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Tsurii897 commented on Matters Of Import: Final Fantasy Explorers Fig...:

@JaxonH where did you get march 31st for MH4U (MH4 is still a different game btw.. ;) ), because the last thing I've heard/read was February 8th or something.
Edit: nevermind, that was about something else.

Looks pretty bad to me...granted I didn't play it myself, but the way you described it makes it seem like a cheap, boring ripoff and that's a lot, but certainly not an "ok game". The pretty unique patterns for each enemy in the MH games are the main draw of the genre and if you fail to get that right, you can as good just save your money and time and make a different game instead.



Tsurii897 commented on Snazzy Golf Balls Added to Club Nintendo in PA...:

Wut? Golfballs? AWESOME!! NoE f***ing rocks! /s

People stop complaining about the damn CN in the americas, we got like 2 decent new rewards this year (a 3DS case with Zelda print and the T-Shirt recently), the rest is useless, 'overpriced' (it's technically free, but try getting enough stars for some of the stuff) plastic garbage. We can switch anytime, I'll gladly take a free game every month over stuff like this.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@mizumaru I hope it's that and not like the article makes it sound (not watching the video, because...reasons :p )

Not that I'd complain, TP's Hyrule was relatively big from what I remember, but if we're talking open-world I want something at least 2-3 times that size. And one thing they HAVE to do, regardless of the size of the map, is have the player be able to go into every single building, I always feel like it's not really an open world when you can only go into like 10% of the buildings and that most of those are the same anyway in games like GTA (not that the map in GTA isn't already big enough, but it's always bugging me a bit)



Tsurii897 commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

I actually went with Hyrule Warriors. I didn't have this much fun with a game in a long time and I'm nowhere near done with it, if we talk value/content it has to be the single-best game this year, if you're into that kind of gameplay ;)

Bayonetta (both), Smash, MK8 and DKTF are all really great games and some eShop games like Guacamelee, Teslagrad and ,of course, Shovel Knight are all very high up, too. My 3DS pick is SMT4, it was release this year in Europe, so it counts :P
2014 was an amazing year in my opinion and I'm already 100% sure, that 2015 will be even better with Star Fox, Splatoon, XCX and Zelda on Wii U alone. 3DS also looks pretty promising with MM3D and MH4U on the horizon



Tsurii897 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Devil May Cry a...:

Before anyone's complaining (meh, probably too late anyway)...the majority of those are just replacements for DLC costumes in Japan, but since we can't get those in the localized version of the game (because licensing all of the JUMP collaborations and other things like the UNIQLO stuff they get in Japan would be way too expensive), they're coming up with all those Nintendo and Capcom costumes to give you at least something special for clearing DLC quests. We didn't even get all of the quests themselves in older games because of that



Tsurii897 commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

@Einherjar , nothing to add here.

Personally I really couldn't care less about people who want to play competitively or the competitive scene in general, but some of those guys have a really lousy attitude towards anyone, who prefers a game other than Melee and it ticks me off.
The so-called "casuals" don't care what you guys are doing, it'd be nice if you could just do the same and shut the heck up about it already. It's beyond ridiculous how there's almost no video about anything Smash-related without stubborn (and often just outright dumb) people, who want to force their opinion about that series on others.



Tsurii897 commented on Mario Kart 8 Starting Grid T-Shirt Accelerates...:

Looking forward to getting it in 2016 ;___;
I'll need to get way too many stars..

@russellohh dunno how many coins you get for registered games/consoles in the US, but for Europe it's 250 for each "big"/retail game (regardless wether you get a physical copy or download it from the eShop), 1000 for a Wii U and I think 750 for a 3DS and I think some downloads give you 100 or 150 stars.
It's really, really difficult to even get near that within a year, if you're not buying EVERYTHING or hoarding stars for years (especially as a student :( )



Tsurii897 commented on Feature: Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS 'Pic ...:

@sinalefa The Splatoon Team and the guys at Monolith Soft do similar things: the Splatoon devs post 1-3 pics every now and then (I think once a week? Not 100% sure) with some info about the game and I think it was the producer of Xenoblade Chronicles X who posts some trivia about the development itself from time to time



Tsurii897 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

Probably my least favorite system (out of the ones I played of course, that'd be everything after the SNES), but I blame the fact that I only really owned 5 games on it: the two Zeldas of which I only played Majora's Mask and given up on it after a few hours, because I didn't really understand where to go and what to do at the time and because of that I never really wanted to play OoT, Yoshi's Story and Kirby 64, I adored both of the games as a kid, and of course Mario 64. I didn't really like the controller and still don't get why a lot people seem to love it tbh, but that was the least important thing to 6yo me as long as I had fun with the games and I certainly did have fun with the N64, but... my SNES games were more fun for me back then (and still are to this day) and later I got into playstation and series like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot and the N64 became even less "relevant" for me.
I think if I was a bit older and had more games for the system back then, I would like it a lot more, tho. It had some real gems.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

@erv same. I just don't get people, who're buying figurines (and more often than not really expensive ones, too) just to leave them in the damn package instead of putting them somewhere on display...Why collect, if you refuse to get a proper look at them anyway :|



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

Okay....I think I'm pretty much done with amiibo now. And I don't even own a single one of them yet.
I'll try to get Ike asap, and (Toon) Link just whenever, I doubt they'll discontinue the amiibos for characters from the big series like Zelda or Mario anyway. Not this fast at least



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

I think someone mentioned this in the chat tonight, but...between this and the way, they handled E3, you really wonder how the Wii U isn't selling at least a bit better.

