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Tue 31st Jan 2012

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U3N commented on DuckTales: Remastered Focus Testing Reveals Th...:

Siliconera wrote:

What about the secret passages? Ducktales is full of them. Did kids figure that out?

Rey Jimenez wrote:

Kids nowadays do not think that way. That’s why we needed to have a cutscene in there to explain you have to look in the walls for a secret.

And this is why I think each generation just gets worse and worse. People don't critically think anymore. They give up at any sign of difficulty.



U3N commented on Talking Point: The Unreal Engine 4 Gaffe Expos...:

brandonbwii wrote:

I hate the whole rush to more power way the industry is going. Sure visuals offer some innovation, but so do various input methods.

@brandonbwii Agreed. It seems as if developers are starting to use graphics as a scapegoat, as an easy way out, because who isn't instantly awestruck with pretty water reflections?



U3N commented on The 90's Arcade Racer:

This seriously brings me back to Daytona USA days. Nostalgia is written all over this one. I'd buy it...if I had a Wii U.



U3N commented on Unexpected Wii U Nintendo Direct Details Stora...:

I'm waiting until the system is actually released and people are actually using it to really decide. If anything, I'll wait longer, because 1) I don't have much money at the moment, and 2) systems aren't really up to speed at launch. Don't know why people expect full potential at launch when they know that consoles tend to have features added and issues resolved over time. Keywords: over time.



U3N commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

allav866 wrote:

To say that F-Zero hasn't evolved is definitely a low blow. I liked X's improved graphics, and GX's machine editor, story mode, and... well, everything it had, including the bonuses you get with AX. How has it not evolved?! Better question: How can it evolve further?
Wii U can give it beautiful graphics and a great frame rate, but that's expected for a next-gen system. What the game doesn't already have is online multiplayer with 29 opponents, and a more in-depth machine creator. But what it's had for the past games has aged nicely.
It's a game that is more fast-paced than Mario Kart, and doesn't have banana peels or blue shells; just two forms of attack and a boost that drains your life each time you use it. It's simple, yes, but competitive and strategic. There's no rubber-banding, and if you lose, it's because of your own lack of skill. It's for that reason that it's a perfect game for online play. Plus, using the Virtual Ranking system from Mario Kart 7 can keep new players from racing players that are out of their league, and pros from racing unworthy opponents.
Miyamoto, people have wanted more F-Zero for a long time now, and Nintendo Land is not going to keep us satisfied. We need a new F-Zero game. If the first first-party racing game on the Wii U is another Mario Kart, I'll be very upset.

@allav866 Here's the thing: As long as Mario Kart sells like hotcakes, "we have not grown weary of F-Zero" probably isn't gonna be that clear. If he's saying that "there's not much we can add," isn't that passively saying that F-Zero GX was practically a plateau in the series? :/



U3N commented on GAME Mobile App Suggests That Nintendo ID Is O...:

Hyperstar96 wrote:

Why is everyone so surprised and in denial that Nintendo's going to have usernames and a unified account system? I guess the Sony fanboys just can't accept that Nintendo's going to be the PS4's downfall.

@Hyperstar96 Also, people are expecting more of the same after Nintendo made mistakes on some things. It's the uncertainty that's getting to them. The unexplainable secrecy.



U3N commented on GAME Mobile App Suggests That Nintendo ID Is O...:

fortius54 wrote:

I love Nintendo, but the details need to be shared. I would have thought we would be getting more information than we could begin to digest. I don't understand the secrecy at this point.

@fortius54 no one understands almost any secrecy at almost any point with Nintendo, but it ends up working out for some reason.



U3N commented on GAME Mobile App Suggests That Nintendo ID Is O...:

Lin1876 wrote:

I hope this Nintendo ID integrates the Wii U, 3DS and Club Nintendo systems. That would be worth buying into.

I agree. Miiverse will be later implemented into the 3DS, and will also be accessible from smartphones and computers. That kinda gave us a clue about the new Nintendo ID thing also being tied to the 3DS. Hey, the PSP added the PSN Network, so it's possible.



U3N commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

Nintenjoe64 wrote:

It's a bit of a silly way of looking at it. Was the snes just an extension of the nes brand or was it a massive advance?
If they really were releasing a 'true next gen' system so soon after the U, why has it taken them this long to release an HD console? They could've cleaned up with an HD wii when the PS3 was still expensive and struggling to gain momentum.

One problem: the non-HD Wii users would be alienated in the process.



U3N commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Confirmed as 1080p, Or...:

Raylax wrote:

Super Mario Bros: 240p. Didn't bother me.
Super Mario World: 240p (?). Didn't bother me.
Super Mario Land 2: 144p. Didn't bother me.
Super Mario Advance: 160p. Didn't bother me.
NSMB (DS): 192p. Didn't bother me.
NSMB Wii: 480p. Didn't bother me.
NSMB2: 240p. Didn't bother me.

@Raylax, I present to you...this: **slow clap**



U3N commented on Nintendo: Phones And Tablets Aren't Games Devices:

Everyone: think back to the time when Internet games (Flash games) were popular. We as kids found them very addictive, but it couldn't satisfy like console games could. They didn't have the depth and quality that console games had. Fancy Pants Adventure 2 might be a minor exception, but it mostly isn't.



U3N commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

I never got a chance to own Monster Hunter Tri, so I'll be sure to pick this up when I get a Wii U.



U3N commented on Nintendo of America Wii U Event Will be Live O...:

@Rapadash6 Oh, will they (Mario & Luigi) be frowning alright. But seriously, they need to take risks in the shooter-heavy market of North America. Some of the most successful companies in America took chances with things and dared to push the envelope.



U3N commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Wii U Pre...:

Nintendo needs to give us hope that the other franchises beside Mario actually exist and are making a comeback. Mario alone cannot sustain Nintendo. The nostalgia factor of NSMB2 and NSMBU will wear off quick. Oh, and 30 minutes is NOT acceptable for a status post in Miiverse. Not even 10 minutes.



U3N commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Next Generation o...:

I'm not going to get myself hyped over this. The first few months of a console's life aren't really stable. I'll wait a bit (and save up some money) for the Wii U. The 3DS is the first and last system I ever bought at launch.