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Wed 30th Sep 2009

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WaveBoy commented on Nintendo Download: 21st January (North America):

You have awoken me from my angelic Slumber Lord dumedum.
Yeah, Zack & Wiki was one hell of an amazing innovative experience rhat's for sure! i'm not particularly fond of point and click puzzlers, but the amount of charm, creativity and most importantly the motion based controls which worked wonderfully breathed new life into what could of been. Aka boring traditional controls for a genre that's in desperate need of something else....A 9/10 imo, everybody needs to try somewhat obscure gem out! Not to mention, it's incredibly addicting.



WaveBoy commented on Ninterview: Retro Video Gaming's Heidi stopXwh...:

That is easily thee' must beautiful game room I've ever seen. This chick has wonderful style and interior decorating sense, fantastic lighting too! I am absolutely jealous! I would never be able to afford all of that unless I sold my right wing

Still, I'm sure the 15 CRT Tube TV's went for pennies. Most people can't wait to get rid of them, but they're treasure for any retro gamer!



WaveBoy commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

Yeah, N64 games look noticeably darker and the colors don't seem as vibrant or as punchy as the real deal. Meanwhile NES games look completely washed out, boast ugly dark colors with an overall picture looks depressingly dim. You have to max color on your TV, contrast and raise brightness by just a bit to get a decent picture with Wii & Wii U NES VC games.

SNES games look really good though, I don't notice any issues, same deal with Genesis games. Turbo Grafx-16 games look too blurry though!



WaveBoy commented on Talking Point: The Easily Forgotten Hardware R...:

Don't upgrade it is NOT worth it, I'm still holding onto two of my Aqua Blue launch 3DS's. I've also had the 3DS XL and N3DS and XL, and the latters 'new' 3D effect is terrible, expect terrible judder and blurring before the new technology recapture's your face/head. Sure it's awesome that you can now view the screen from side to side, but what does it matter when the picture is constantly tweaking out and doubling? A broken technology which appears to work perfectly and terrible for a lot of people.

Also that new eraser headed analog stick nub feels awful to use, it's just cheap and awkward and I'm sure the new LZ and RZ shoulder buttons won't get any use. PLUS you can't unlock the 6th secret brightness that you can with the launch model by plugging in the AC Adapter. Also, the New 3DS's screens have a pissy yellow warm color temperature if that floats your boat. I prefer neutral which most of the older models had, actually they were either Neut', cool or warm.

The positives? The Contrast seems improved vs the original, which gives the picture quality a little more pop, and The stylus placement and start and select buttons are better, then there's download speeds and whatever else. but MEH, I'd rather stick with the launch model. It's not like going from a DS to a DS Lite, that was absolutely night and day, where as the 3DS to N3DS XL feels like a big downgrade in ways. It's a mixed bag really, I would of been happier with the regular N3DS....seeing as how the screens are smaller(Sharper and crisper visuals vs the large screens), the colorful 4 face buttons and additional face plates.



WaveBoy commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Wii U e...:

I've put in maybe about an hour into DDII, and I gotta say I'm with you, the first DD on the NES is the better game. it just feels a little more polished, the moves are easier to pull off, it's visually more pleasing and has a better soundtrack too!



WaveBoy commented on Video: Ghostbusters, Batman, Police Academy To...:

That mouse trap commercial, and late 80's footage of Duck Hunt gave me quite the surge of relatable nostalgia! Man, playing the NES using a packed in RF cable on an 80's Tube TV is the only way to fly IMO

I can't even be bothered using the step up composite cable, NES games just don't look like right with it. Anyways, such a great mom! I wish I had more video footage of when I was 5 & 6 in the late 80's, nothing Christmas related unfortunately, just mostly B-day, Disney land and camping footage!

What can I say, Video cameras weren't exactly the norm back then!



WaveBoy commented on Review: Trauma Team (Wii U eShop / Wii):

I missed out on the Wii trauma games, But I finished and was absolutely head over he-man heels for the sequel Under the Knife on the DS. I've always been meaning to get TC: 2nd Opinion for the Wii which I always assumed was considered the best.



