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TysonOfTime commented on Guide: Unlocking Building Items And More In Su...:

Mario Maker, unlike Animal Crossing, is not based around a daily schedule. Under the previous mode, people who wanted to have a full toolset had to either wait 9 days to get it, or cheat the system. Not everyone has the time to play games every day, so locking the full set of tools behind a time limit seemed obtuse. The sub-world function isn't even unlocked until the last shipment, and I needed that for the first level I tried making. If I had to wait 9 days for it, I'd be pretty steamed. Most people with review copies felt the same. Nintendo responded to a near-universal criticism.

The time limit is still there if you don't want to unlock the items so quickly, but at least now there's a way for people to progressively unlock the tools at a reasonable pace without cheating the system.



TysonOfTime commented on ​Style Savvy Sequel Lets You Accessorize Wit...:

I've heard these games are strangely entertaining for their premise. Maybe I'll check it out if it comes stateside.
I mean, I've heard enough people "admitting" how much time they've clocked into it, so why not give it a shot.



TysonOfTime commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

Hey Nintendo Life, you misspelled "Diamond & Pearl". Gen 4 to me is absolutey terrible. Killed my enthusasim for the series until Gen 5 came and restored it with all the fresh Pokemon. It's potentially my favorite in terms of Pokemon design.



TysonOfTime commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

So was the rail section, framerate and some things with the visuals, the only things making it an 8? Because this review reads like a 9 unless I'm missing something.



TysonOfTime commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

I hope we both live to see the day humans can be free to persue happiness without some groups casting some other being's judgement for him.

...But come on man, the whole "I hope your eyes will be opened" is one of the lamest holier-than-thou shticks I've ever seen.



TysonOfTime commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Whosever opinion it is, the way I see it is that we ignore enough of the bible in society already, what's a little bit more? Is this the one issue the bible was really adamant about?
I'm not big on the bible but from what I know I don't think so.

Regarding whether or not they have the "right" answer?
I know they have the answer that is more open to the rights of humanity. That's enough for me to understand their points.
Note I don't necessarily agree that Same-Sex marriage should have been implemented here; as it's plain to see people are too fragmented currently.
But I put more stock in the ideas developed from one's life and experiences rather than an opinion derivative of a book that's essentially just one big "maybe".



TysonOfTime commented on Review: Retro City Rampage: DX (3DS eShop):

Ok, I'll pick this up. I was gonna save my eShop Credit for Pheonix Wright, but thye stupid age lock is stopping me and they haven't said anything about fixing it or allowing for a Parental Consent option.



TysonOfTime commented on Nintendo Ordered to Pay Royalties on 3DS Sales...:

I don't know the facts but the court ruled in his favor. End of story. If it was true, then I'm glad he got royalties from the lawsuit.
The people calling him a patent troll seem to care infinitely more than necessary, and that's sad.

Liking Nintendo doesn't mean starting a crusade on anyone who kicks dirt at them you guys.



TysonOfTime commented on Video: This IronFall Tech Demo is Rather Impre...:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks kinda dull?

I mean, yeah yeah, its got the power, hooray!
But... Is it just gonna be a 3rd-person cover based shooter?

I don't care how it looks, I don't want a cover shooter. If its gonna look good, it can be unique too, right?

I'm not gonna condemn it right now or anything (because you known its just early stuff), but just because the 3DS doesn't get many 3rd person shooters doesn't mean making a bland one will fill the void.
mourns over MML3 and EX Troopers



TysonOfTime commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

The amount of people who don't fully understand the reasoning is astounding.
The amount of people who understand it but don't care is depressing.

I don't have a problem with Nimtendo, despite their poor decision making.
I have a problem with Nintendo's "fans".