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Tsurii897 commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:

@SirQuincealot they're two games. Think about it like Pokémon games, but the Fire Emblem games have pretty big differences in difficulty, setting/story and gameplay.
They basically confirmed what I expected ever since they announced that "split": they are developing two games at the same time, one for newcomers and/or people who just want to enjoy the game without having to deal with more advanced/difficult stuff and one for the "hardcore" crowd.



Tsurii897 commented on Poll: With Races Won and Cups Collected, How D...:

I love 200cc!!

My favorite character and track are the Villager (boy) and Super Bell Subway, really digging the latters music, too.
Overall it's a great pack and definitely worth its price.

The only thing that was disappointing is, in my opinion, Baby Park.



Tsurii897 commented on Preview: Unraveling the Truth in Yoshi's Wooll...:

"From the moment you enter the first level you'll (likely) immediately breathe a sigh of relief, as Baby Mario is nowhere to be seen"
You people are terrible, poor Baby Mario... Q.Q

Anyway...the game sounds pretty good to me. I'll definitely get it. I don't want to keep going back to Yoshi's Island and Story whenever I feel like playing a (good!!) Yoshi game. (I mean...they're awesome games, Yoshi's Island being my all-time favorite, but I know every inch of them like the back of my hand by now)



Tsurii897 commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

@Yorumi oh 'kay, I misunderstood you then. The change is weird (especially because we're already used to "Doll" by now), but it's not like it's such a big effort to change the text shrug
There have been weirder/worse changes in localizations under NoA (cough FE:A DLC cough)

@rjejr I wrote/sent the message before that other reply of yours showed up (on mobile atm and the comments seem to load at random, sometimes they appear on their own and sometimes they won't until I refresh the page)
Seems like I took it wrong. So..sorry for that, I guess.

But about the stream was clearly aimed towards people who didn't follow the updates on the Japanese website and watched the different presentations. You have to keep in mind that we were not the target audience for those. And, as I said, I think if you see it that way, they did a good job at showing off the basics, even though I admit that some explanations were a bit wonky. But that's what you get when you want to present the game as you're actually playing it and you're not just showing pre-recorded footage. They said it themselves when they talked about the Pilot view (was that what they called it?): they couldn't really control when or if certain things happen.
Really the only thing that was disappointing was the casually dropped "later this year". I think we won't see an actual release date until E3. And judging from the comments about the localization maybe not even then (which would be stupid and it'd suck really hard, but it seems likely tbh)



Tsurii897 commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

@rjejr don't even try to be sarcastic/cynical or w/e if you didn't bother watching the stream. There's not much entirely new apart from the official English names that wasn't already covered by Nlife when the Japanese presentations were streamed. They did a really good job at showing the game off to people who didn't follow the Japanese streams/announcements.



Tsurii897 commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

@Yorumi because that's how Monolith intended it to be. They have a ton of English text in menus even in the Japanese version of the game.

I honestly don't know what I expected tbh...was hoping (but not really counting on) a first glimpse of the dub. Like..maybe have at least Elma or Lyn's VA narrate that first segment. But the fact that they admitted that they did not even finalize a lot of the terms yet has me a bit worried. There's, of course, always the possibility that they want to get the entire script out of the way before they work on the less important things in menus tho..I guess.

We will mist likely get at least 2 more streams like that, tho, if the end of the narrated "trailer" is any indication.
I liked that they showed a little of the world. About what I expected in terms of variety considering how "little" we've seen.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: So, How Fast Is 200cc In Mario Kart 8?:

@lillith I'm always braking right before I get to a turn and take it a lot slower than I would normally. Usually I just go full speed through them, but if you'd do that in 200cc you're either flying off the road or hitting a wall right away or if there's multiple turns after another you gain a ridiculous amount of speed and literally shoot out of the last turn like a bullet without much control whatsoever.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: So, How Fast Is 200cc In Mario Kart 8?:

@bluedogrulez braking is mandatory. But I think 200cc is really..rewarding once you get the "new" mechanics (so uhm..only braking as you drift around turns lel) down.

Anyway... I LOVE SNES Rainbow Road on 200cc. Always liked that course anyway but it's so much more fun now :3
Trying to get 3 stars in every cup and I like how difficult some tracks have become (strangely enough some of the tracks I had problems with before feel a lot easier now. Dunno why tho)



Tsurii897 commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:

Wait..the bone..something is not a bike? That's awesome. (not too big on bikes tbh)

I'm actually somewhat disappointed that they included Baby Park tho. There's so many better tracks and they decide for a second oval. I doubt it'll be half as chaotic without the super items, even considering the fact that you get a boost whenever you bump into someone (which will probably happen a lot)



Tsurii897 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I'm convinced Splatoon itself will get a lot attention, because it's something relatively fresh and due to the media and general public being very positive towards it for the most part (there's, of course, always 'that one guy').
I don't think it will move many systems outside of the usual hardware bump. I actually don't think there's too many games in general that do that anymore (maybe excluding games like Pokémon or Yokai Watch and MH in Japan). True system sellers are a thing of the past for the most part.

