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Thu 6th August, 2009

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WaLzgi commented on Rising Star Games Celebrates Its 10th Annivers...:

@ColdingLight Because they didn't publish those titles in America, so yes, that's a good excuse

@Jazzer94 No, you were right. Aksys only distributed games that Rising Star published in Europe originally. However, Rising Star also brought Japanese and American games to Europe as the publisher when the original publisher wouldn't. For example, Aksys published (not just distributed) the Bit Trip SAGA game, but Rising Star published it in Europe. Therefore Rising Star discounted the European version only.



WaLzgi commented on Full Extent of Nintendo of Europe Job Cuts Bec...:

@joey302 Well I did some digging on Sega and the whole five system thing just confused me. That seemed like a bad business decision actually...

Anyway, think about this: game development can take 1-3 years. You need to support 2 systems at once. Imagine that average Wii U development takes 2 years. Doing the math, you need about 24 studios working on a Wii U or 3DS game at once, which is too costly and risky for Nintendo.

So basically you are implying that you want Nintendo to spend a lot of money, possibly leading to even more layoffs?



WaLzgi commented on Nintendo UK Outlines September's Dazzling Zeld...:

@ColdingLight Are you implying that they were always bad? Are you implying that they are not complimentary items on a complimentary service that don't even cost any coins?

Yes, I'm implying that they are usually good. And I'm implying that those who complain about Club Nintendo often forget about the good things.



WaLzgi commented on Full Extent of Nintendo of Europe Job Cuts Bec...:

@joey302 And they also have so many development studios, so yes that's too much to ask for. Do you really want half-donkeyed rushed games just to meet some quota of quantity? Keep in mind that they need to develop for the 3DS as well, so that's essentially more than 18-24 games a year. Even EA couldn't do that. Also keep in mind that there's a major difference in development now than there was in the 90s with Sega. Development teams are much larger today, and Sega was able to produce games in quantity because of smaller teams. Think about this: Super Mario Bros only took less than 10 people to make it, and Super Mario 3D World took over 100 people. That's a major difference. And at the time Sega didn't have two systems to support either, so no, it's still not feasible for Nintendo to produce a major game per month.

@electrolite77 Your accusation of deflection is purely conjecture. I am comparing Nintendo to other companies like Capcom because they are in similar situations. Companies like Capcom and EA flat out shut down studios...even if they succeeded, whereas Nintendo seems to only resort to lay-offs if it's more of a last resort. Nintendo of Europe is restructuring and moving its headquarters, so lay-offs are expected. However, the criticism here seems to include exaggerations and false statements, so I WILL deflect those.