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Male, 17, Canada

Hi there, I'm VanguardSoul. I like to go for walks when there isn't 5 meters of snow in front of my door, living in Canada and all. If I had three wishes I'd just wish for more genies. They thought they could stop me with their 'you can't wish for more wishes' rule. Hah.

Tue 21st Jan 2014

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VanguardSoul commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

A list of characters that, from what I can tell, will most likely be replaced:

Wario. He's funny and everything, and fun to use, but replaceable. His game series doesn't stand out.

ROB. He's one of my personal favourites but again, he doesn't stand out as a real keeper like Sonic or Bowser.

Lucario. He was all the roar when Brawl was made 6 years ago but, just like Mewtwo, he's outdated. I wouldn't mind them bringing back Mewtwo but again, both these characters are extremely likely to be replaced.

Ike. He's a support character for a main series, so it's extremely likely he will be replaced by another Fire Emblem support character.

Snake. Nintendo basically confirmed that he's being cut and replaced by Mega Man. YES!

Wolf. Same reason as Ike, except since his series already has 2 characters, they will probably just replace him with someone from a different series entirely. Also, Wolf never really stood out too much.

Pokemon Trainer. If he's not confirmed by now, he's cut. Like ROB, he's one of those characters that stands out, but you can tell he won't be moving on. He was just an attraction for Brawl cause you could play as freaking Charizard, but it's gotten old now.

Meta Knight. He's overpowered and looks freaking awesome, but it's to a point where he almost outclasses every other character by popularity alone, never mind insane attacks. Nintendo loves diversity in games, especially SSB, so they aren't going to put in someone if everyone's going to obviously pick him over everyone else again. Meta Knight, you were a sexy baddonkey and you will be missed.

Captain Falcon. He's hard to read, but he hasn't had a popular game in years. On top of that, all the main series characters have been announced already, so at this point I will be very surprised if the Captain is in fact in the game.

That's my list, and I will be surprised if any of these characters make it through. May they all be remembered.
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