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Tsurii897 commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

What @EllenJMiller said. People demand stuff all the darn time, but that doesn't mean they won't bi*** about it when they actually get it.
I probably wouldn't mind playing a female Link, but I don't think the game would gain anything from that either. Simply because you won't see Link interact with anyone outside of a quick look at each other or an awkward smile anyway. He's exactly what Miyamoto said about him, a "Link" between player and game and everything else doesn't matter.
Link doesn't need to be a girl at all. As easy as that. People should just stop trying to force female leads into every story or game if it doesn't benefit from it, period.



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata Warns Not To Hold Y...:

Eh..I would've liked to see how it could have looked like with a bigger budget than most of the fan made "movies" probably have. Not too big on the idea (mostly because of said fan productions), but it can't hurt too much to try. Not more than that god-awful cartoon way back and that didn't do too much either.



Tsurii897 commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

@Grumblevolcano nah, I don't think the prices are like that because of a mistake, the site's just really wonky in general atm. (They DID make a mistake earlier today, tho. For some weird reason they had some GBA games labeled for 3DS and coincidentally all of then were part of the ambassador programme. They changed that pretty quickly tho)
But I guess the thing about the release order makes sense



Tsurii897 commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

@mid_55 @edhe it's been down for short periods of time ever since people found out about the updated rewards. Just try it whenever you have some downtime in between work or whatever you're doing until it works. When I actually managed to log into CN it worked for the entire time I needed to check my stars, see if I have surveys left and get the download code for a game.



Tsurii897 commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

I got Superstar Saga with my last stars, had exactly 1800 left (kinda forgot it was on the eShop I would've gotten it A LOT earlier otherwise..), but really, 3900 stars for some of the GBA games is ridiculous. I want to know who thought that'd be a good idea.

It also seems kinda random how they chose which game is how much...especially when Mario&Luigi and Metroid Fusion are some of the cheaper games (even tho they're probably the best on the list imo) and when the Mario Kart 8 DLC is only 2100 stars.



Tsurii897 commented on Pokémon Rumble World Rated By the Australian ...:

Hmm...I hope this is more like the 3DS game and not like the darn Wii U version (probably the only Nintendo-published game I regretted buying so far), but on the other hand....if this is for Wii U and that's all they can come up with for the console then I think I'm really done with Pokémon. Everything since X and Y just disappointed me anyway.



Tsurii897 commented on Eiji Aonuma Reveals More Information About the...:

"It started when the development team was attending a member’s wedding during the Taepodong-1 missile testing by North Korea. Somebody on the team remarked how odd it was to be attending a wedding when missiles could hit and this was seen as fitting in with the setting of the moon falling."
wow, uhm...why would you think about something like that on a wedding?

I really like these tidbits about the development of the different Zelda games, tho. Aonuma's really often talking about some pretty interesting stuff imo

EDIT: I the only one who pictured Aonuma with sunglasses and a saxophone after reading the part about the Indigo-Go's? XD



Tsurii897 commented on First Screens From Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Su...:

The thing that got me actually somewhat excited for the game (which wasn't the case at all before, simply because I'm that much into 3D platformers outside of very few exceptions I played when I was younger) is that they talked about expanding the world as you progress through the game. I can't really imagine how exactly that'd work in the end (maybe I'm just dense tho) but hearing something like that together with the really darn pretty pictures they've shown of two areas got me :D



Tsurii897 commented on Review: Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U eShop / G...:

@FlaygletheBagel except the 3DS remakes weren't developed in-house and Wind Waker took them only a few months AND was a side-project anyway.

And what @Storytime7 said is true: people tend to complain whenever Nintendo remakes or re-releases games, but ignore the fact that there's a lot more remastered games on the other two (big) consoles (and the worst part about that is that, recently, most of these remakes are of games that are barely 2 years old)
It's also a fact that people WANT those old Nintendo games, that's something you can see in the comment section on here every darn day when like 50% of the comment sections consist of rants about how one of the regions don't get a 10yearold game, that is re-released in the other region/s.

