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I will be the best Kirby Smash Player there is....

Wed 20th March, 2013

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VolcanoFlamesNL commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

@Of_Folsense exactly what I thought when I was watching it. My 3DS seems faster. I'll check the speed now, anyway. :/
Edit: Darn it! For a second I thought my 3DS was faster than the New 3DS (the signing in screen went off on my 3DS before the one on the New 3DS) but it's totally close. Let's see the others....



VolcanoFlamesNL commented on You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on ...:

Yesterday, I tried the eShop web edition to download Kirby's Dream Course, and I met it in my Quick Start Menu when I got home. It's very nice, and to think that just days before I was dreaming of Remote Buy on Nintendo systems.
This would totally be nice.



VolcanoFlamesNL commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

'There's no software out there to really accurately test the analogue sensitivity, but in titles such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate accuracy won't necessarily the priority'
So... the new circle pad doesn't work with games that support the Circle Pad Pro? Hm.
At first I was a tiny tinny bit skeptical as to whether I should get one, but my oh my I need one now! Even if it's not mine.
EDIT: On second thought, I could wait for the new Nintendo handheld. I could appreciate this device in my family, either way.



VolcanoFlamesNL commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

For online, I don't see myself playing the latter online mode. I want my items....
Or on second thought, I may play it. I dislike some of the new items like that gust gun item, and that automatic one-point flag. Well, I like it if I use it :)