply put lacking. the cube, for me was an improvement....but that console wasn't exactly boasting any real unique innovation and it wasn't as exciting as the N64 hype train or launch.

It was just 'there' and by that point, the entire gaming scene took a turn for the worse, with Nintendo officially getting the 'kiddy' stamp by so many younger ignorant gamers. I still enjoyed it though, much more than the PS2 and XBOX during that generation.

The NES, SNES & Wii are thee' 3 I got the most enjoyment out of tee hee Oh and the DS(lite) absolutely amazing, ;)



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:


Wii already surpassed the NintenCrap64 and Lamecube imo.
2D retro revival(N64 and GCN were all 3D games), when motion controls are done right they're outstanding and breath new live into many genres, and the Virtual Console, which was just heaven! The hype surrounding the wii and the sheer excitement I had with that console eclipsed those other two which bring back both good and shady memories. So far, it's NES, SNES & Wii all the way for me.



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@Cyberbotv2 @Cyberbotv2
3 hours a week? pfff. I've been 'modern' gaming 3 hours per month during the past year. :P ok, maybe that's pushing it, but it's been quite Pathetic I know, but I've been too busy with my vintage horror movie binging and art work. I read far more than I play, which needs to change.

Also, It's incredibly depressing to hear numerous people chat about these silly wii u sales rather than embracing the awesome arsenal of games it's got rocking under it's underrated belt. Fanboyism is at an all time high as well, and the focus on delivering the next big interactive movie experience is making me hate where the industry is going even more, again, outside of Nintendo.



WaveWarlock commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Super Smash Bro...:

you clearly weren't around during the 80's and early 90's were you? :P
I'd rather have these two host the show. ;)

Aside from the intro, The B-man at 8:25 cracks me up everytime. now THAT is how you present a new system! :*
Still, at least Nintendo minute is more watchable than it used to be.



WaveWarlock commented on Shigeru Miyamoto is Now 62 Years Old:

Happy B-day Shiggy! Don't worry, keep releasing more pikmin games despite the ignorance of clueless modern gamers and close minded goober heads that are unwilling to dive into this brilliant franchise. ;)



WaveWarlock commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Super Smash Bro...:

I agree. Actually, NintenMinute is boarderline garbage imo. It's dull, lifeless, has two of the most unexciting and boring hosts imaginable, it needs Nintendo-y music playing in the background, a much more colorful and flashier environment(Hell, do a green screen and turn it into a Nintendo themed world) and hire two new hosts that are actually interesting, exciting and compelling to listen to.

Audrey Drake would be a nice step up. She was always fun to listen to whenever she did an Nintendo Hardware unboxing :*
These days, she's working at Nintendo and has transformed her beautiful brown hair into a blonde clown mop.



WaveWarlock commented on Review: Adventures of Lolo (3DS eShop / NES):


My favorite thing about this game? The BoxArt. :P
I remember renting this at my local videostore and I couldn't advance during stage 2 or 3, because like you, I got stuck. fun times!

But you're right, only Nostalgia makes this game playable....And being a total sucker for awesome NES-BoxArt. ;)
Chiller and Ghoul School also ring a bell hehe.



WaveWarlock commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:


I for one don't want to use a Gamecube controller for the 3rd time in order to play smash. it's getting old using the same controller which kind of knocks down the next gen factor and prevents Smash you from feeling like an entirely 'new' experience. I'm going to opt for the Wii U pro controller instead. something new and fresh, hopefully it's a decent alternative! If not, looks like i'll be caving and snagging a GCN multi-tap adapter and a couple of CubeControllers. :P



WaveWarlock commented on Video: The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Select...:


I think most will agree on here, that the NSMB series in no way shape or form can touch the magic of SMB 1,2,3 and World.

NSMB games play great and have solid level structure, but they're recycled copy and pasted minimal bland plastic cash grabs. They're utterly lazy and don't spike the creativity, brilliance, innovation, awe & Wonder and imagination of 8 & 16-bit Mario games.

NSMB.2 was just unnecessary....Easily the weakest main 2D Mario game ever made.



WaveWarlock commented on Video: The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Select...:


It's because they're probably judging it based on when it was released, how amazing it was during the time and the impact it had on the gaming scene. Games should be judged based on the 'time' they were released.

One can't properly see the greatness or revolution that was Mario 64 had they played galaxy 1 and sunshine beforehand. SMB1 desserves to be near the top, while the NSMB series should be ranked at the bottom for borrowing heavily from Mario's past incarnations, continuously recycling tha visual asthetics, sound, music and worlds, you name it.

I vote SMB2 USA for the number 1 spot hehe.

1) SMB2
2) SMB3
3) SMWorld
4) SMB
5) SM64

I tend to alternate between world and 3.....Although, World had a MUCH bigger impact on me, while 3 left me feeling blue like a bummed out smurf during it's initial release. crazy I know. Guess I just wanted another SMB2 USA. :P



WaveWarlock commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:


Not even Capcom or konami these days follow this method. Everything feels like it's become some giant cut throat greedy business, with creativity, innovation and imagination being tossed to the waste side in favor of the mighty dollar.

