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Zombie god!


I am the god of the undead who controls all the zombies and other dead things from games to real life and it's always a pleasure to see who dies! me and my minions don't give up easily so always be prepared for a fight. Also a reviewer at eShop Gurus and owner of Nintendo Friends!

Thu 19th January, 2012

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Undead_terror commented on Splatoon Mii Fighter Outfits Coming to Super S...:

@Quorthon If it was a alternative then that would be pretty good, however I doubt they would do such a thing, whatever the amiibo does would be exclusive to that one method, we would know from MK8, HW, and the upcoming Splatoon game that has locked content that can only be obtained by amiibo's, wouldn't mind a bit more money but not the whole works.



Undead_terror commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

@SKTTR When you think about it, it's really 14, the T shirts can be used on all three classes and look different for the other gender, the monkey and cat suits look different on the other gender, but the rest look the same to the other gender.



Undead_terror commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

I doubt any assist characters/pokemon will be made into full characters, there is one character that I would like to have the most when it comes to being new to smash, that character is Marx from Kirby, other then that I would like Wolf back, then anyone else can come.



Undead_terror commented on Feature: Gawk at Fancy Super Smash Bros. Mewtw...:

Pretty sure Lucas would be the same price as Mewtwo, welp I'm getting everything, managed to make the Dunban mii from the direct and got a Protoman mii ready for their outfits, just as excited with the outfits as the characters.
Guess they made Dunban as a mii since he is apart of Shulks final smash, Protoman is there just so you can have him without making a full character, finally X would of been nice for a alt costume.



Undead_terror commented on Video: Here's a Handy Comparison of Mewtwo's M...:

Feels nice that CN members get him two weeks early, he was fun to use and if you watch the video you will know some of the benefits he has! that side B everyone didn't like is both a move and a reflector, hope his down B effects every sized character this time around though.



Undead_terror commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

All I enjoyed from the direct was the smash DLC, Attack on Titan game, some of the indie games and maybe something else that I'm forgetting.
I really didn't like the fact of more amiibo stuff and more freemium game stuff, at least they talked about the amiibo cards and I hope every amiibo becomes a card, just hope they are mass produced, no exclusives, work on every game like the figures, cheaper.



Undead_terror commented on 3DS System Update Shuts Off Web Browser Exploi...:

@SanderEvers I know and it's good that you can no longer do it however as said whoever done that glitch to play Pokemon or any other rom (let's stick with pokemon because that's probably the game that was mostly done with the glitch) really want the game on their 3DS, I think that they are missing out on a game that can make them some money and disappointing the fans for not releasing the game!, release the game now and BAM you got happy people and people willing to spend money!