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Tsurii commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

@Dr_Corndog I won't deny it was a pretty huge thing back then, but if someone has to review it today, I just don't see it being worth a 10/10 at all tbh.
It's probably mostly because I played Wind Waker (and A Link to the Past, but I think you can't really compare the 2D and 3D Zeldas) before the N64 version of OoT, but I never saw what's so great about it until I actually started to think about what games actually had when OoT was released and why people hold it so dear. The nostalgia's just not there for me :)



Tsurii commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

"So is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time deserving of a perfect score even today?"

No, it doesn't.
The game aged really badly. Yeah, it was quite an achievement way back, but we don't have 1998 anymore.
I'd say it deserves a 7 at best. It's still a good game overall, but it has its fair share of problems (it always had, if you ask me) and people need to stop putting Ocarina of Time on this "best game ever" pedestal when it's not even the best Zelda (I'd argue it's the worst 3D Zelda so far)



Tsurii commented on New Skylanders SuperChargers Trailer Plays Up ...:

@ShaunOfNintendo that's what I'm expecting, too. I'm convinced that Bowser and DK will end up as some of the rarer amiibos/skylanders. I can already see the people who don't give a rat's butt about the actual game (or amiibo..or the Wii U) and only buy these because they're Bowser and DK T.T



Tsurii commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

@BLPs @SirQuincealot XenobladeX' soundtrack was finished in 2012 and the game had about 2 more years of development time, just to name an example.
Not 100% sure, but I think it's not even that unusual, that the music's the first thing that is done (most likely not always that early, but I don't think the bigger developers have these sorts of things made near the end of development)



Tsurii commented on Pokémon Shuffle is Heading to Android and iOS...:

@Kaze_Memaryu They said, no ports of existing, nintendo-made games.
This is neither made nor fully owned by Nintendo. Heck, they're not even the ones publishing the game on 3DS.
The Pokemon Company can do whatever the hell they want to do with the series (with obvious exceptions, like having Pokemon games made for Sony). There's already a ton of other official Pokemon apps on iOS and Android, too.



Tsurii commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Kirby 64 - "We'll take another look, but we were disappointed with this in our original review back in 2008."

Heretics! :o
I'll most likely get that one, tho. I think it's a great game, gotta see how much of that is nostalgia :p
Yoshi's already on its way, too! :3



Tsurii commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@Einherjar "And honestly, id be glad if they would at least release the official story draft or something. If they dont want to make a game off of it, at least officially close the story. Or maybe make a Manga / Comic out of it."

Maybe that will be that new TV series for 2017? Probably not very likely, but who knows.



Tsurii commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

Xenoblade and Yoshi, in that order. Been waiting for Art Academy since Sketchpad's release.
Devil's Third, Fatal Frame, Mario Maker and Star Fox all look pretty interesting, too. Not too fussed about the rest tbh.



Tsurii commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

@Dpullam there's a video of the treehouse segment with the game on Nintendo's YouTube channel, if you want to see more of the gameplay and the world. It looks pretty neat.

I still don't get how people don't see the influences of both series tbh. Especially after seeing it in action. It's really exactly how the producers described it, an entirely new concept that borrows ideas (and characters) from both the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series and the Fire Emblem games.

I feel like it's a similar situation to Federation Force: it's not quite what people expected and now a lot of them refuse to see/ignore that the games are clearly spin-off/new takes on the three series. I think both games looked really good in the treehouse streams and as a fan of their respective series I'll definitely try to get my hands on them.



Tsurii commented on Review: EarthBound Beginnings (Wii U eShop / NES):

the game's pretty grindy right off the bat, but I'm still having fun with it. I just adore the overall style (not so much in terms of visuals, but this whole 'RPG set in a "modern" world' concept) in the first two Earthbound/Mother games.

