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Netherlands Antilles

Tue 13th Nov 2012

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UKFA commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

And done. I put Rayman Legends because Bayonetta 2 doesn't have a release date yet. Man this year is going to be a good year for gaming.



UKFA commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Year:

Best Wii U Retail : I would give it to Nintendo Land, because i was pleasantly surprise at how much fun and depth the game had, but considering most ( me included ) got it with the Deluxe set, i'm giving my vote to New Super Mario Bros. U. Great launch title and the best "New" in the series.

Best Wii U eshop : Unfortunately haven't had a chance to play any of them, yet.

Best 3DS Retail: Although I really enjoyed Paper Mario and I thought Resident Evil was amazing, I'm giving it to Kid Icarus Uprising. The game was an incredible labor of love that was beautiful and an absolute blast to play.

Best 3DS eshop : This is between The Denpa Men, Crashmo and NightSky to me. Crashmo is a great sequel to the Pushmo, and NightSky is a cleverly crafted and addictive game, but i'm giving my vote to The Denpa Men. The great use of 3DS functionality, addictive collecting and dungeon crawling made this one stand out to me.

Best DS Retail: It's feels strange to admit this, but i'm giving it to Pokemon Conquest. HUGE Pokemon fan, and loved black 2, but Pokemon Conquest was a surprising cross-over that worked, was lengthy, addictive and challenging, not to mention fresh.

Best DSiWare : I barely played DSiWare titles this year, it's too bad.

Best Wii Retail: As much as i want to give to Xenoblade ( and as much as i know that it'll win) I'm giving it to last story. Not only is it amazing, but it's localisation at it's finest, unlike Xenoblade whose availability was sadly limited.

Best WiiWare : La Mulana. Poor Game is underrated.

Happy Holidays and Voting Nintendo Life and Gamers!