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Tue 11th May 2010

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WarioPower commented on Nintendo Download: 11th July (Europe):

Still find it stupid that Star Wars Pinball isn't dlc for ZP2. It just makes it more inconvenient when I have to exit out of a game and enter another just to play a different table..



WarioPower commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

I shouldn't judge this before more footage and info is shown, but I'm rather disappointed by this. This is not the epic open world 3d Mario game I was looking for. But I shouldn't expect anything else, Nintendo just loves to milk the Mario series. At least this was the only really bad thing about the presentation.



WarioPower commented on Feature: 3DS - A Report Card Ahead of Its Bigg...:

I actually think the 3ds is one of Nintendo's weakest consoles. With the exception of FE and Zelda OOT 3d, their first party offerings have been pretty mediocre.. There are some good third party games, but nothing really amazing..