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Wed 16th Oct 2013

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Vyse commented on Nintendo of America Issues a Fresh Batch of Mo...:

I'll have to agree with OnionOverlord and MortalKombat2007. I have some codes in my e-mail, but after seeing how so many users just joined this site just to beg for a code turned me off from sharing them. I'll be happy to share one with an actual member of the community, but not these leeches who join the site, beg for the code saying they "need" it, and then never come back (gotta laugh at the usernames that are just Mario and a number, very original guys). I would rather have the codes expire.



Vyse commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

The only thing I still do not understand with Ubi was delaying the Wii U version of Rayman Legends when it was done. They should have released the Wii U on time, then released the ports once they were done. I understand them going multi-platform, just not this.