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Wed 3rd Jul 2013

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Vasilios commented on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Confirmed...:

I know namco wanted to change things up a bit but... I love the old pacman model but cannot stand the new one.. I loved pacman world 2.. one of the best platformers in my book. but the new pacman and his voice actor just not good



Vasilios commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

I actually dont mind the new look although it will take me time to still get used to it. But I actually do like the new look of knuckles since he is a strong power type making him look bigger is a good design choice I think.



Vasilios commented on Super Mario 3D World:

At first i was dissapointed that we would not be seeing a new Mario galaxy... but this game looks just so great. if this game also has plenty of levels this will be so great. i just hope this game is longer than Mario 3d land.



Vasilios commented on New Super Luigi U:

This is the best DLC that i have got for any game. it basiclly redoes the whole game with more challenging Luigi themed levels, redoes the physics to fit for Luigi like jumping higher and fluttering and running faster but harder to stop. and the best part about it is it is only 20$ for what would almost be worth a full retail game. This is what DLC should be.



Vasilios commented on Pikmin 3:

I have been anxiously waiting for a new Pikmin game sense Pikmin 2. but Pikmin did not sell to well Pikmin or Pikmin 2... i just hope sense Olimar has been in super smash bros brawl that the popularity of Pikmin has boosted a tad bit and this game looks amazing i just hope This will be a real system seller for the Wii U to breath fresh sales into the system. other wise if only the Mario will do this then the Wii U will still receive ill sales until the end of this year in December.