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United Kingdom

Sat 11th Dec 2010

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Wahooo commented on HMV Says You Can Now Preorder the Wii U in Bla...:

@Wheels2050 How can they be letting people down by not having the same console with 2 different CPU's and graphics cards? You must know there would be no point in having one console have superior graphics to another model, only for developers to ship the same game for both. Or do you actually think it's intelligent for developers to make two versions of a game for the same platform? They won't be letting anyone down, you just seem to be insatiable.
@Luigifan141 There was never a dual circle pad 3DS XL. The shop that advertised it somehow didn't realize that it was a fan made picture. It was an original 3DS with another circle pad photoshopped underneath the buttons on the right hand side.