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Tue 7th Apr 2009

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VeeRay commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

Got trough to 3rd or 4th level in the casle before i had to use a continue. This game isn't that hard. Largest cause of death for me was the pitfalls when I started to playing. If you take your time you can pretty much eliminate the possibility of getting hit by an enemy when you're in the air.

Someone here had problems with the 3-staged boss. First when the mummys come go on to the leftside of you're screen on to a little platform. Crouch there and you can hit the first mummy on the head and most of the time destroy the projectiles they are shooting. If it seems that the projectile is comming from below of you to up and hitting you're feet just dodge it by jumping and then continue crouching and whailing on the first mummy. Then on to the second mummy just walk up to him and start whailing. He can walk almost to the center of the screen before he turns and starts to walk to rightside of the screen so beware to not stand in his way to get hit.

Then the hammer guy enters the battle. You have to hit him in the head. He pretty much has two attack if you're too far away he stands for awhile to start running at you and if you're too close to him he tries to hit you with his hammer. If he stop to charge for the running you're only option is to run to the closest platform and jump over him. If you can dodge the hammerstrike (which isn't that hard to do) you get a couple of free shot. Other good tactic is to get 1/4 screen away from him and turning, jumping and hitting him in the head. Also when you're getting ready to jump over him from the platform in the sides you sometimes have enough time to crouch, hit him and still jump over him without getting hit.

3rd and final boss the big gargoyle who looks tough, but in reality is a puppy. Basicly just walk up to him and start whailing him with you're whip. As soon as he jump into air run to the exact spot where he use to be and turn around and start whailing again. Repeat this and hes down for the count in 20-30 seconds. He might get to use his triple fireball attack once which is hard to dodge if you're busy whailing on him too close, but if you have enough health (probably takes 2-3 stripes) to survive the fireballs then just repeat the what I told you in the beginnig and he won't live for long.

Edit: Just to say last stage and last boss Dracula is joke when you have Alucard with you. Alucard's down+jump that turns you in to bat can get you past the last real obstacle room with breeze and on the Dracula's final form it saves you're ass from getting hit. I beat Dracula without even getting one hit and he had 3 forms.

Hardest boss in the game is 3rd last boss Grim Reaper's first form when he has 4 scythe coming towards you. Sometimes the scythes are pretty hard to spot from the background and sometimes when you get hit you fly into the corner and get bumrushed by big G and his 4 scythes.



VeeRay commented on Castlevania II: Simon's Quest:

Bought this game this morning and played in one sitting trough. Definetly my favorite Castlevania on the NES. It was a nice feeling to remember all the secrets and what to do from when this game was released.

Only downside I noticed that the gameplay slowed a quite a bit when there were 4+ enemies on screen at the same time. I don't remember that being on the original NES or maybe I just thought back then it was a cool effect .



VeeRay commented on Light Crusader:

Bought this a week ago and today I finished it. Was a pretty good game, had some nice music and gameplays ratio for puzzles and fighting was well balanced. Puzzles difficulties varies, most are relativly easy and straight forward, some take you while to look at the room layout before you figure them out and there is a couple of real tough ones thar require couple of minutes to figure out. Usually the harder puzzles lead to some bonus stuff like a better sword or armor. Only downside that the fighting is too simple IMO, you only have a couple a different attack moves and magic. I would give this one 7.5/10 well worth the 800 points if you like what you see in the gameplay video...

Edit: My last save just before the last boss said I had played for 5-6 hours. IMO was a decent length game for it's time