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Expecting me to be normal? TOO BAD.

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I enjoy Gamecubes and playing Double Dash as Peach and Waluigi. Also I have a webcomic. That last one may have been more/less important to you than the first bit of information.

Tue 8th April, 2014

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WalupeachyTime commented on Mario Kart Super Circuit Arrives on the Wii U ...:

@AlexSora89 Finest? You may consider it fine (Which I respect), but I personally can't stand the handling. It's really slippery and loose in comparison to the other games in the series. Considering that you need good handling for any racing game, Super Circuit is just rubbish by default. The only course I had any fun on was Ribbon Road.



WalupeachyTime commented on Reaction: LEGO Dimensions Could be a Sales Phe...:

@CharlyDunst Look, I know that Infinity and Trap Team are cheaper because of getting price cuts. What I'm saying is that Dimensions has a launch price tag that put me off. Hell, when Infinity 2 first came out, it was £55 new. That's already cheaper than Dimensions by a long way (Also, I am a fan of Lego and I like the concept, but it's the price of the whole package that's holding me back. Which is a common issue for Lego, come to think of it).



WalupeachyTime commented on Reaction: LEGO Dimensions Could be a Sales Phe...:

The price for the main game by itself is ludicrous. £90?!? I could buy both Disney Infinity 2 and Skylanders Trap Team with a figure each for that (Both are the main competitors, so not a good start)! The price is ridiculous and I could see parents going "Well, Tomothy. The Lego game was too difficult for us to afford, so how about we get some Skylanders instead?" as a result. Bugger off, Lego.



WalupeachyTime commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

You know, considering Spencer's stance on the matter, it might be a good cross-promotional technique for Nintendo and Microsoft to do this. I'd imagine that if such a thing takes off, Microsoft could easily make it so (like Minecraft on Playstation) Nintendo is allowed to use the Banjo licence for new games and re-releases. I'd imagine such a partnership would be a win-win all around, for Nintendo, Microsoft and the fans of the Banjo series.



WalupeachyTime commented on New Nintendo Wii Remotes Come in Bowser and To...:

I'll get the Toad remote, as the colours on the Bowser remote look horrible. In the future, I'd like to see some controllers based on other Nintendo franchises. If a King Dedede controller was to rear it's head, I'd grab it in a heartbeat.



WalupeachyTime commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I'm glad it's not coming to Europe. Regardless of quality, any game that is making money off of the work made by other artists and creators that they don't have the licence to use is terrible. If I made a game like this, I'd make it free, or at least get the licence to all the sounds and images taken from other sources. Unless Ninjapig have proof that they DID get the rights, I'm staying away from this game. I'm not going to give it any further attention.



WalupeachyTime commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

I've played a few matches of For Glory mode on a PAL retail copy and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Either way, I'm going to try and avoid using the online mode for a while until a patch floats on by. Not sure about data management though. Maybe that's fine to use.



WalupeachyTime commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

What a horrid monstrosity. Pictures stolen from the internet, humour that manages to make things that I feel have the capacity to be funny grating (I personally think that Illuminati Confirmed Videos, when done right, are funny) and gameplay more generic than most app store titles. The good news is that this game may not get released in Europe!



WalupeachyTime commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

If it's DLC, then that would essentially be on-disc dlc, as the game has to have the data in the disc in order for the amiibo to unlock. A better thing for the amiibo is if it unlocks an exclusive weapon and outfit for that character. Nothing too important or powerful.



WalupeachyTime commented on Meme Run is Coming to Troll Your Wii U Very Soon:

@T900Kassem The point was to make something that sounds and looks awful? I apologise for the argument, but saying that it's supposed to be terrible doesn't excuse it's quality. I understand why people think it's funny, but I personally don't see the humour with it. It just seems obnoxious from what I've seen.



WalupeachyTime commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

As someone who owns the Smash demo and used to own Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, I can say that I've never encountered such issues while playing, despite my reliance on Smash Attacks. I'm sure that Smash won't break my pad, at least for a long while.