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United States

Sun 28th Dec 2008

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WalterBennet commented on Review: Fun! Fun! Minigolf (WiiWare):

So, I like mini-golf, and I like fun! How could this go wrong? Well, Fun! Fun! Minigolf will frustrate even the most seasoned gamer. The putting controls aren't sensitive enough to recognize slight movements of the hand, so you end up having to wail on the ball more often than not, ending up with the incessant chanting of the phrase: "....... Out of bounds!" What's more frustrating is how clear it is they attempted to copy the style of games like Hot Shots and PangYa (Albatross18 in the States), yet fail to copy even the basic playable conventions of those franchises. It's got the superficial look and feel of its parents, but none of their charm or playability.

I give this disappointment a 4/10. And it's too bad. I was looking forward to a fun, simple golf game.