But the first half of the show was really well done and entertaining imo. The intro was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised by how quick it went by for me, altho I can't say anything about everything, they did after 5am CET, it was just too long and too late for the Europeans



Tsurii897 commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Einherjar @Kaze_Memaryu stop it you two! I'm already way too hyped for the game and you come up with those amazing ideas for the dungeons :D

Agree with your points about the world itself, too (altho I disagree with the thing about Skyrim, I love just traveling through that game's world - on PC of course, played it on PS3 and...shudders)
I'm confident that Aonuma and his team will be able to breath life into the world, really the only time a Hyrule felt empty for me personally was OoT and I guess we can "blame" the N64's limitations a bit for that, MM felt a lot more dense compared to that and even TP had lots of treasure, caves and hidden dungeons to find and explore. I hope it's a bit like the latter in that sense, because I actually really enjoyed going through those hidden areas (we need the lantern like it was in TP back, too. I love it when games have areas that require you to carry and manage a light source like that).

@citizenerased I think it might be possible that they'll give you the option to choose if you want to use motion controls or not with Link being right-handed and everything. At the very least I'm hoping for a combat system that's about as complex as Skyward Sword's, you can think about the motion controls what you want, but that was by far the game's strongest point in my opinion. Only problem with that is that I couldn't come up with a way to transfer this to a classic control scheme, but again: it's Aonuma/Nintendo, if anyone can do it it's them, I guess



Tsurii897 commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

Granted I only saw one episode to see how it is, I actually really liked it. It's obvious that they're catering to a younger audience, but I think older people can still enjoy it.



Tsurii897 commented on Club Nintendo Now Offering Festive 8-Bit Mario...:

Hurrdurr, Club Nintendo is so awesome in Europe /s

I'll take more stuff like the pins recently or, y'know, digital games, but 1500 stars (that's 6 registered retail games, I'm getting that many the entire year) for wrapping paper?! Who decides the prices for that stuff?!



Tsurii897 commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

"and although the source — 4chan — is somewhat questionable"
"Source" you'll quote some random guy on reddit :|

On topic now...if it's true - and I really hope it isn't - I'd be devastated. SMT and FE are two of my favorite series and the crossover is, in my opinion, the most interesting title, that's currently in the works for Wii U and we don't even know anything about how it will play. Not even the really big titles for 2015 (Zelda, Star Fox and Xenoblade) come anywhere near that for me.
I hope we won't see that IGN article tomorrow and instead have Reggie tell us something about it at the Video Game Awards to kill those rumors off right away.



Tsurii897 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

I hope they can fix that one until Christmas..normally I really don't care about online at all, but I'm planning on playing it with and against a few friends who're not exactly living close by.

But this just shows what can happen if a game is rushed and Sakurai had to do that in order for the game to be released when it was, we were told several times, that he wasn't 100% done with the game. I hope they'll never again do something like this and if it means I'll have to wait a few months longer, I'm okay with it as long as the game works as it should



Tsurii897 commented on Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Enjoy Biggest UK P...:

Not surprising at all..I never saw Smash as system seller and we all know how the whole situation for gaming in the UK is nowadays: absolute crap.

Idgaf about Smash's sales, but what is annoying me is that it sells even less than stuff like CoD, Fifa or the 10th remaster of a 1yo game in 2014. .



Tsurii897 commented on Video: Join Us For A Look At Hyrule Warriors' ...:

Been playing some Twilight missions yesterday and...damn, there pretty challenging. One has you defeat 3 dark Midnas simultaneously and if you're not dealing equal damage to all of them, they just keep healing each other and if you don't defeat all 3 at once the remaining Midnas will be back at full's hell xD



Tsurii897 commented on Digital Foundry Gives Its Take on Watch Dogs f...:

"the PS4 operates at 30fps throughout most of our tests"

Granted I didn't play it too long (about an hour before we were fed up with constant crashes), I could tell just from that bit, that it's not even close to that. The game was horribly choppy and it's not like I played it at launch, so we did have the update(s?) installed.



Tsurii897 commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

I really don care how it looks in comparison to the other versions at all, if the game play is good enough. And in Watch_Dogs that's definitely not the case. The idea was cool, but the whole hacking gimmick (and it really isn't much more than that) gets boring and repetitive really fast.
I only hope the guys who were responsible for the Wii U version did a better job than the other team(s): in the 60 minutes I played the game on a friend's PS4 the darn thing crashed 3 or 4 times. And from what I've seen and heard, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not that I'd get the game at this point (just not interested in it anymore and there's more than enough other games for me on the Wii U alone atm), I just don't want the people, who are buying the game for Wii U, to have their money go to waste.

EDIT: just saw @PinkSpider and @IxC 's much for that last sentence. Smh..