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Wed 30th September, 2009

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WaveSpooky commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: The Smash Bros. Fighter ...:

Bill Rizer(from Contra fame) should fill in for Solid Snakes Absence. Mind you, he'd be a much better and more suitable than that metal gear solid goober head.

Wart, Simon Belmont, Mike Jones(StarTropics) and Krool desserve to be in there as well!



WaveSpooky commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Not even Fatal Frame?...sniffles*

I'd personally score Fatal Frame, Mario Tennis, Rodea the Sky Soldier and maybe Shadow Puppeteer....and, er....Shantae Half genie hero? I don't know, I'm not sold on the Shantae series. I hated the GBC original, and while the 3DS sequel looked beautiful with dazzling stereoscopic 3D, it just wasn't that much fun to play...This new one looks like it's sort of taking a step back at least in terms of it's visuals.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Will Be Served Up in...:

yeah, I never really got into them either. the word 'sports' typically has me running for the hills. Although I enjoyed 'Wii Sports' Tennis, plus table tennis was fun in short bursts in Wii Sports resort. Oh, and how could I forget Virtual Tennis on the sega Dreamcast.



WaveSpooky commented on Video: Genesis Power Team Volume 2 Has A Disti...:

I always felt that the genesis excelled more at delivering darker quirker themed titles, be it horror or dark fantasy like Castle of illusion, Splatterhouse 1 & 2, Decap Attack, Castlevania Bloodlines, Rocket Knight Adventures ect ect.. The limited amount of colors being displayed on screen for these types of games actually worked in the mega drive's favor, and the Synth driven sound chip of the genesis was almost a match made in heaven, again for these types of games.

But lets get real for a second here, the Genesis's so called big hitters just don't compare whatsoever to Nintendo's very own on the SNES.....Sonic 1-3 in no way shape or form gave me a trinket of the pure joy, amazement, wow factor and magic that I felt when experiencing lets say Super Mario World for the first time. There weren't any racers on the genesis that could compete with the likes of Super Mario Kart or F-Zero either. RPG's? same deal. The multi console releases were always inferior looking and sounding on the mega drive with only a 'few' exceptions. Mortal Kombat and street Fighter suffered enormously on the MD. I always felt that quality wasn't always there with genesis games half the time. Then you throw in Mega Man X1 & X2, Mega Man 7, The Donkey Kong Country Series, Mario Paint, Super Bomberman(Multi tape parties!), Final Fantasy II & III, Secret of Mana, best port of Street Fighter II, Yoshi's Island, the list goes on and on.

One thing is for sure, the Genesis got the better mickey mouse games. At least in terms of delivering a proper Disney-ish presentation, sound, music and animation. Mickey Mouse in magical quest looked terrible....He had lifeless dead 'shark' eyes, and zero animation whenever you'd come to a stand still. where as in COI, mickey would rock his hips back in forth, blink, or even panic when he was too close to an edge. Magical quest also suffered from the 'trumpet syndrome' aka, the SNES's vast selection of fart sounding SFX. lol



WaveSpooky commented on Video: Genesis Power Team Volume 2 Has A Disti...:

That screen grab instantly transports me right back to the early early whirly 90's. Oddly enough, during those days I rarely encountered an SNES & Genesis in the same home. It was always one or the other. The majority of my friends had the SNES, very very few had the Genesis.

Either way, we would huddle around the TV, with our eyes in a trance, as if we were entering another world...another world known as.....VideoLand. ....Ahem, which 'btw' was far less exciting on the genesis....The SNES was just that much more magical IMO.
I got a 50/50 taste of both consoles during their run and the genesis didn't come close.



WaveSpooky commented on Analysts Wonder If Super Mario Can Save Ninten...:

the state of the gaming industry these days is a complete joke. Kids are getting PS4's and XBOX One's parried with games that revolve around snipering and blowing peoples heads off. Wii U obviously seems more fitting for such an age. But nah, the PS4 and XBOX One aka Dumb Hollywood machines that shove violence and war down peoples throats are taking center stage amongst the kiddies and angsty teenagers who constantly feel the need to prove their silly masculinity behind a video game.

Both systems so far just don't really appeal to me, there are a few or so games on both consoles I'd pick up, but ultimately I'm just not really the audience for it based on their current library...