Nintendo are the ultimate risk takers. Miyamoto still keeps pikmin flowing, releasing sequels, regardless of poor sales. you rarely see this from any other company these days.

Still Nintendo is guilty for rehashing New Super Mario Bros again and again. That formulaic, recycled and borrowed bland franchise seems to go against everything they're known for. :P the NSMB play and control 'great' but they don't retain a single inkling of magic compared to 1, 2 USA, 3 and World do. forget nostalgia, those games are innovative and inventive one of a kind beasts that all share different visual art styles, music, controls, you name it.



WaveWarlock commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

Agree with Miyamoto 100%
There's far too much of an emphasis on story, voice acting, just the entire 'cinematic' movie like feel a lot of these young western devs are going for irks me. It's bad enough that these particular games are being presented like Hollywood movies. 'Me too' military shooters by the dozen, just to make a quick buck.

BTW, his Mario shirt is awesome :D



WaveWarlock commented on 10-Year-Old Gamer Thrashes the Competition at ...:

Takes me back to when I was 10 years old(93') back in Disney Land's massive arcade room where I was destroying everybody in site at Mortal Kombat. One guy was just standing there completely flabbergasted as I pummeled him around with Sub Zero(he was Kano).... I still have the footage too haha, thanks dad!

Anyways, I could easily stomp this 10 year old with fox. :P



WaveWarlock commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

Well said Reggie.
The way I see it, The PS4 and Xbone don't have a soul or any character. they're nearly identical. taking either route would essentially offer the same experience, same games, you name it with only a a 'few' exceptions.

It would of been really neat if sega made games exclusively to Nintendo. These days, for the most part, I couldn't care less for 90% of 3rd party titles seeing as how the industry is going and what they're trying to attract and achieve. Capcom and konami have sold out big time during the past few years or so.

it seems like all I'm really looking forward to 90%-95% of the time are Nintendo games



WaveWarlock commented on Paper Monsters Recut Now Pencilled In For 13th...:


I'm not denying the hard work they put into the 'visuals' which look fantastic, but the core gameplay? this isn't anything new....It looks like another basic platformer that does absolutely nothing to reinvent the wheel.

Hard work doesn't automatically mean a great game, nor does working hard equal great sales. if the game is, it's good. It's all about the end result and if it's an enjoyable experience.



WaveWarlock commented on SEGA Confirms Second Batch of 3D Classics for ...:

Sega's selecting far more interesting titles than Nintendo did for their 3D classics line up. as much as I love Kid Icarus(Nes) it was a baffling choice to select it in the NES 3D series. Those new backgrounds looked awful and totally unfitting....Urban champion? who in the heck wanted that? Xevious was 'ok' The other 3, Excite bike, Twin Bee and Kirby's Adventure were the crop of the crop imo.

as for the sega 3D classics, I've only played altered beast and Space harrier and both are extremely impressive, PLUS the wealth of options!



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Horrifying Halloween ...:

I agree to some extent. I'm a big kid at heart, I always decorate my place, throw on horror/Halloween movies(cartoons ect), dressy up and eat candy every year and play halloweenish' video games, whatever seems suitable for the occasion. Halloween parties are fantastic too, there's nothing better than getting drunk as freddy Krueger while hitting on A life sized Betty boop. ;)

As far as trick r treating goes though, it depends, half the time I don't have it in me...Haven't had it in me since I was 13. I'd rather just by boxes of candy and go to some haunted house attraction in my area, better yet a Halloween party.



WaveWarlock commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Horrifying Halloween ...:


And how in the he-man heck would that person giving out candy know how old you are if you're wearing a mask? Plus, there are lots of adults going trick r treating with their kids? It's always a neat experience, seeing different people and getting a Halloween decorated glimpse into their house the moment they answer the door! :P

Anyways, I shall be getting back to Ghoul 'n Ghosts for the Genesis on the WIi's VC. So far, SO rutheless! :P
Then I'm onto Altered Beast 3D for the 3DS. Just downloaded the 'Halloween Link" 3DS Menu theme, awesome stuff!



WaveWarlock commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (...:


I mean 'rusty' RUSTY :P
I don't think the wii u has any real hidden 'hidden' gems. The Wonderful 101 isn't exactly obscure. "Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! may have the potential at being one, maybe scribblenaughts as well.....but eh, the Wii U's 3rd party support is Bowser balls and extremely limited this time out We're getting slow n steady high quality 'well known' releases rather than games flooding on in like in the Wii era.



WaveWarlock commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

I absolutely love how all 3 controllers have different analog placements.
Wii U pro controller Dual twin sticks cornered 'High' at the top, One's twin sticks opposite from one another and the Dual Shock 4's 'low' twin sticks. Thanks Nintendy' for sort of switching it up. :P

I'm absolutely cool with the Wii U and One's analog stick positions, but I've never been happy over the dual shocks.....Not only does the low placement make it feel awkward, but Sony makes the loosest & sloppiest sticks in the video game biz.