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Wed 30th September, 2009

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WaveBoy commented on Matters Of Import: 3D Gunstar Heroes Is Hypera...:

Yeesh, I can't stand this game. It's incredibly overrated. The only thing going for it are the visuals IMO. Contra Hard Corps is a far more enjoyable, sounding and challenging experience than this one, plus it's soundtrack wipes the floor with Heroes. ;)



WaveBoy commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:


Yeah it's a terrible match...Not even that cartoony world had me convinced, which looked extremely sterile, artificial and lifeless. the recycled trees which all had the same heigh didn't help either, nor did the outlined objects ect ect.

Not impressed! :P Those realistic environments on their 'own' are graphically superb but not for a Mario game? NO WAY! Mario belongs in a surreal cartoony Pixar world, not my local transit station. :P depressing.



WaveBoy commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U eShop Games of 2015...:

And that right there is your 3rd party support Wii U owners. INDIES :P

I'll get Mighty N.9(retail copy), Extreme Exorcism, Freedom Planet which surprisingly looks a bit more enjoyable than 2D Sonic, and maybe The Next Penelope.



WaveBoy commented on Titan Tank Rumble Is "Twisted Metal Meets N64-...:

Love me some twisted metal!....At least I did back then. :P The original was all sorts of rad 'n unique during it's early PS1 debut. TM2 is still arguably the best. 3 & 4 however felt slower, clunkier and nowhere near as quick and frantic....If anything they were more tidy, cleaner & polished visually with uninspired soundtracks that borrowed from popular musicians like Rob Zombie ect ect.

two other great vehicle based combat games are Rouge Trip and Vigilante 8 both for the PS1, the latter which takes a little longer to master is easily the most 'meatier' in terms of power ups, skill and weapon combining. ;)

I'm rarely ever excited for upcoming indie games, to be quite frank most of them are flat out hipster-y, banking on lazy sprite work, nostalgia and ripping ideas out of popular renowned franchises while making an overall kess memorable inferior product. There are a 'few' exceptions here and there, but eh. But this, Yeah this is definitely on my radar. Can't wait to see it in motion! :)



WaveBoy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:


Oh It's definitely going to wind up getting an 8 or 9. ;) most of the naysayers will eventually give in and all of this annoying negativity(which I once was a part of) will dwindle down to a wet piece of pixel toast.

It's a whackier chibi-cute fisher price looking 'side game' to the Metroid series. Don't worry, we'll get a big new adventure from samus in the future.



WaveBoy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

I think everybody is being a little excessive with "Goodbye Nintendo" "I'm done" "Shifting to PS4" and blah blah.

I'm sure federation force will be a very fun game regardless of samus being on hiatus and the overall generic chibi fisher price art style. As for F-Zero, there's still no excuse as to why we haven't seen a sequel in so long. but the same bloody argument can be said for playstation not getting a single Tomba or Jumping Flash release in centuries! ;)



WaveBoy commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

Project Morpheus sure looks interesting to me! :P I'm all for VR(it's the future for certain video game genres), even If it means just chilling at a virtual beach soaking in the virtual sun, which sounds a lot more fun than playing Animal Crossing Amiibo festivel ;)

I don't want to be limited to a flat HD screen for first person 'whatevers' I want virtual reality, the ability to look around in that world, to feel as if I'm there. who in their right mind wouldn't want that? a TV screen is just a big limitation in this case.



WaveBoy commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

My frustration with Nintendo's E3 digital show this year has pretty much diminished. I'm feeling much more positive now and hopeful, hopeful that Nintendo Will unleash some better goodies in their next direct. :*

Besides, I'm really looking forward to Super Mario Maker, Yoshi's Whooly World, Fatal Frame Black water Maiden, StarFox Zero and even Mario Tennis Ultra Smash to a certain dino dudes' degree. B-)

Chibi Robo Zip Lash, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam and Legend of Zelda Tri Force heroes(just found out that you can play it on single player. hurray!) are all looking pretty spiffy....Heck, I'm even sort of looking forward to Metroid Fedoration Force. it honestly looks like a fun game if you can get past the Chibi cute fisher price visuals and absence of samus. ;)



WaveBoy commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

2/10....Not as bad Nintendo's 2003 E3( then again....), but worse than Wii Music E3. :P 2008 was it?

StarFox Zero(although it looked a little underwhelming, bland, empty and unexciting) and the puppet themed presentation were the only real high lites for me.

Paper Jam looks neat, but I'm not going California raisin over it!