WaveBoy commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

Dementium was very unique and innovative back on the DS thanks to it's stylus based controls and dual screen set up, but the 3DS versions remastered visuals and stereoscopic 3D aren't enough to for me to dip back into this one. I forgave the problems that plagued the original because I was so thrilled with the stylus controls, flash forward today however and dementium is stuck in mediocrity ville with it's dreary little flaws and half baked game design still present.

I'm not a big fan of Renegade Kid, even Mutant Mudds, although an enjoyable little challenging platformer with a good soundtrack has awful bland flash-looking uninspired garbage 12-bit visuals and terrible stock cookie cutter uncreative enemy designs. Even the 3D effect oddly enough isn't that impressive either.

I've also played dementium II, which I didn't enjoy as much as the first. Although smashing down doors with the sledge hammer was pretty neat!



WaveBoy commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

lol I completely agree with what you said, but that still doesn't stop Mutant Mudds from being an enjoyable challenging game. The uninspired cheap generic stock enemies, ugly fake 'n lazy 12-bit pixel art and unimaginative stage design are the cons, but it's got a pretty solid soundtrack, delivers on the challenge and has some fun platforming.



WaveBoy commented on Digital Foundry Gives a Thumbs Up to FAST Raci...:

Shinen SUCKS, they don't have a creative bone in their body. They focus too heavily on polished visuals & presentation, but what lies beneath it all is uninspired generic 'filling the void'(In this case with FAST to substitute for the lack of no new F-Zero)mediocrity for the masses.

Both Jet Rocket games were a complete waste of time, especially the second, The Nano series are nothing special and Art of balance is a boring series with irritating Lounge music that makes me want to hurl Pixel Playdough!

As far as Indies go, Yacht Club is the REAL deal.



WaveBoy commented on Review: Kirby: Power Paintbrush (Wii U eShop /...:

No kidding. Before the touch-based I-phone craze 10 years ago back in 2005 Kirby canvas was an innovative little groundbreaking showcase with it's touch based dual screen stylus controls. it completely blew me away back then, this was an experience unlike any other and you could only experience it on the Nintendo DS.

People take touch based gaming for granted, but back then it was incredibly exciting! Kirby Canvas is definitely of the better Kirby spin offs.



WaveBoy commented on Review: Kirby: Power Paintbrush (Wii U eShop /...:

A 5?....I'd easily give it a 9. This game was absolutely amazing back in the day, an experience like no other and dare I say far more enjoyable than those passive 'going through the motions' painfully easy careless traditional Kirby games that plagued the GBA.

This review seriously hurt my California raisin razzle dazzle.
What would Rob Lowe do?



WaveBoy commented on Art: Here's Another Western Take On The Legend...:

I know what you mean. all of these games aiming for realism are all starting to have the exact same art style, it's so boring. I want artistic direction and uniqueness, not photo realistic visuals for every bloody franchise.

I typically always aim for cartoony surreal visuals that make our own world look absolutely boring and depressing.



WaveBoy commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

Power Stone was fantastic, picked it up for Dreamcast on launch and was completely blown away by the arcade visuals after being so accustomed to the PS1 and N64. PowerStone 2 was also a blast on 3-4 players....It's just a shame that the series sold so poorly. Most gamers play it too safe and just look forward to the big brand names. MARIO, Zelda, Call of Duty, Resident Evil and Mario kart.

It's why I hate the state of gaming, no risk taking, no experimental crazy sequels, some of the most amazing franchises that graced the 80's and 90's and early 2000's are no more. It's only going to get worse from here on out, since the budget, visuals and dev teams will only get bigger.



WaveBoy commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

Sega and Konami are no more. While Capcom is a former shadow of themselves. Sure, there's Resident evil Zero HD(Including the Origins PS4/XBOX one retail release), Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 Remake Announcement and Street Fighter V on the way, but what about Mega Man, Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe, Ghosts n' Goblins & Gargoyles quest, ya know...Those amazing franchises that they're scared to dip into in fear that nobody will buy them, so instead they resort to their tried and true Street Fighter, Resident evil and Monster hunter cash cow train. how boring, and how predictable When the budgets are this high, when the dev teams are this big and when there's more of a sheer focus on visuals taking risks is rarely an option.

I don't see how this would be an issue with an 8-bit mega man 11 though....



