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Wed 20th March, 2013

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VolcanoFlames commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

Interesting. It's good to know that more eyes are at least watching the Wii U and people are considering buying it. But it bugs me; people should have bought the Wii U eons ago and not now with Mario Kart 8. Super Mario 3D World, Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3... and not to mention the 2015 releases.



VolcanoFlames commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

Hmm... I don't know... I'm not working, so I have limited to no cash, and my internet is poor for these kinds of things. So... and in addition, I don't want 'Download this or that to access this or that' I've already had enough with most of my 7th-8th gen games.



VolcanoFlames commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart's Best Weapon Isn...:

Haha! I remember an event that happened with a green shell while playing MKDS with my friends. I'm not really going to say it, but it's so hilarious.
Green shells are better than red shells. Although red shells have homing abilities, well... it's very 'dull'. I mean, it willingly hits a banana placed in front of it's path! Red shells in MKDD are the worst of 'em all. So... unintelligent. Green shells provide defense and are very useful in strategic racing.



VolcanoFlames commented on Feature: Memories of the Wii and DS Wi-Fi Conn...:

Sigh. And I never got to play any DS game online('xept from Black/Black 2 and that wasn't even... you know what I mean) because my internet connection is not supporting WEP. And as limited as my internet is it would be more than sufficient for those DS games. Now Ninty's latest support them but it's just one issue over another, and it looks like I'm not going to have a nice time online this gen.
I am totally awesome in snaking, MKDS. Only wish I had a chance to showcase my skills and now it's all gone.



VolcanoFlames commented on Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dream...:

I haven't much gameplay experience with the Hoenn games, but this, I NEED! As for the article, someone'll have to summarize it for me 'cuz I was just excited to get everything (I'm serious!).
Anyway, since it's on 3DS;
1. Utilize the 3DS hardware properly. Use Smash Bros. 3DS as inspiration.
2. VS. Seeker. A MUST.
3. Sweet remixed songs WHICH can be heard anytime. I hated the fact that you can't hear Team Flare's battle song after the game*.
4. Make Pokemon Z for Wii U.
5. -Uh... as I said earlier I don't really know much 'bout these games, so I'll stop here'
*Technically you can, but it's still annoying.



VolcanoFlames commented on Ninterview: Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton and ...:

@NintendoTwizer Oh, I'M LOVIN' IT REAL GOOD! Your N64s are wonderful! I've told myself and my family 'n' friends that when I grow up I'll own... oh, own a collection like yours. 10/10!

I have a collection, too! Pictures of gaming, games, game stuff, game everything. Only if my laptop didn't break, I'll have a collection I'll be proud of! Well, my collection's still a bit big, but anyway...