WaveBoy commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

As far as Wii U is concerned, I'm very Excited for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water & Yoshi's Whooly World. StarFox U I'm sure will shape up to be something special and I am sort of looking forward to Super Mario Maker. Legend of Zelda U is too far off, but that's a no brainer! gimme gimme! :P

Yet I couldn't care less about Xenoblades, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Devil's Third(ew!), Skylanders and Shin Migami.

As far as 3DS goes, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam looks pretty neat, along with Chibi Robo Zip Lash, but that new LOZ:TriForce heroes looks incredibly underwhelming and I don't need Hyrule Warriors on the go. Metroid Federation fighters could be fun, if you can get past the chibi cutesy b-grade Robo dweeb exterior and the fact that it has 'metroid' slapped on the title. ;)



WaveBoy commented on New Nintendo 3DS XL Back On Top In Japan As Wi...:

My expectations were high as well, after all Nintendo did a great job with their 2014 E3 Direct. They went all out on their robot chicken inspired Nintendo presentation, and that great Reggie Vs Iwata fight scene. Aside from that, the Mega Man Smash Bros reveal and Legend of Zelda U teaser were the standouts.

you'd think Nintendo would try and top it, but they completely went backwards...This is hands down the most disappointing E3 they've ever had along side 2003. Wii Music E3 was a masterpiece in comparison. ;)



WaveBoy commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo's E3 Dig...:

Punch-Out U!! StarTropics 3, Wario Land 6, F-Zero: Mega Blazer, Kid Icarus 3, Metroid U, Super Mario Sunshine 2...Make it happen Ninty!

I personally don't care for Sony's Final fantasy VII remake....seeing as how I don't like Turn based RPG's to begin with even though I gave VII a shot after I got it for my B-day around the time it came out. Made it half way through the game and called it quits out of pure frustration and boredom with the TBC...And then there's 'Shenmue III" a sequel to a franchise I have absolutely zero history playing. I had the Dreamcast since launch, but Shenmue never managed to spike my interest. Anyways, Sony's E3 didn't leave a big impact on me at all, those heavy hitters don't exactly float my battletoads boat if you know what I mean. I was hoping for a Resident Evil 7 teaser, but we didn't get anything!

If anything, I'm totally intrigued by Project Morpheus :O

BTW, apparently there were a few or so people crying during the unveiling of Shenmue III. Now that's what you call passion! :P
The only time a video game has ever made me cry(ahem, back when I was about 6 or 7) was Batman on the NES......and that's only because it was hard as Frick!



WaveBoy commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

In regards to analog stick movement, I completely agree. :P Which is why I use the Wii remote on it's side NES style just so I can use the d pad. ;) It makes a world of a difference, feels far more tactile and less clunky & sloppy. Double tapping left or right lets you run which also feels a lot better, but you lose analog movement sensitivity. So you wont get that full range from walking to gradually running. it's either walk or run. Works for me. :P

The downside? No jump button, instead you have to use the d-pad in the same vein as street fighter which imo sucks a little right off the bat, but it's something I've adjusted to regardless if accuracy seems slightly knocked down vs using a button to jump. Try finding a controller(Maybe the Wii U pro controller lets you use the d-pad?) that's compatible with the D-pad instead of just the analog stick.

Heck, playing any 2D fighter with an analog stick feels awful IMO, even something as unique as smash.

When I first played Melee back on the gamecube, I didn't get the praise it received, I didn't understand the level depth and skill people were yapping about. but once I perfected and learned a particular characters moves, the items, environmental hazards, the works it just clicked. it was flat out brilliant.

The downside to Brawl and smash bros U is that Sakurai gimped the air dodging, which knocks down the fun factor and skill. With melee's air dodging you could swoop over your opponent in mid air in any direction while getting leverage in the air. It was amazing, but in brawl once you performed an air dodge you immediately sunk to the ground like a tank. I was so disappointed when I found out about this.

You can blame the Smash Bros 'Zoids' for abusing the wave dashing technique. :P



WaveBoy commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

Mindless flailing? I've been playing smash bros since it's debut on the Gamcube and it's anything but flailing. somebody who's skilled would literally pounce on a noob. it's an 'acrobatic' fighter that's based heavily on dodging and blocking, with a huge amount of diversity thanks to the items. I can't even go back to street fighter anymore, I'm so tired of it. when it comes to fighting, I go straight to smash bros. There's MORE to it plain and simple.