WaveBoy commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

The best thing Sega is doing right now is giving us 3D classic versions of their classic genesis and arcade lineup on the 3DS's eShop. Yet In all honestly though, I'm not even a big fan of what has been released so far. Altered beast surprisingly was my favorite, Phantasy Zone is an irritating annoying bore with a terrible weapon power up system, can't stand Sonic the hedgehog anymore, Streets of Rage may be a classic beat em up but I'm over it, I don't find it enjoyable anymore(I'm a much bigger fan of Double Dragon and the TMNT beat em ups), Ecco the dolphin is a wee' bit mediocre and too confusing, and space harrier is....well, that game was pretty awesome & unique during the late 80's back at the arcade but it hasn't exactly aged that well, feels a little too basic.

Meanwhile Shinobi is nowhere near as good as Ninja Gaiden, nor does it have the charm or fluid additive and kinetic gameplay to match. The 3D effect though for the following above is what suckered me in to purchasing them, sega did a phenomenal job on that not to mention the slew of options.

Meanwhile, everybody is praising OUT RUN 3D and for good reason, but I don't know how long I can just sit there four hours or even minutes on end just freely driving, driving and driving away. It's definitely a better experience in short bursts at the arcades rather than on the 3DS with no steering wheel regardless of the shnazzy 3D effect.

What I want are more NES & SNES 3D classics.....Nintendo really dropped the ball, so much wasted potential. Their 3D classics contained a few oddball choices like Urban Champion and Twin Bee.....Isn't Xevious enough? Did we honestly need another uninteresting top down Arcade shooter? I also didn't like the new backgrounds they used in Kid Icarus....they didn't look NES-8 bit at ALL, they were poorly designed, I prefer the mysterious pitch black back drop that was in the original NES/famicom version. ALSO, the famicom version which the 3D kid Icarus classic Is based on has inferior less memorable sound effects. It's a shame, because KI is one of my favorite games of all time, but Nintendo managed to muck it up as a 3D classic. Then there's Xevious, the 3D effect is MIGHTY impressive and it's pretty addictive. Didn't like Twinbee at all, probably my least favorite of the bunch.



WaveBoy commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

Thanks, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, I'm sure many gamers in their early 30's such as myself have similar thoughts, heck I've got 26 years of gaming under my belt and at this point in the game I feel like I've seen it all as far as 'traditionally' controlled gaming goes.

When the DS(lite especially) and Wii came out they were revolutionary and changed the way we gamed, plus they had amazing dev support. the same cannot be said for the Wii U and 3DS....the latter, which these days seems to be catering to younger anime-weebo's, fire emblem lovers and animal crossing crusaders



WaveBoy commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

The guy was in a serious state of depression after iwata passed away for 3 months. I'd only expect that type of reaction from a family member or friend, not some random gamer online who didn't know the guy personally.

Anyways, Oh Sega, you've been making terrible marketing decisions since the release of the sega CD, only redeeming yourself with the Dreamcast which unfortunately met it's underserved doom far too early. These days, they keep trying to desperately come up with a hit with their speedy blue hedgehog, hoping to bring the series back to it's roots, but they keep failing and failing. Why? Because they fail to realize that Sonic was NEVER a good 2D gaming series in the first place, it's built around a flawed game design....When the game wants you to go fast it becomes almost completely unplayable, not to mention nearly uncontrollable, once you go slow you're then dealt with slow clunky unsatisfying mediocre platforming. Never really cared at all for Sonic 1-3 on the mega drive. Piss poor compared to Super Mario world, there's absolutely no contest.

But yup, Sega needs a NEW Streets of rage*they've abandoned all of their classic franchises including Ecco the dolphin, Sinobi, Golden Axe, WonderBoy, NiGhts, Altered Beat, Phantasy Zone ect in favor of that damn blue speedy overrated hedgehog, because it's the only series that they KNOW sells in this day and age. Too many people are unwilling to give those other lesser known series a chance because they A) they're close minded, B) they gaming industry is already oversaturated with too many games to chose from and C) because they'd rather play safe sequels to their beloved 'limited' slew of franchises......In this day and age it's all about zero experimentation, far less creativity, GREED is the name of the game and playing it safe with bland predictable sequels based on already popular renowned franchises. You can't afford to take risks unless you're indie. It's so upsetting and depressing to see Nintendo failing like this, they don't desserve it. it shows you how pathetic the state of gaming is when people praise that PS4 like it's the second coming, So far it has the most disappointing and least interesting set of games and complete lack of variety of all the playstations by far.