I'd rather see completely new games, too, but at least with Nintendo the remakes are more often not much better versions of games, that aged rather badly either visually, in terms of actual gameplay or both and, as far as I'm aware, those are rarely done by Nintendo's own developers



Tsurii897 commented on Gallery: The Natives Are Most Definitely Hosti...:

Ah..this was the one that looked actually good. I have Minecraft on PS3/4 (or rather, my brother got it) but if this is different enough and adds some things I'm actually interested in (and if it's cheap) I might get it tbh. It'd be pretty neat to derp around in "Minecraft" in the evening, lying in bed



Tsurii897 commented on Video: Nintendo Promotes Mario Party 10 in New...:

I think the smartest thing they can do for Mario Party 10 is advertise the hell outta this whole Amiibo Party thing, simply because that is exactly what the vast majority of the people online want from the series: being able to move individually over the board and compete with each other for stars.

I really love the ads for Bowser Party mode, btw. :D



Tsurii897 commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush to Roll Into ...:

@Jazzer94 Europe can't get the big games at the same time as NA/Japan, remember? :p
It's pretty frustrating that we had/have to wait so much longer for pretty much all of the big 1st party releases recently, tho.

But I guess getting games we all played a million times in previous console generations makes up for the lack of new games, right? /s



Tsurii897 commented on Remake Request: Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS:

"Then of course there's the brain-dead endless remake talk: Remaking Super Metroid could not be more pointless, particularly since it was already remade three times with Fusion, Other M, and technically Prime 1--every single one of them using the same weapons, items, territories, and design as Super Metroid, and the only one of these that's any good at all is Prime 1."

You never played a single Metroid game, did you? smh....



Tsurii897 commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

They should have waited a bit longer to reveal it imo. Or at least only show the stuff that's already half -decent looking.
A trailer like that is just putting people off, because that looked, even for an early build, very...rough.

Not too interested in this game, but I like the genre so I guess I'll wait and see how it develops for now shrug



Tsurii897 commented on Reminder: The Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate D...:

@Code-X I've already kicked randoms who waltzed into my rooms, posting their urgents (or really any quest) and expected the rest of us to join in on the quest and that's just rude. If you ask when you join, I'm almost always helping out (unless I'm in a bad mood and play to blow some steam off, but that's rarely the case), but otherwise I'm not accepting any quests unless you've helped the rest before it's your turn.



Tsurii897 commented on Don't Seethe Too Much Over Xbox One Shovel Kni...:

"The Sony version will be getting God of War's Kratos, which is arguably much less exciting"
No. Might be another case of me being too young/never getting to play these games, but I'd much rather have Kratos than these hideous...things. Between those two at least.



Tsurii897 commented on Meme Run Disappears from the Wii U eShop:

@XCWarrior I will die from laughter if that's true :'D

I hope this is purely due to the game being complete garbage tbh. Because that would mean that they finally realized that they really shouldn't allow anyone's s*** on the eShop.



Tsurii897 commented on Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Presenta...:

@Zyph well. They started only 3 months prior to its Japanese release to really push the game. It's not that strange that we didn't get this much coverage so far. I think it's possible that we will get more info in April or may if they do the same exact thing for the west.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: This Unlockable Character in Hyrule War...:

@whodatninja giggles like a little girl

I unlocked it, but..uhm..I don't think I'll ever level it all the way up to 255. There's way too much other stuff in the first place and I think once I'm done with the adventure maps and the other challenge modes Xenoblade X will be released and well...that'll be another grave for my free time.



Tsurii897 commented on LastFight Looks Like The Power Stone Sequel Ca...:

I used to play PowerStones as a child. I was awful, but I still had my fun with it haha

This looks pretty good. Love the style and that it has this somewhat wacky touch to it. I'll definitely keep an eye on the game and hope they're able to bring it to Wii U (and release it in Germany/Europe, we seem to get shafted with a lot of the better Indie games)



Tsurii897 commented on Club Nintendo in Japan is Full of Delightful T...:

@TwilightV but wasn't there similar stuff on CN when they updated the rewards for the last time? I don't think you got a soundtrack, but I'm pretty sure they was a T-shirt, no?

I understand that you'd be frustrated that you already own all of the gmaes (that interest you), they're offering, tho.