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Mon 6th July, 2009

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vonseux commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

It was delayed so many times and released first on xbox... so, its sad... but dont think it will be moving 750 units next semester. All faults are on decelopers tough. Very bad timming. I wish nintendo would invest on the studii for a new exclusive game.



vonseux commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I guess most parents dont have good information and buy $500 ttablets for kids to play add filled poor designed games instead of a nintendo friendly console and software. Tablets are just marketed better. The "educational" value is also considered but of coure kids dont use/need tablets for that



vonseux commented on The World's Largest Video Game Collection is S...:

75 per game is an hell of a value. Personally ilke to think collections on the narrowest waypossible. For exemple. I only collect albums made by Ritchie Blackmore. This includes side projects and participations. Collet "hard rock albums" is way out of hand ij my view. This guy made a nice deal. Hope he can build a new. More focused collection.



vonseux commented on Review: Turtle Tale (3DS eShop):

Gosh, why do games like this get approved by Nintendo ? I think that games on consoles should have a better level of craft and design, no matter the price range. I agree with #4.