When I think Playstation 4, I can't help but think of 15 year old teenagers playing endless bouts of realistic violent monotonous variety-lacking shooters in order to look 'cool' while trying to validate their manhood behind a video game console. "Like, woah! Look at all that gore, this game looks so realistic" how DEPRESSING

This Is the first generation of console gaming that I've barely even touched, let alone been involved in outside the 3DS, to be quite honest I've lost a bit of interest, that overall thrive to game, I don't know if it's just because I'm dealing with an auto immune disease that's kicking my ass which is making it hard for me to concentrate when playing a game, or because I'm just tired of it all. The Wii and DS were two amazing systems that I absolutely adored, but this generation seems soulless, especially with the PS4 and One. Samo Samo, at least Nintendo once again is doing something different but it's very disheartening to see the hate they're getting and how poor the Wii U is selling, it's unwarranted considering the boring predictable line up of the PS4 and XBOX one that's all built around 'step-back' twin stick wingling analog based aiming....that became stale, boring, stiff and archaic the day the Wii showed everyone the ground breaking pointer controls in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

If anything, I am excited for Project Morpheus, that's a step in the right direction!



WaveBoy commented on Wayforward Developer Discusses Shantae's Statu...:

Reach up to Sonics level? And what level would that be, none of the genesis sonic the hedgehog games were ever good, they all boasted a heavily flawed game design that wants you to go fast, but that's when they become the most unplayable. play it slow and you'll realize just how clunky, sloppy and mediocre the platforming actually was.

Sega did it right though with the sonic based levels in Sonic adventure 1 & 2.



WaveBoy commented on Wayforward Developer Discusses Shantae's Statu...:

visually they're always impressive, but the actual gameplay and innovation is ho-hum to be honest. I never found the drive to continue on playing the GBC original or the 3DS sequel. Even the two Mighty switch force games are a wee' bit overrated me thinks...The only game that Wayforward has made that I fell deeply in love with was Contra 4



WaveBoy commented on Video: New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Aims to Bring ...:

The concept art is what gave me so much faith in MN.9, but they opted out of traditional 2D art and gravitated toward a barren, dreary, empty PS2-looking crap fest that doesn't look that appealing at all.

I'm still buying a retail copy for it on the Wii U though, gotta love the box art



WaveBoy commented on Video: New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Aims to Bring ...:

Yeah, Beck's character model looks god awful. What happened? Still not sold, this game is going to age poorly in the visual department, it doesn't look appealing at all.....Long lost PS2 game me thinks. All of that $$$ must of went towards Inafune's back yard mega man water park.



WaveBoy commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Hi-Def NES Gaming, Repla...:

It's so depressing playing NES games on the Wii and Wii U's VC.....Talk about poor emulations. the colors are so washed out, dull and dark. You basically have to max the color and contrast on your TV when playing them, while raising brightness a little bit....



WaveBoy commented on Book Review: The Untold History of Japanese Ga...:

I agree. Back when I was in game Art & design(before I bailed 9 years ago) one of my favorite teachers who used to work at EA during the 16-bit era pretty much said that you're starting out at $14 an hour. Not too bad considering you get to wake up every morning doing something you're passionate about....Scratch that, if you land a job with a big name company like EA for example you're going to be working in a monkey factory with zero creative freedom, possibly taking on some of the most monotonous tasks like shading in the elbow of a super realistic foot ball player.

My teacher also mentioned that if the company you're working for finds out about your own video game ideas they are automatically THEIRS. Pretty messed up. And I'm not surprised that he mentioned it was FAR more enjoyable creating games on the Genesis and SNES/16-bit era than it is now, those graphical and audio restrictions/limitations and smaller teams made the development cycle much more enjoyable rather than being thrown into the state of modern high powered modern Hollywood gaming that we have to day.

Also, The stability isn't good at all, depending and you will be working over time and loosing lots of sleep. If I were a game designer I would try and form a small indie team and stay away from the big companies. that way you HAVE creative freedom and can do whatever you want, designing games for the eShop, Playstation Network and Xbox Live, or I-phone would be ideal in my case.