Wii U desserves a lot more loving....

Also, the only franchise that will save Nintendo is........STARTROPICS!
Or do I just have bananas stuck in my ears?



WaveSpooky commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

This looks terrible imo. The environments in Ocarina of time 3D look more appealing, stylized and Nintendo-y then this realistic generic trash. graphics lovers unite, I couldn't care less at this point.

Nintendo games can only look so good. The NX may in fact be the mute point for most of Nintendo's mascots ala' Kirby and Mario, which is perfectly fine by me. Nintendo knows this, it's the reason why they're not so eager to be on par in terms of horse power or make those huge visual leaps. They don't need it as far as their franchises go.



WaveSpooky commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

I totally prefer the look of Ocarina of time 3D. The last thing I'd want is for Nintendo games to look realistic. sniffles*

Aiming for this type of realism banishes art direction, it all begins to look the same. Another reason why I hate the look of Moo Moo farm in Mario Kart U



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D Land - 2011:

This is the closet 2D to 3D Mario transition currently available. The controls were super tight, fluid, little mario was back, the flag poles, the 'run' button ect ect

As good as 3D Land was, I was still put off by the recycled world themes and lack luster soundtrack. It doesn't standout in this sense and was banking a little too hard on SMB3 nostalgia at times, it's a good game but far from being a masterpiece like 1,2,3, World or M64.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario Memories: The Incredible Impact of Super...:

Pretty much how I reacted the first time I went hands on with it at a PNE Playland kiosk months before it released. MIND BLOWING to say the least. the 3 handled analog stick wielding controller alone hit me harder than a DK jungle hammer!



WaveSpooky commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

For me, Pikmin easily trumps over Fire Emblem, Pokémon, The Wii series, Traditional Kirby, StarFox and Mario Party. Pikmin NPC was a pretty frikkin wonderful experience I might add. Yet I can see the analog based reticule controls in the original GCN version being clunky and irritating.

Wii remote pointer controls are the only way to fly for this series IMO.

I'm surprised you find it boring, oh well. different strokes, at least you and I agree that Metroid II: Return of Samus and the N3DS XL suck dragon ballz



WaveSpooky commented on First Impressions: Getting Down with Shantae: ...:

Yeah, the GBC original was an absolute snore. I do like Shantae 3DS's visuals and stereoscopic 3D effect, but that's honestly where the love ends with me I'm contemplating weather I even want to stick with it or not.

Most of the 3DS's eShop releases as it is are heavily overrated.
Three words. Gun man Clive.



WaveSpooky commented on First Impressions: Getting Down with Shantae: ...:

Probably one of the most overrated gaming series to come out of one of the most overrated video game developers. WF did a wonderful job on Contra 4, but everything else that I've played of theirs typically runs luke warm.

BTW, Shantae and the pirates curse 'visually' speaking looks a lot better than this....the bite sized and incredibly detailed pixel graphics beat the crap out of this latest sequel. The environments look too barren. WF should take a cue from wario land shake it!



WaveSpooky commented on New Difficulty Settings, 3D Title Screen and M...:

Hopefully the 3D effect was a lot better than Moons....
I was always a big fan of the first dementium on the DS. It's innovative and highly intuitive stylus controls and dual screen gameplay breathed life into the first person genre. creepy unsettling soundtrack too!

Anyhoo, nice to hear about the tweaks they've made to the gameplay.
I wasn't crazy over Moon which, But dementium was quite the little gem. Didn't care too much for it's sequel however...



WaveSpooky commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I've never been that huge on level editing, but the nostalgiac appeal tied to SMB 1,3 & World and being able to invent your own stages and more importantly at least in my case getting to play levels that other Wii U owners have created is incredibly appealing. Buying. total no brainer!



WaveSpooky commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

Happy Birthday to me! tee hee.
Wow! I didn't expect this to happen.

I won't be using super stable 3D though, because it's super flawed. The flickering and image doubling on the N3DS XL wayyy worse than regular 3D.

If anything, I look forward to the slight boost in brightness and better contrast/pop like the N3DS XL had vs the launch 3DS with brightness maxed(not using charger). Amiibo support is neat, I guess, the eraser nub stick however i lousy, should of been a tiny circle pad instead, yet I love the more convenient button layout and stylus placements. LZ & RZ I'm sure will NEVER come in handy> Oh and, face plates here I come!

