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Unca_Lz commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@XCWarrior Are you gonna base your accusations on actual evidence or just simple conjecture? Your logic also makes no sense. Why would they delay the entire game to sell the DLC (which is separate content) on Day 1?

@Peach64 It's not necessarily all bad, but some companies have been caught holding back content to charge extra for it (read: on-disc DLC) and often taking good ideas (DLC, online) and ruining them with corporate greed



Unca_Lz commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

@HyperSonicEXE I think it's justified if you are getting $35 worth of content from the game itself. I think most of the arguments against this game are gamers being on their high-horses about spending extra money.

@Angelic_Lapras_King Nintendo, however, shows you all the content you will be getting rather than promising POSSIBLE content later.

@alex167 Like I said in the first point, if the game itself has enough content to justify its price, Nintendo shouldn't have to give away extra content. In this case, they could probably make more money with the DLC. Also, they are a for-profit company, so extra money is good for them.



Unca_Lz commented on Review: Bit Boy!! ARCADE (3DS eShop):

@Erixsan Except Race to Line was reviewed by someone else. Different reviewers can have different opinions. As Phil said earlier, it's better to read the entire review (which you did based on your response) than just the number.



Unca_Lz commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

I'm willing to argue that comparing the Wii U to the Dreamcast is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruits, but they are still different.

Sega was hurting financially very much. They had to get the Dreamcast selling, else their console manufacturing days are over. The Saturn flopped majorly and Sega had poor management and Sony stepped in with the PS2, which killed the Dreamcast and nearly killed Sega in the process.

Also, I would anyone would shed some light on the Dreamcast's final days, because I recall them being sold next to nothing. Despite the number (supposed 10.6 million in 18 months), Sega nearly went bankrupt. So either this number meant nothing at all or Sega had some really bad mismanagement (or both).

Wii U on the other hand is nowhere near this situation. Nintendo had a very successful generation with the Wii and DS, and the 3DS is still somewhat successful. Despite posting losses, they are not hurting financially.



Unca_Lz commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

I think it's hilarious they are suing the retailers too. This just shows how little credibility they have in this case. Also, after reviewing the patent, this does not have a chance in court. Nintendo will not settle in this.

They tried the same thing with the 3DS, DS, etc. and lost that case. I don't expect any less from this one.

@Shworange: You should know that the federal courts handle this as copyright/patent law is handled by the federal government. The states have little to nothing to do with this.



Unca_Lz commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

I don't care about the mistakes. I don't want companies to bow down to fan demands. I guarantee you we will see the same dang games over and over again (even worse than now) if companies continue listening to fans. Also, fans typically don't agree with each other, so it's flat out impossible to listen to all of them in the first place.



Unca_Lz commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

@JaxonH With that said, you need to realize that ALL projects needs some sort of funding. Some devs can use their company assets to fund or get a publisher to fund, but smaller devs do not have these luxuries. With crowdfunding, developers have the ability to make bigger games without bankrupting themselves.

However, as @Anguspuss eloquently noted, not all Kickstarters are necessarily good. Not all projects may finish and there is the risk of a developer running away with the money. Kickstarter DOES have some legal contractual aspect to projects, but I don't know how effective these measures are.

With that said, tread carefully when backing projects. I've backed two projects myself, and both are looking very likely to happen without a hitch.



Unca_Lz commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

I think it's fine for someone to not buy this game if it lacks something they want. I do not agree with someone not buying it because the option was available though (as in you're not forced in any way to do it).



Unca_Lz commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Okay everyone, I am through cleaning up. I want to clarify that it is okay to have religious beliefs, but this is not really the place to have religious debates. If you are against something because of your religion, that's fine. But there will be no more discussions on the religion itself. This also includes any discussion about evolution vs. creation or religion vs. science (I also removed my own discussion on this).