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Tue 5th November, 2013

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Tsurii897 commented on Hazewalker to Target Wii U for Dual-Screen Met...:

Really like the style, the animations look a bit stiff to me, but this is pretty early in development I guess, so I'll just assume they polish that more ;)

Hope they get funded and am looking forward to seeing more of it.



Tsurii897 commented on More Minecraft Mania Looks Set for Wii U With ...:

I hope NoE will prevent this from appearing on our eShop. We didn't get too much of the other shovelware so far and I really want it to stay like this :|

If you want to make games for Wii U, fine, it's not like I have any right to talk you out of it, but for Christ's sake...stop with the halfassed clones



Tsurii897 commented on Master Quest DLC Details Emerge for Hyrule War...:

@Legodavid18 nope, Cia, Wizzro and Volga are added with the next free update.

@Topic really digging the look of the Guardian of Time costumes. And I really hope we will see how Cia got corrupted in the new scenario/storyline, altho the story right before the main game itself is already enough for me personally. I love when developers add backstories like this



Tsurii897 commented on Game & Wario Stage Brings The Fear of 'Mom' In...:

Just saw that one and it's awesome :D
Only borrowed Game&Wario from a friend, because I wasn't sure if I'd like it all that much, but "Gamer" was loads of fun (the rest not so much tbh)

Also read something else a few minutes ago, that makes this reveal even more interesting... ;)



Tsurii897 commented on Weirdness: Nintendo Shows The Glory and Danger...:

@ikki5 well..if you get to enjoy the gameplay, you'll get at least ~40-50 hours out of it, if you want to 100% the game. And that doesn't include the DLC content, that's probably almost as much.
If you're willing to really get into the game, you're getting A LOT for your money, I honestly don't understand why you'd think it's not "worth" being a full-price title :|



Tsurii897 commented on Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack Now Available ...:

"NoA sucks"-comments incoming

Not really interested in all the OSTs on CN, they'd just be wasted on me, because I would listen once or twice to them and then never touch them again, but it's nice to see them updating the rewards a bit more often. Still waiting for eShop cards like @danjohnson141 tho (:



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...: it stands right now, I couldn't care less.

I'll get my N3DS next year, probably ignore most of the exclusives, because they won't appeal to me and just keep trying to ignore the whiny haters, who refuse to upgrade from their then 4 year old hardware. :)



Tsurii897 commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

First time I'm voting for a Smash 3D pic :|
I really like what they're doing with Conquest Mode. Looks pretty interesting and rewarding and I really hope the feature will carry over to the Wii U version.

@BensonUii I'm not 100% sure, but I think that was "only" the possibility to transfer your Mii Fighters and custom movesets/characters to the other version of the game. Not sure about the coins, but I guess it'd make sense to transfer those and the custom moves + equipment/costumes, too. They confirmed at least the thing with the Mii Fighters at some point iirc



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Confirms Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokém...:

So...everyone who can't get a code is missing out on stuff again, right? are people still liking GF/The Pokemon Company? This is just as stupid as all the damn event tickets, that unlock areas, that're already in the game.

They should just do it like Capcom for the MH games and let people download at least the items (and demos like this) whenever they want instead of forcing you to drive 100+ km for 15 minutes more content (if it's not just a special Pokemon)



Tsurii897 commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@WiiUExposed how could anyone call that day 1 dlc, tho?
the game was released last month in Japan and that's where they announced it: at TGS, an event for JAPAN. I really think, that anyone, who'll complain about this either belongs to the people, who hate DLC for the sake of hating it or to those, who desperately look for reasons to talk bad about the game itself, one we should take serious anyway ;)



Tsurii897 commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

Really excited for this :3
Not that expensive in my opinion and we really get a boatload of new content for that.

This announcement actually made me change my plans for Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta a bit...I wanted to get the latter before HW, but all the new content made me cancel my preorder :D



Tsurii897 commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

"Ice Climbers is an old game and most younger people don't know what it was."
What about R.O.B. then? Mr. Game&Watch? Duck Hunt?
The reasoning about them not being "relevant" anymore is utter bull in my eyes.


Really sucks that they're gone. The Ice climbers kind of became part of Smash Bros to me just like Captain Falcon. I can understand the whole thing with them being a bit too much to handle for the 3DS, but reading that they already had them in the game's early build(s) makes me appreciate the 3DS version even less. I really hope the Wii U version has at least as much different and as interesting modes to offer as SSB3DS. I'm really getting worried about that recently :|



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Treehouse Live Broadcast Kick-Off Tim...:

@IxC well...with both the niconico stream AND the tree house stream,I think we can expect at the very least a final character reveal.

Awesome times again, Nintendo...I hope they show the important stuff early otherwise a lot people from Europe won't be able to see that stuff live...again



Tsurii897 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition ...:

@WanderingPB you're talking about the limited edition, that was available only in the UK for like 1 day and that probably no one outside Great Britain can get now? Yeah that's totes awesome /s

I want to see either this or an N3DS(XL) bundle for MH4U for ALL of Europe...I probably sound like the sh****est, whiny little brat right now, but it's just depressing how much more the UK recently got compared to the rest of the countries here. I'm actually surprised that we get that steelbook for the Pokémon games, altho even the darn figurines aren't available at least in Germany afaik :|