But even going indie, I'm assuming means far less stability and even less pay. It's a tricky industry to get into and unfortunately in this day and age videogames probably aren't as fun to create as they were in the 80's and 90's. I myself am an artist, I excel in cartoon character design, but even then this isn't something I'd probably want to do, I'd rather get my own ideas across through my imagination, ideas and artwork, be the lead designer and form a small team to do my bidding.



WaveBoy commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

Also, NES games IMO on a CRT look 'off' when even using 'composite cables'....It make the picture look artificial and too crisp for it's own good, rather than the nostalgiac softer lines of using coaxile which I personally prefer. It makes the picture look more organic and easier on the eyes.

Yet I go Composite all the way for the SNES & Genesis.



WaveBoy commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

I never noticed any blur issues when playing NES games on the 'Wii's' VC, but the colors looked ugly, dark and washed out compared to the real thing....Which is why maxing color, contrast and amping brightness just a little bit is a must when playing them on the VC.

N64 Wii emulations looked a little darker as well, and the colors weren't as rich, saturated or as bright either...



WaveBoy commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:


I didn't notice any real console wars on my playground during the NES/Master System(ah who am I kidding, nobody owned the MS haha) generation and SNES/Genesis days....My friends and I played SNES & Genesis 60/40 and enjoyed both consoles.....Then again the latter left me feeling a little blue more often than not..... I'd easily give the 16- crown to the SNES.

The PS1/N64 generation? Even then I didn't notice the console wars, maybe it was a little more prominent than the generation before it, but again my friends and I, and usually most of the people at my High school enjoyed both consoles, it wasn't until the gamecube generation when console wars got a little more serious. It's when Nintendo official got deemed 'kiddy'



WaveBoy commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

Pretty much this. I hate it when people have to apologize for creating some sort of fun, gimmicky in your face slogan to meet todays ridiculously BORING and serious standards. take me back to 85-91 and leave me there forever.

Yeesh, even console designs these days are boring. expect Black, shiny, Ferrari-sophisticated serious business uuber sleek designs, while none of these consoles have their own distinct sound either. That uniqueness outside of Nintendo is no more.



WaveBoy commented on Site News: A Brief Update on Our Mario Tennis:...:

Destructoid nailed it with a 5*5
Not surprised, this is as lazy and as unexciting as it gets for a sequel. WOAH! now you can get......BIG. sigh*

Xenoblades Chronicles and Rodeah the Sky Soldier(for the Wii version bundled) are going to be the two new Wii U games to get this Christmas.



WaveBoy commented on Mega Man Legacy Collection Gets a Budget Price...:

I couldn't care less about actually playing these again, especially 5 & 6 since they're easily the weakest of the brady bunch. Why didn't Capcom utilize the 3DS's Stereoscopic 3D effect? Now THAT would give me the incentive to play them, especially MM2.

Anyways, this collection is FAR from being a Legacy considering the larger amount of classic mega man games there are that are completely void from this weak collection.

Shouldn't it be renamed as 'Mega Man NES Legacy Collection'?.....

But yup, I'm a sucker for 'retail' compilations, so I'll definitely pick this up....Plus it' mega man, I love me some classic mega




WaveBoy commented on Humour: The Pain Of Being A Wii U Owner This C...:

I've completely missed out on the Wii U generation...This is the only Nintendo console I haven't bothered with and not for the reasons you may think, my health issues have dominated most of my life and I've been on a bit of a gaming hiatus for the past 2 or so years mostly spending my gaming time on the 3DS. I made an oath to myself that I would unbox my Wii U when I got better, but it obviously hasn't happened yet. I find it difficult to concentrate when it comes to gaming because of my medical condition, so I've basically just been sticking with movies.

Anyways, there are about 30 retail games so far I'd pick up on the Wii U, but regardless, if there's ONE Nintendo console that I woulf of had to of been forced to miss out on I'm glad it's the Wii U....



WaveBoy commented on Video: Nintendo Makes a Holiday Pitch for Wii ...:

I sort of got that feeling as well, especially with the announcers magical warm and cozy sounding voice. Aesthetically speaking, it's obviously 2010's(which I hate) but at least it feels like Nintendo is going back to their commercial-ish roots.