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Fri 25th Jan 2008

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WarioFan63 commented on Nintendo Download: 4th June (North America):

@Superryanworld Uhhhh...theres sales constantly on the eshop so I'm not sure what you're talking about there.

On top of that, you seem to be acting like Sony listens to fan requests for digital PS1 and PS2 games, but its really just the same situation. Usually 1 or 2 PS1 or PS2 games will come out. Sometimes it'll be something people waited for or maybe it won't. It happens. And more often than not theres not even a release that week at all, so at least VC updates more frequently.

VC games will come out when they come out. Just because we don't get Zero Mission or Sacred Stones doesn't mean the people at Nintendo are rubbing their hands together and going "Lets put up a game nobody was asking for! That'll show them!"

I've been saying this since the Wii days but theres probably at least one person out there happy with whatever games that come out that week.



WarioFan63 commented on Nintendo Download: 9th May 2013 (North America):

@dragon_rider Genesis and Turbografx games would likely have to be talked about with Sega and Hudson and considering Hudson is part of Konami now might be even harder. I dont think thats Nintendos fault if either of those companies are not ready to redo their Wii VC library for Wii U yet.

We are getting those Kirby games. They will come. They will never not come.

Not counting Super Metroid, Japan is getting 2 VC games on Wii U next week. Japan getting 3 VC games in a week in is not the end of the world. That is only one more than we get. And considering Japan had a bigger library of NES and SNES games back in the 80s and 90s, its not unreasonable for them to have a bigger library. I mean come on.



WarioFan63 commented on Picked Up A Pre-Owned Wii U Console? You Could...:

Why is this news? This was something that could happen with Wii, DSi, and 3DS. It happens to someone with Wii U and its all over the news sites? This doesn't make sense to me why it's being reported as if its suddenly a new or unpredictable issue.



WarioFan63 commented on Ice Climber Now Has Download Play Multiplayer ...:

It's more likely that any NES game with same screen multiplayer will get the Download Play but anything with alternating will stick with the button code.

So an updated Balloon Fight will have it but an updated Wrecking Crew will not.



WarioFan63 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th June 2012 (North America):

@TheDreamingHawk I don't think this is any cause for concern. Coming Soon this week seems to just show upcoming eshop games. We know there are DSiWare games dated for the next few weeks which aren't listed there but it doesn't mean they aren't coming out.
We don't need to jump to conclusions about no VC games being listed.



WarioFan63 commented on Review: Super Hang-On (Wii Virtual Console / V...:

It's not worthy of the same classic status as Out Run, feeling a little workmanlike in comparison,
Geez Louise, I thought that said womanlike. I was wondering what that even meant.
Maybe it was a compliment to Super Hang-On's curves. Right guys? Because



WarioFan63 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd May 2012 (North America):

@Hyperstar96 Kirby's Block Ball is totally coming next week if I read the eshop right. When there was a Coming Soon section awhile ago, even though the eshop itself didn't display the dates, we knew what most of them were cause of and it basically organized the games coming soon by release date.

Kirby's Block Ball was sandwiched between games confirmed coming today and next week so I'm now 100% sure it's coming next week.



WarioFan63 commented on Tumblepop Set to Suck on 3DS Virtual Console Soon:

@FluttershyGuy That's not really a sign of anything. Ratings leaks for VC games are just more common through the OFLC than they are with the ESRB these days. Heck theres hardly any games anywhere getting leaked through ESRB these days. Most of the time, when ESRB posts a new listing it's for a game that's about to come out or just came out.

So no, it's not a sign of VC priority, just that ESRB in general is not as leak-y as it used to be.



WarioFan63 commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April 2012 (North Amer...:

The "rule" that NoA doesn't release 3DS VC and 3DS Downloads on the same day is silly. It happened for awhile last year and I was hoping when Punch-Out and Fun Fun Minigolf came out on the same day last month people would drop that silly theory. If I read the Coming Soon section in the eshop right, Kirby's Block Ball will be coming the same day as a 3DS Download, so hopefully people start dropping it then. It really irks me that people think this is a thing that is true.



WarioFan63 commented on Review: Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection (...:

Technically speaking Tokyo Collection is a prequel. I guess. If we can call these sequels and prequels. Japan got this one a few years ago, then Gothic a few months after, then they got two others after Gothic. They would be uh...Lolita and Princess Collections.

So it's not so much that Tokyo Collection removed things. We just these out of order.

And that is your useless trivia of the day!



WarioFan63 commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - February 2012:

@25 But that's just it. There HAVE been exceptions. That means it's not a hard rule and I don't like seeing it exaggerated like "oh its impossible for 3DSWare and VC to come out at the same time." All it is is just coincidence.