I don't care too much about this, as long as I keep getting new games myself, but I would be pretty surprised if the Wii U sold much more than dunno...12 Mio by the end of its lifecycle (I think that's realistic? Zelda will probably give it a bump that's similar to what Smash and Mario Kart did). None of the games that are announced (and probably even the unannounced games) will change the Wii U's fate, the damage's done at this point. But, again, it's not like I'm bothered by it personally.

The amiibo use is great this time, but as I said on another article, I don't see myself getting an amiibo just for that content, simply because I'm not interested in getting the figurines. I still hope the functionalities in games like XCX or Zelda (IF they implement it) won't go beyond cosmetic changes, tho(which kinda contradicts what I would want from amiibos as a whole, but I'm stubborn when it comes to those kind of games. Additional content of any form just doesn't belong in a Zelda game in my opinion)



Tsurii897 commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

It's finally a pretty good use for amiibo...I just wish they would make the missions available on the eShop, I wouldn't even mind paying as much for it as for the figurines themselves, if it's something like these missions, but I just don't like how most of the amiibos look. Stuff like the knitted Yoshi is awesome, but those small plastic figurines aren't doing it for me at all.

They can't release the amiibo cards soon enough. Those would at least save me some hassle with putting amiibos away.



Tsurii897 commented on Feature: The Final Xenoblade Chronicles X Pres...:

Dem Dolls.. :3
Beyond hyped to get my fingers on the game and customize them to my heart's content (or until I'm broke. Oh...I'm going to be SO broke in the game XD)
Exploring and fighting in the air will be a ton of fun, too. And I called it! I knew the red Doll with the "Bunny ears" is Elma's :D



Tsurii897 commented on Video: This 200cc Mario Kart 8 Comparison Foot...:

@AlexSora89 I hope it'll turn out like that, but I think MK will never be quite as skill-based as CTR. I always felt like the items in that game were really well balanced (and the AI didn't spam the most annoying s*** all the time)

200ccm will still be pretty darn challenging tho. Much hype!



Tsurii897 commented on Download Card Prompts Speculation Over DLC Que...:

@Kaze_Memaryu uhm..the game is released in 1 or 2 weeks in Japan. And Takahashi tweeted a few months ago that he finished his final test playthrough. The game has been "done" for a while now. I'd rather have them use that time to start working on anything they might have in mind for DLC instead of just sitting around and waiting for the release before they move on to whatever they've planned next (be it DLC or an entirely different game)

The same thing happened with Hyrule Warriors. They started working on DLC and announced the seasonpass before the Japanese release, because the game (and physical copies) were already ready.



Tsurii897 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

It's just like @TunnelSnacksRule said: These are two games, that are supposed to both be massive on their own. And if that is really true 60$ is a pretty good price for that much content. and if the third path/game is as big, that'll be even more impressive. The only question that'd remain is how similar the actual stories are in the end (since they already confirmed that the gameplay will be a bit different). We'll just need to wait and see if they can deliver on what they're promising



Tsurii897 commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

@Einherjar How could you forget Conker in that deal :o

I'm actually not that big of a fan of the Banjo Kazooie (or however you spell that darn bird's name) games, because I simply don't enjoy that kind of 3D platformer, but even I would love those two in Smash. They're a perfect fit imo and well, the way they look alone is just full of awesome haha
If I didn't feel like cheating to submit a second character (and I thought of them earlier) they would definitely get my vote.

And the more I hear about Phil Spencer (which isn't much to be perfectly honest) the more I like him, even though I'm not into anything Microsoft in terms of gaming at all.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: See for Yourself How 200cc Speed Affect...:

I'm more excited for this than the Animal Crossing pack tbh (well maybe except for Isabelle/Melinda, who doesn't love that darn dog?)
I played the first DLC pack for a week or two when it was released, but ultimately it was "just" more of the same (which isn't bad in itself), but THIS update...oh boy, if it's as much faster as it looked in the Direct (which was pretty damn fast imo) I'm going to have a lot of fun and I hope it's as challenging as they said.



Tsurii897 commented on ​Xenoblade Chronicles X's Soundtrack Is So E...:

I can only imagine that Takahashi either counted some of Sawano's "double songs" as two (he does that all the time for soundtracks, he just puts two tracks after one another and gives them one name) or the rest of the supposed 90 tracks will be released later. Still pretty awesome. I hope I'll get to import it sometime (together with the art book. Some of those pieces they uploaded to the website are stupendously gorgeous :D )



Tsurii897 commented on Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Launches O...:

@Kaze_Memaryu this.

