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Thu 11th Apr 2013

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Wallcrwlr commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

I would love to see a fifty dollar price drop for the wii u or at least 350 for the deluxe package and two games. As for the holiday I beleive wii u will sell more copies than ps4 and Xbox. Not many people are going to shelve out 500 for a system and 300 extra just so you have to be online all the time for the new Xbox and I'm sure ps4 is looking around 700 for there system. When it comes to people buying they want the cheapest not the most expensive. I also believe wii didn't do a good job showing what the wii u controller tablet can do some of the games look good with it but others is just an extension. I'm still waiting on a price drop even a small one cause the wii u pretty much has the same graphics and feel as the other consoles that are cheaper. I held off on the 3ds and it went down and I held off on the vita and that went down now I'm waiting on wii u to price drop esspecially if I'm buying a sixty dollar game for the system. With the wii it was only fifty.