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Wed 27th Mar 2013

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Unoquazin commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Spr...:

I get a Syphony of the Night/Super Metroid/Mega Man vibe from Shovel Knight. Easily my most anticipated game of the year, followed closely by Wonderful 101 (it's so... Viewtiful Joe) and Watch_Dogs. These games have me completely pumped for the rest of the year. I'd encourage more donations to Shovel Knight to enhance the final product even further. I'd do it, but I've already given 200 dollars to the cause.



Unoquazin commented on Shovel Knight Hits Kickstarter Target, Stretch...:

I dropped a 200 dollar investment on this, for a couple of reasons. I really want this game because it reminds me of my Mega-Man and Super Mario World days, the games that got me into gaming. Secondly, this is such a labor of love from the developers, who all seem like such good people that are prioritizing the Nintendo hardware. Finally, if this game succeeds, maybe that would attract more indie developers toward the Nintendo platforms.

I cannot wait for this.