I can't wait for people to get disappointed by this. The game looks so freaking bad it's not even funny. Heck, I'd rather have Nanatsu no Taizai Unjust Sin and that's already an awful-looking game. But knowing the audience for SnK this will sell like hotcakes and every idiot and their dog will pretend it's pure gold.



Tsurii897 commented on Wii U Horror Title Fatal Frame Confirmed For W...:

@Quorthon I could imagine they're still trying to figure out how to re-schedule their releases for the year with Zelda gone. And..I don't know about NA, but I think only this, Fire Emblem if and SMTxFE only got vague release windows (you can't even call them that tbh) for Europe (hooray for Yoshi in June over here)



Tsurii897 commented on Mewtwo And Lucas Confirmed As Super Smash Bros...:

I read Lucas comes out in November when I saw it last
I blame the late broadcast!

Awesome to see him back tho. I always liked the style of Ness and Lucas but preferred the latter. And it seems he got a new/slightly changed moveset. I only saw the video once so far, tho. So I'm not sure at all.
But it's waiting for Elma becoming a kickass character now. ;)



Tsurii897 commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@AVahne Amen.

I was pretty confused at first glance because I honestly couldn't relate it to either series, but once the words Shin Megami Tensai and Fire Emblem were dropped, I started squealing like a little girl. I think I heard a neighbor b**** pretty annoyed too XD

Uhm..on a different note. Is this part of the April fools stuff or is the CSS stuff pretty messed up (as in missing entirely) on the mobile site atm?)



Tsurii897 commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

Peach is OOC, Great Fairy is pointless, same for Chun Li and the reasoning for Samus' redesign is just full of stupid.
The people who created the characters put quite a bit of thought into their designs, there's a reason why they looked the way they do for years (excluding the Great Fairy for obvious reasons)



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

@deKay Gunvolt was pulled from the eShop a day or so after it popped up afaik. We're either getting a Direct really soon (as in this week) with an "available after the presentation" note or it's been delayed again (or someone just f***ed up with the eShop page)



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

@Grumblevolcano April 1st has been floating around on some sites...maybe they're really doing that as weird as it'd be (IMO at least)

I can't imagine this is everything, because that's just...sad. I don't think we didn't get anything before, did we?



Tsurii897 commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

@DarkKirby wow..uhm, let's use our brains for a bit shall we? What do you think would move more systems, the latest buggy mess from Ubisoft and a new CoD or a Zelda game, THE last exclusive people have waited for for about 3 years, THE biggest game Nintendo's ever made, period?
I'm not saying the Wii U doesn't need those 3rd party releases, I agree with you, that would be delusional, but YOU implying a Zelda game, Nintendo seems to bet everything on (they wouldn't allow Aonuma to delay it for as long as he feels is necessary, if this wasn't meant to be their last big chance to push the Wii U for a last time) wouldn't move more systems than a handful of games that 1) are on every other system anyway and 2) only a fraction of the people who own or consider getting a Wii U actually care about/want to play on the system is outright stupid.
Nintendo are f***ed if they can't fill the hole, Zelda left.
And as far as we know, that won't happen. There is nothing as big as that one game, in terms of sales potential. Xenoblade is a niche game, Yoshi isn't the type of game that appeals to a broad mass either, Star Fox has NEVER been that big of a series for Nintendo, Metroid could happen, but is very unlikely (unless they release it as quickly after the initial announcement as 3D World or Captain Toad, which won't happen), Animal Crossing is also possible but a console game would never sell as much as a handheld game, another really unlikely release would be F-Zero but even that is relatively niche, especially if it's as punishingly difficult as the others and what else could they possibly announce for Wii U..? Not much. Nothing in that scale anyway. None of these series would come close to the hype and anticipation around Zelda Wii U and Nintendo doesn't have any other (established) IPs they might be working with atm. Something new like Devil's Third won't sell as much as any of the series, I listed, either.

This might become the worst holiday season for Nintendo and the Wii U yet and unless Iwata has something relatively big up his sleeve to announce at this year's E3 or if Zelda U isn't released before E3 2016, nothing will manage to give the Wii U one last (bigger) bump in sales.



Tsurii897 commented on New Pokemon Rumble World Web Domain Teases New...:

Pokémon rumble could very easily become a more action focused Mystery Dungeon gameplay-wise, if they actually tried putting more effort into the games. I really like the idea and it's pretty fun, but there's like no longtime motivation at all. You just play through the story once and at that point the game's already gotten old for most people.

I agree with the others who say they'd much rather get a new entry to one of the other spinoff series, tho. I'd get a new Pokepark, console RPG or (actually good!) PMD in a heartbeat.