@Uberchu the price's a little higher compared to the other NES VC titles (I think it was like 2€ more? I admittedly "just bought it" as soon as I saw it on the eShop haha)
I think it's justified, tho. This is one of the better NES games in my opinion. Especially in terms of playability, despite it being so clunky, most of the NES games I actually played are kinda...difficult to play by today's standards. The vast majority of those games didn't age very well (maybe I'm just too young to really get into them, tho. I never actually owned an NES)



Tsurii commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Producer Expla...:

Sounds reasonable. Why have clones of the same character run around in a multiplayer/coop SPINOFF GAME when you have this huge universe with its characters? Especially if they're going to flesh said universe more out.

I really can't complain about this at all. Is it the Metroid game I wanted or expected? No. But does it look fun to me? Heck yes.
As I said on the other article: it has all of the elements of a Prime game at first glance, the only thing missing is Samus and I couldn't care less about whom I'm controlling in a Prime game (or really any Metroid besides Other M and Fusion), because it's not like Samus actually has a character anyway. It's basically the same thing as with Link, the only difference is that you don't even get to see Samus 99% of the time in the Prime trilogy.



Tsurii commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

People need to chill...the only thing that should piss anyone off is how f***ing hostile people are towards Nintendo because of a freaking spin-off game.

Also, it's set on Prime's planets, has Prime's enemies, the GF, hell, it even has Prime's HUD. HOW are people not seeing that this is a Metroid game!?



Tsurii commented on Good News, Zelda Fans, A Free Costume Awaits i...:

@Trikeboy Zelda 1+2 Link, but you were close enough :P

Anyway...I'm not sure how I feel about a potential second seasonpass. It'd be neat if they made it that the new content gives you more experience points, because my highest character is still only around level 140, but if it's just like the rest of the DLC and maybe even as difficult as the Twilight Princess map, I'll probably pass tbh. I love Tetra and Daphnos, but...not that much



Tsurii commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

@Tsuchinoko it was the guys at Tecmo who came up with her. She was supposed to be a part of the story, but they ultimately decided against it (I don't think Nintendo shot it down, tho)
One of the developers tweeted about that when people discovered Linkle in the artbook.



Tsurii commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

@Warbeard it's neither gender-swapping nor is it a "female Link". The developers of Hyrule Warriors wanted to include her as some sort of "little sister" character for Link (without actually being related to him, you that stupid imouto trope in Japanese media. FE if is doing the same thing)

Anyway..I'm not sure if that was supposed to hint at anything. They mentioned that the crossbow just randomly appears together with Agitha in their analysis and that's exactly how I see it, too: it just randomly appears. Maybe this is some older artwork and they simply forgot to remove the crossbow or something. I mean..why would they show that when there's not the slightest hint of Linkle on the picture? It's not like they're showing the Ball&Chain anywhere in the group either.
It'd be cool to have her, because I like her design and she would be another character that focuses on ranged combat, but I'm not counting on it.



Tsurii commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

@Grumblevolcano I'd say chances for that are pretty good. They've shown parts of a cutscene that plays well into the campaign (I think it's from one of the last few missions, the scene with the characters around Lana in Gerudo Desert)
We will have to wait and see to get full confirmation I guess.



Tsurii commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

@Grumblevolcano it actually seems like it will at least have the same campaign. That and Tetra + Daphnos are the only information we have tho, so who knows what they're going for with this.
I would like to see more connectivity than just transferring the Wind Waker characters between Wii U and (New?) 3DS version. Coop would probably work a little better if the Wii U doesn't need to render stuff for two screens/players at a time and just keep track of where certain enemies and player characters are. (not that I know too much about that kinda stuff)



Tsurii commented on Capcom Thinks It Can Shift 2.5 Million Copies ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu they have been making G versions since the first game and it never hurt the sales of the games at all. I think part of the reason for that is that they're not very consistent in which game of each generation gets that upgraded version, tho. 1st Gen they made MHG for PS2 (and later for the Wii) and then upgraded that game again to release it as the first in the Portable series. 2nd Gen they made MH Dos and Portable 2, that was set in an entirely different village and upgraded that second game, 3rd Gen had MH Tri, Portable 3rd (+ its mediocre PS3 port) again with different villages and they went back to Tri for the G/Ultimate game and in Gen 4 they went straight from MH4 to MH4G. This stuff isn't following a pattern whatsoever, so most people won't count on the upgrade to be released a year later, let alone it being based on Cross and not a potential second game for the generation. If anything it's possible that people will skip MHX G, if it happens, just how many people didn't get MH4G



