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Thu 6th August, 2009

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WaLzgi commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

@Beetlejuice Even if Nintendo had the final word, Capcom still asked and should shoulder some blame. Capcom is the one trying to appeal to many fans, and they already have other properties in the game. Besides, Monster Hunter is already selling like crazy in Japan, so I don't think there is any desperation in this move.

Also, it only really cheapens the brand if it were used excessively. However, Japan will eat this up, thus not cheapening the brand



WaLzgi commented on Rising Star Games Celebrates Its 10th Annivers...:

@ColdingLight Because they didn't publish those titles in America, so yes, that's a good excuse

@Jazzer94 No, you were right. Aksys only distributed games that Rising Star published in Europe originally. However, Rising Star also brought Japanese and American games to Europe as the publisher when the original publisher wouldn't. For example, Aksys published (not just distributed) the Bit Trip SAGA game, but Rising Star published it in Europe. Therefore Rising Star discounted the European version only.