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Tue 19th Jun 2012

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uximal commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

Xenoblade is by far one of my favourite Wii titles, Now I have to buy the new 3DS. Although I was wondering can we confirm whether xenoblade required the new CPU power... considering titles like RE: Revelation, MH3U and soon MH4U are gorgeous games on current 3DS family ..the amount of detail is just amazing so can we really say that it was not possible to port Xenoblade on the current system?



uximal commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

Hmm, I have mixed feelings.. I feel like they have rushed this update. Nintendo should have waited till they have something more solid than this, It's a bit disappointing when they bringing a lot of cool updates(1.Miiverse, 2.NNID, 3.Unified Account for WiiU and 3DS, 4. Can share funds btw the linked systems) for the 3DS but at the same time there are some drawbacks (1.Tight region lock feature, 2.No Message exchange in Miiverse, 3.No friend request feature for miiverse. ) which leads to one conclusion.... Cool but unpolished product.

I just think they should have waited a bit longer for this update.
We lost SWAPNOTE , So I was really hoping MiiVerse would replace it.



uximal commented on Monster Hunter 4 Will Allow You To Dress Up As...:

I have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite & Portable 3rd on PSP, Great titles & I still play them. Do you own any of the titles? If you do the just take your PSP and 3DS side by side and you will notice it instantly. Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 on 3DS way way better in basically everything!!!!!.



uximal commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:


If you are a fan of the series then there is no problem since the controls are not as different from the PSP, In fact I have never even thought of getting the Circle pad pro, Try Mastering with the original control scheme, If unable then it wouldn't hurt to get the circle pad pro.

By the way I have the Monster Hunter Recommendation: Promotion code which I got but never got to give it out, So if you haven't yet purchased MH3U , I would be glad to give you the code before it expires (31/07/2013) and that's if only you don't mind a downloaded copy . I have a Euro 3DS.



uximal commented on Monster Hunter 4's Insect Staff Weapon Attribu...:

Cool, can't wait, I hope MH4 makes it to the west.


Don't let the charm table distract you, I actually enjoyed the game without knowing about them. Although this might help

Table 4 and Table 6 favor Great Sword users.
Table 4 and Table 10 favor Lance and Gunlance users.
Table 10 favors Dual Sword and Hammer users.
Table 14 favors Switch Axe users.

There is also a very detailed document I stumbled upon which helps out with the charm tables a great deal.