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About Me: I am autistic (Doesn't talk as much as usual, different interests, phobia of LOUD and SUDDEN noises), I like to talk about food and video games the most, my favorite color is blue, and my favorite game series are Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Sonic.

Wed 22nd Aug 2012

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Varia01 commented on First Impressions: Disney Infinity:

Where are the Tron characters?!? The Lone Ranger is even coming, but there are complete absences of Tron characters...

Fun looking game btw, though it's not really anything I am looking forward to right now.



Varia01 commented on Review: Sonic Unleashed (Wii):

This game is trying my frickin' patience. I really want more day time levels, but have to wait REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG with those partially boring werehog levels. The daytime levels are really fun, but are so few in number. The boring cutscenes just pauses the game's progression and is just ANNOYING!!! The 3D for daytime Sonic is not perfect, but is still fun and I have to admit, the Wii remote and nunchuck aren't that bad. I have to say, the drift and quick step are cleverly done, but the boost has its flaws. The Wii controls aren't that bad for werehog either, though levels are still just... wrong.

The graphics and animations are pretty awesome. The cinematics are absolutely beautiful and clear for the Wii. It's almost HD. If it were enhanced with HD, than that would be awesome. The design of the bad guys on the nighttime levels are pretty neat-- You know what, everything just looks graphically awesome.

The music is great, but not always. The title screen orchestra is well-played and interesting and so is the daytime levels, but the werehog levels' music is boring. The voice-acting is ok, but it lacks clear volume. I like the SFX though. Their loud and clear. Especially when doing a homing attack combo, it sounds pretty nifty.

Overall, Sonic Unleashed apparently has flaws. These are different kinds of flaws from normal though. The werehog levels poorly introduces different gameplay; especially with it being on a game that also has the series's traditional gameplay. That is poorly escaping a game franchise's tradition, but another major problem is the impatience this game causes with its really slow story progression. The villages and the werehog levels is what causes it to be so. The graphics are freaking awesome and really proves that non HD gaming still looks nifty, but the music and audio have their lags. While 35% percent of the game is mainly a joyride the 65% is boring and tries gamers' patience.




Varia01 commented on Feature: The History Of The Famicom:

Wow. Just wow.

It is nifty to see how Nintendo has changed over the years. They started out as a very successful company. I'll give an overview of what I think is Nintendo's progress:
NES/Famicon: Very successful
Gameboy: N/A for me at least
SNES/ Super Famicon: HUGE success
Gameboy Color: N/A once again
N64: Good, but lost to the PS1
Gameboy Advanced: N/A for seemingly most of the handhelds
GameCube: Didn't sell very well
DS: N/As
Wii: Underpowered console that had amazing game sells
3DS: Bad at first, but doing good now
Wii U: Starting fail

Back then, many companies that are third-party today were working for Nintendo in the classic days, but now some or maybe most of them wants to see Nintendo fall.



Varia01 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the Famicom / NES:

Great conversation, guys!

I am several years younger than most of you guys, so I started out playing NES games on the Wii Virtual Console. My mom and dad first bought Super Mario Bros 3. It was fun and the idea of the Wii remote sideways did seem very clever to memorialize the NES controller. Then there was Metroid which also had its fun, though it wasn't as great as the other Metroid games I have played. Mega Man 3 was the third NES (I think) game I played and was also really good. I can see why the NES sold well, because the games seem very great. I really think the NES is an amazing gaming console.



Varia01 commented on Weirdness: A Young Boy's Paper Game Boy Shows ...:

Wow that is nifty. It is awesome to see kids' imaginations come to life. Especially with this. I mean that is just creative and amazing. I would like to make one of those one day. I really appreciate what the guy did. It is amazing and is quite touching.



Varia01 commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS):

Wow. Amazing review. Great job, Mr Thomas.

After reading about the humor and and clever motives for this game, I am actually quite excited to buy and play this. The gameplay certainly does seem clever with an excellent story pace. I also can't wait to experience the humor of this game.



Varia01 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Optimistic About The Future o...:

The future of the Wii U looks fantastic. With all these nifty games coming out, I'm sure Nintendo can get the boost it needs from that. MKWii got great sales and SSBB got amazing credit, so MK8 and SSBU could have the same incident, and that's a good incident! Some of those third-party games looks great too, especially Sonic Lost World. Heck, I am currently most hyped for Sonic Lost World.



Varia01 commented on Review: Sonic Colours (Wii):

I regret ever selling this! The levels are so epic along with nifty color powers. Though, I can't decide which is my favorite power... maybe Cyan Laser. I have the DS, but the Wii version is so much more epic and has a little more length. My mom says and cannot get this game back until I get a job and raise money, and by that time, the game is gonna be incredibly old and may not be in stores...



Varia01 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Has Plenty of Opportu...:

@Geonjaha: Well, almost all Metroids released the year after the console and handheld released.
The NES released in 1985 and Metroid released in 1986
The Gameboy released in 1988 and Metroid 2 released in 1989.
The Gameboy Advanced released in 2000 and Metroid Fusion released in 2001.
The GameCube released in 2001 and Metroid Prime released in 2002.
The Wii released in 2006 and Metroid Prime 3 released on 2007.
All right, Nintendo may do what they did with Super Metroid (The SNES released in 1992 and Super Metroid released in 1994). I just gotta be patient....



Varia01 commented on Nintendo to Bring "Brand-New Types of Games" t...:

They are avoiding Metroid..... That is just angering me. Don't they see the potential of a Metroid game on the Wii U? A new Metroid was supposed to be announced by now. The Wii released on November 2006 and Metroid Prime 3 released on August 2007. The Wii U released on November 2012, but no Metroid has been announced for this August. I have had enough of everything but Metroid. Too much Mario, Zelda, Mii games, and everything else. Metroid could empower the Wii U due to the strong gamepad capabilities it could hold. I can't see why Nintendo is avoiding that. >:[



Varia01 commented on Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Ga...:

The Wii U does have games that make incredible usage outta it, though it may not always be necessary. Off-TV play is certainly a nice feature. I really like the dual screen concept with the DS and 3DS; it is very creative and works well with a lot of games. I wouldn't mind a single screen in the future, but another dual would be great too. Second-screen may be a new and great step into video game evolution.