There's nothing else like it. heck, It's the 'go to fighter' for my friends and I when it comes to gambling. We're officially tired and burnt out on street fighter and dark stalkers. they both feel too restrained and limited. where as smash bros essentially controls like a platformer/fighter which makes it incredibly unique compared to the rest. C'mon Kirky! You're just not playing right. :P



WaveBoy commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:

"Some things really don't need HD. Just makes them look fake and superficial"

Just like the digital age of anime and a lot of modern movies. :P
For example, masters of the universe looks the best on VHS, with an old school 80's tube tv. Watch it in HD completely ruins the magic and cheapens the look. this typically applies to most horror movies as well. Sometimes certain things are better off looking blurry and rough.



WaveBoy commented on Video: Share The Joy of Receiving a Launch Day...:

I can't. I made the huge mistake of getting a Sega genesis instead. which is thee' biggest gaming regret I've ever made in Eternia! :P Didn't get the SNES until a year or so after it's launch. Instead I played it tons at friends houses.
And boy oh boy did it put the mega drive to shame. the SNES was pure magic. Super Mario World made my jaw drop. What a religious experience! :O

Still getting my NES back in 89' was probably thee' greatest gaming moment of my life. Super Mario Bros 2 is what defined it all for me. :D



WaveBoy commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:


Capcom's been whipping up some pretty lazy projects as of late. instead of creating new games, they're releasing ports/remasters like Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil HD, Resident Evil Zero HD and now this....The cost to produce these is low, and the profit will most likely be big.



WaveBoy commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:

tell me about it. what a pathetic release it tis. First of all, I can't stand playing NES games on my 3DS, it just doesn't feel right Vs the big screen. 2nd of all, these 6 NES MM games are already available on the 3DS's VC AND Wii VC.

This isn't a legacy, this is flat out lazy.
If I were Capcom I would of released a Wii U version including 7, 8, Mega Man & Bass(SNES version), 9, 10, The power fighters 1 & 2, MM I-V for the Gameboy, Wily Wars, Powered up and maybe throw in an extra unlockable game like Mega Man Battle n Chase for ex.

stupid release. definitely passing on this.

the closest thing to a mega man 'Legacy' collection is the Mega Man Anniversary collection For the PS2....Pass on the gamecube version people, the A + B button swap kills the experience, not to mention the tiny tiff d-pad works awful..Where you then have to resort to using an analog stick which doesn't feel right whatsoever.



WaveBoy commented on Video: Latest Teens React Episode Proves Age H...:

It's somewhat staged, at least the beginning with their introductions.... Doesn't feel genuine at all. Sometimes, when somebody has a camera on them they can't help but 'act' :P I stopped watching after the introduction, I was too put off by all of it.

It's like I'm watching 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader' with videogames for teeny weenies.



WaveBoy commented on There's A New Producer In Charge Of All Things...:

Just sell Mega Man to Nintendo Capcom, you're going down the crusty tubes these days as it is. Monster Hunter, Monster hunter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, monster hunter, MONSTER HUNTER!!! BLAGHHHH!!!



WaveBoy commented on Asynchronous Online Multiplayer to Feature in ...:

True True, I may as well play it for Completions sake since it's now officially a VC downloadable. But I think it's best to avoid Castlevania Chronicles on the PS1. aside from it's bogus hefty price tag I hear it's quite the moldy raisin! :P

Speaking of Castlevania... I just lost my retail copy of Bloodlines in an Intense smash bros Brawl tourney between a friend and I. Yet I didn't shed one Drac tear, why? Because it's on the genesis. Yeah, he won that too. :P



WaveBoy commented on Asynchronous Online Multiplayer to Feature in ...:

Hey tanookiTasuki, have you beaten all of the traditional ClassicVania games including Rebirth and the two Gameboy games?

aside from Dracula X(I chose to play rondo of blood instead. thank he-man!)
I've beaten every single one.

Castlevania III had me pulling raisins out of my santa hat! :O



WaveBoy commented on Mighty No.9 Looks Rather Neat in This 60fps Tr...:

I'll be getting a retail Wii U copy with the 65$ I backed it with on Kickstarter.
Based on the footage I've seen, the level design looks incredibly bland...where are those pixel perfect leap defying jumps and intricate chlostrophic/confined areas(think spark man's stage from MM3)?

This has '7' written all over it. :P I'm still awittle' excited i'll admit, since it IS a spiritual successor to MM....I mean we haven't gotten a proper follow up since MM10, and that imo was an underwhelming depressing sequel after coming from the Super shredder-awesome MM9 B-)