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Fri 8th Aug 2008

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vsync commented on Last Ninja 3:

The gameworld was a bit weird in this one, kinda looped and strangely interconnected which I had a hard time with. The gfx and audio is top, and the enemy-ai that really aren't aware of their surroundings kinda make up for your lacking any real ninjaskills.

Seriously, Armakuni is one of the worst ninjas ever! All he can do is somersault and depending on who is holding the joystick hardly even that. Style over Substance has however never been an issue in commodore-related retrogaming .



vsync commented on Pitstop II:

Taking the last curves on with white & red tires and low fuel was a real kick when I was younger. Loved this game, and managed to get really skilled with the pitstops .

What's up with not being able to control your pit crew in newer racegames?

The fun element is not changing the tires which combined with the tire sensitive collision, make every curve sweatier in the long run. Kinda like boosting in f-zero x! ; it's also the main element of the game that I think has survived the test of time next to plain multiplayer madness.

Also found a nice interview with the main programmer.:

And hi, this is my first comment ever here .