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Sun 2nd Sep 2012

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Vishiyra commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

Does anyone know how to purchase the bundle in the North American version? I know the update said something about "talking to the bunny in the plaza," but I wasn't paying close attention and don't remember exactly, and now I can't find the option to buy both. Talking to the bunny in the two new game holes only gives me the opportunity to buy them individually.



Vishiyra commented on Bust A Groove With Just Dance 2014 This Year O...:


That's the whole point - they're the kids choice awards because they are for games that appeal to and are successful with kids. They aren't about the best games ever.

And frankly, anything that gets kids moving a bit more is a good thing in my book. Yes, it's not a game I would play myself, but I am not a kid.