Tsurii commented on Get Messy in Splatoon's Latest Free Stage, Kel...:

@Grumblevolcano Huh, that's...weird. I thought they weren't quite done with all of the stuff and release it as they finish working on the content, I wonder what kept them from "unlocking" all of it on day 1. I mean they do have those other modes besides turf wars and splatzones still in development, so it's not like that would've meant that they can't release more maps, weapons etc throughout the year.

That doesn't sound too good imo..



Tsurii commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

@CaveDweller where did I say that I blame them for trying to make money? I said I'll probably be pretty annoyed if they're going to make a sequel that will skip the Wii U (and that will happen if they make ZombiU 2), because I don't intend to buy either of the other two consoles anytime soon. I understand the business side of this issue but it's still dumb.



Tsurii commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

@helbertpina "I mean, is there any (main series) Legend of Zelda/Mario/Metroid/Pokemon/SmashBros game ever released that is considered to be sh*t today?"

I really wouldn't say the N64 or DS Zeldas aged "incredibly well" and a lot people would probably argue that Zelda 1 and 2 aged somewhat poorly as well. Also, Metroid 2 is utter garbage how it is right now.

Take those nostalgia goggles off.



Tsurii commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

Just goes to show how full of it Ubisoft are.

I got ZombiU together with my Wii U and really enjoyed playing the game and if this means they're eventually going to make a sequel that'll skip Wii U, I'd probably be pretty...pissed tbh.

Edit: It WOULD be another reason for me to get a PS4/Xbox One tho. Granted it improves what they started with the first game.



Tsurii commented on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Is Dashing To The Ninte...:

@Spectra_Twilight I don't think any publisher will ask Big Red Button to develop something tbh...

Anyway...I heard the 3DS game wasn't that bad of a game and as others said the TV series is doing pretty well (geez, I still didn't get to check that one out..) so it's not like SEGA are setting this game up for complete failure. If they learned from Shattered Crystal, build upon that and manage to advertise this well enough it could be a turnaround. Could!
I like the idea of that fire+ice element, coupled with how different the 5 characters play. I said this about Rise of Lyric before it was apparent that the game would be a mess, so it doesn't mean too much, but I think the game has potential. We just have to wait and see how it turns out, it's wrong to judge it right away imo



Tsurii commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:'s pretty simple. People buy Infinity figurines to play the game and want to get the full experience for the most part, while amiibos are probably mostly bought by collectors who might even get duplicates to keep them in perfect condition and/or trade them for other characters.
I doubt that the majority of the people who buy and collect amiibos even own a Wii U or 3DS/intend to actually use them.

I'm not saying Nintendo aren't to blame for the shortages, but I think the fanbases/audiences for Infinity and amiibo are slightly different. And amiibo obviously appeal to a far greater range of customers, from the casual gamer who wants to unlock costumes of his favorite character to the hardcore collector who "hunts" these figurines for weeks to complete his set, but wouldn't ever take them out of their boxes. Simply because it's Nintendo. I just don't see the Disney figurines (or the Skylanders stuff for that matter) having that kind of broad appeal tbh.



Tsurii commented on Video: Extended Trailer For Pokémon Super My...:

Was that an affinity chart like in Xenoblade around the 1 minute mark? That'd make for a pretty interesting addition, if they go back to the original two (or rather 5) games' style for the story. Especially with that whole travel-element going on



Tsurii commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

Much excite. Doesn't really matter on which console this'll be released to me tbh (that'd just mean I finally have two reasons to get a PS4/Xbox One :P) as long as it doesn't end in another Korra, but I'm, of course, hoping for another Wii U exclusive. Heck...what if Kamiya and Miyamoto will be there together and reveal Platinum's working on Star Fox? I know it's unlikely, but I really think Platinum could work wonders for that game.