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Wed 24th Apr 2013

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Vinnyc commented on Monster Hunter Tri Servers To Be Shutdown At t...:

The simple connection between the players as well as all the other High Ranked items, weapons, and armors are being taken away. I have yet to experience all of that and I may never be able to again. I bought Tri when it first came out and only got through mid-way of only the solo quests and the online quests. I was so hooked on this game. Then my parents split and we had to move out. We sold everything except some clothes. Donated the rest of the larger things. 3 years later, lucky me, my uncle gave me his Wii. The only thing missing was a copy of Monster Hunter Tri and I would be ready to start the awesome hunting again - with everyone else online. I really can't afford a 3DS or a WiiU. A Wii and MH3 had literally been the only game I've been playing the past years. I still have yet to slay the Alatreon and everything else in the higher ranking stuff. Can't we just leave up a server or two for the ones like me? Or let Nintendo take care of the servers if Capcom doesn't want to anymore? There's still many players that play online and I really can't afford to buy anything else that was this enjoyable for me and many others that play Tri. Please just listen to a major fan of MH and reconsider.