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United States

Mon 2nd Jun 2008

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Vyenpaka-Kapaka commented on USA WiiWare Update: Protöthea And Toki Tori:

I wish you didn't mention Europe got it for 900 and we got it for 1000.

I wouldn't know to be ticked off that, thanks to the My Life as King extra content (which I can't unlock becuase my Lv. 20 BLM can't finish a Level 12 dungeon that only BLM are able to complete >.>) I only have 900 wii points, and Toki Tori looks right up my alley - a fun puzzle/platformer to snuggle up to the lady with and work our way through.

Why the 10% price increase!? Yeah, its only 100 points. But percentages are DRAMATIC... and now I hafta go buy 1,000 points to get the 100 I actually need. >< Some would say the proper response might be 'boycott' or 'don't spend your wii points' or somesuch nonsense, but I'm sitting here waiting for my little cell phone clock to ding 12 with the rest of ya. XD