Still have my 2 Aqua Blue 3DS's, i'll never gives those up hehe.



WaveSpooky commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

KInd of cool......but I think most people would rather see popular 3rd party characters that have been around since the birth-ish of gaming such as Simon Belmont, Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins, 'Bill Rizor' from Contra fame ect ect.

I'd rather see a Battletoad make the roster

Seriously though, Arthur whom is also a Knight is far more desserving. He's had a big history on the NES & SNES after all.



WaveSpooky commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

This game sums up everything I don't want to do in a videogame. this seems like a long lost 360 game that nobody cared about, and releasing it on the Wii U exclusively is absolutely odd ballz. face it, it's not going to sell well on this system unfortunately. the crowd it's seeking is on those other two power housed grim-dark twins.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 ...:

I'm not talking about the original DS NSMB, I'm talking about NSMB 2 which was an unneeded sequel, a total cash grab that once again recycled and abused the same visual asthetics and sound of the past 2 NSMB games while making teeny tiny alterations & minuscule adjustments. It's not a bad game by any means, but probably the most underwhelming, 'tired' and unnecessary traditional Mario game in video land existence!



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

One could also argue and most would that Super Mario World on the SNES is better because you get to play it on a TV which has a far greater impact in comparison to hunching over and starring at a tiny little screen.

I also think shrinking straight down to small Mario after getting hit while having a power up Is a positive, adds more challenge to a game that in ways desperately needs it.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

Was there, played All-Stars during it's release on the SNES, enjoyed it nowhere near on the level as i did with 1, 2 & 3 on the NES years before Super Mario All-stars...Shouldn't you be saying salty 'old timers' rather than kids if somebody prefers the original 8-bit incarnation vs the new?

All-stars is still a neat package and was still the only way to experience TLL if you really even cared. Thank god we got the Doki Doki panic version of SMB2, because TLL aka > the infuriating Recycled rom hack expansion pack 'side kick' to the classic original would of been underwhelming and incredibly disappointing to the mega millionth degree!

If anything, I remember always gazing in amazement at All-stars menu 'game selector' screen. but when it came to actually playing these 16-bit versions, I always wanted to go back to the originals.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

I agree! All-Stars has nothing on the NES originals. They lost all of their individuality, charm and uniqueness when being transformed into this lazy 16-bit compilation.

Sure, at first it was 'neat' seeing 1, 2, TLL & 3 in 16-bit, but the visual asthetics were recycled from each other as was the SMWorld-like sound effects from all 4 'newer' versions. Neither game really stood out from each other in art direction, they pretty much looked and felt all the same.

I still enjoyed it back then, and the game selection menu was a real treat. But if you want the REAL DEAL, play 1, 2, TLL & 3 on the NES, not these generic personality-less cruddy 'World' renditions.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

This was thee' game that defined it all for me. 1989...This experience for me was simply put magical. It still remains as my favorite 2D Mario, even topping World, 1 & 3. Oddly enough I didn't really care for the All-stars version or the GBA remake....Those games reused SFX from traditional Mario games which annoyed me, and the visuals just didn't seem right.

Anyways, I've always preferred the throwing and yanking vegetable/enemy mechanic far more than what traditional Mario offered.



WaveSpooky commented on Mario Memories: Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 In...:

The only paper mario game i played was Super Paper Mario and i absolutely loved it, well...once you're able to deal with insane amount of dribble & dialogue. But yup, it had a wonderful artstyle, quirky characters, a fresh plot, all of which i wish would be applied to the main super mario games.

I'm getting tired of facing off against bowser and saving the princess!



WaveSpooky commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines His Reasons For Not Atte...:

What a sickening and childish response...So i desserve something bad to happen to me because of a comment i posted over a month ago prior to his death about how i don't enjoy iwata presenting Nintedo Directs and E3? are you insane?....

BTW, Iwata wouldn't shred a tear if you passed away. You're not a friend of his, nor his family, stop acting like you KNEW the guy.

Also, i hope 'nothing' bad happens to you. I'm not that kind of evil, you clearly are.