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Sun 19th May 2013

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VelvetInkwell commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

at the same time, why does Nintendo feel that they can use LPers original content and likenesses to make their profit as well? If a LPer speaks, has a custom intro or outro, or does a facecam. Can Nintendo turn around and say "You cannot profit off of our content, but we can profit off of yours"?

Also to all of you stating that LP is not a real job. It is not your place to tell anyone what a real job is or not. A real job is simply something you make money from doing. The way it is done matters not.

It is ok for Nintendo to make profit off of "not a real job" but not the one that spends hours editing, learning the game, crating their own custom content, and providing entertaining commentary? Geez, how ever does Rifftrax EVER make money if it is not a real job?

Also, by Nintendo wanting to do these ads to collect the revenue, they are themselves proving that the LP market must be a lucrative one.