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Wed 12th Sep 2012

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Uchuu commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Many say that it does not affect online play, but it does! If somone is firehopping he gains more boost everytime. I can tell you what happens to somone who does not use it, or can´t use it (bike users) they get hit by items all the time. Why? Because the firehoppers outboost them at critical points. Even if it´s only for an inch, the red shell behind you, will get you and not the firehopper. So I was getting hit like 4 or 6 times in a row and ended often in the last ranks (before firehopping existed always in upper ranks and Time Trials records) If firehopping stays, bikes are not really needed anymore, because it is much more difficult to win with them. The item unbalance just adds to that. And hopping around is for children, it looks silly and a constant hopping around clicking the jump button is very uncomfortable, I want that my fingers still function when I get old, this is just bad design. They should maybe then rename the gamename to Bunny Kart 8?



Uchuu commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I personaly don´t really like the artwork in SS, I mean it is a good game, but it lacks a bit that special Zelda feeling. It is to bright and shiny in a childish way, that is not bad, but Zelda is all about the special feelings one gets from the graphics and the music/sounds. The enemies are also a bit on the childish side. The continous help from Fi is too much, it gets to easy. It feels like it was designed for children that had not played Zelda yet. The dungeons and forrest etc. are too much constrained, there is no big freedom and it feels not natural.

On the other side it has many good things, like motion control, it has beautiful graphics, has a nice story and the bossbattles are very interesting. The music is a bit different then in other Zeldas, it is not outstanding but good.

The best Zeldas in my opinion: ALTTP, OOT, TP
Dense atmosphere.