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Tue 14th Aug 2012

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Tweeli commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I HATE the Zelda DS games. I never got really into Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks because the screen is so small and the graphics are not good at all. I just feel as if the DS games are cheaply made. I hope the next Zelda game will be for the Wii. Also it would be great if there was an option to use the Gamecube controller. I also liked Skyward Sword and how your physical actions while holding the Wii remote worked out. It was better than I thought. The thing that threw me off most though were the Loftwings. Since when do you ride birds on Zelda!? Epona only!!!!! I think that a new, awesome graphic classic Zelda game for the Wii where you explore Hyrule on the back of Epona and save the princess would be awesome. Also Gannon should come back. I'm not a fan of the new villains like Bellum and Demise. I want a game that will remind me of playing the older ones many years ago, as well as experience a whole new adventure.