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Tsurii commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

I like the additions to the metagame, a couple of the new Pokémon and...that's about it tbh. I don't care about Kalos, it's pretty forgettable in my opinion, X and Y, as RPGs, were really mediocre and the remakes are really f***ing disappointing after the Gen 1 and 2 remakes. Really, the best thing, for me, is Pokémon Shuffle. I didn't expect much from the game but it's a surprisingly good timekiller. And..I guess Pokken is part of Gen 6 as well, looking forward to that.

Didn't really get to look too closely at the anime (although..something about it has me a little bit intrigued. The intro alone makes it look a hell of a lot more interesting than most of the rest of the series)



Tsurii commented on Pokémon's Ash And Gary Are Getting The Nendor...:

@Serebii @Damo only in the American localization

It really doesn't matter too much tho. It stings a little to have Red confused with Ash, but meh

Pretty neat figures, I'd get them but...I wouldn't know where to put them and don't want them to rot away somewhere hidden.



Tsurii commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

This is just another really trivial change that was most definitely only done because Square thought players in the west would prefer cowboys, or having another actual job as @Mode7 said, or something like that...region-exclusive costumes happen all the time. This kinda stuff isn't censoring anything (and the people who keep screaming censorship at the sight of the slightest change in a game should probably look up what the word means), it's not offensive or being afraid of stereotypes, it's a simple localization change. It doesn't make much sense, I'll admit that, but people seriously need to stop reading dumb bs into these things.

I doubt that even half of the people who'll wet their pants over this are interested in the game in the slightest and just wanted something new to complain about.



Tsurii commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (Europe):

Nothing for me this week. Not in a hurry to get the Smash DLC, I'm definitely gonna wait for a discount on Space Hulk and the other stuff...doesn't interest whatsoever. (I'm that one guy doesn't like the Galaxy games shrugs)



Tsurii commented on The North American eShop Winter Warm-Up Sale C...:

@Darknyht Minish Cap is pretty darn good. Easily tied for best 2D Zelda with aLttP (for me) and I think there's actually even more stuff you can do than in the SNES game. The whole size thing is also pretty well done and fun. If you like the other 2D Zeldas, Minish Cap is a must. Might as well get it now when it's (a little) cheaper.
Oh, and Ezelo is one of the best companions in the series, too



Tsurii commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

@cfgk24 I'm usually not like this but...I agree with him. The Wii U gets a handful of characters that serve absolutely no purpose in that version of the game. It's a massive pain to level characters in Hyrule Warriors and no one who isn't really freaking bored would do that without anything you can unlock with them. They already made that mistake with the DLC characters (Midna, Tingle and Young Link) and people complained about it (and a lot) and now they're doing the same exact thing and expect us to double dip. It's just a really s***ty attempt at a cashgrab.



Tsurii commented on The Game Lineup for EVO 2016 Has Been Announced:

@Senario note how he said the "hardcore melee fans" and please don't even try to deny that those people are some of the most toxic "fandoms" out there.

Anyway...I might actually check the Pokken stuff out (if I don't forget about it until then) just to see if I can't catch some nifty, more advanced stuff you can pull off that I will probably miss when I get the game myself



Tsurii commented on GameStop Survey Suggests We'll See Nintendo NX...:

God...the wording alone should give it away that they have no clue what the thing is and when it will be released. Almost every single one of your NX "news articles" so far have been about a whole lot of nothing, @Octane hit the nail on the head with that last sentence.



Tsurii commented on Video: Sonic Colours Has Some of the Coolest G...:

@rjejr to be fair...all kids should know Sonic as that character with all the buggy games. Was there ever a Sonic game that didn't bend over and let you do as you please, if you know how to break it? You can do a ton of stuff like in the video in pretty much all of them.



Tsurii commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X and Nintendo Network Ma...:

@DarthNocturnal the DLC Japan got was part of the western version. Apart from that the only things they did were the patch to version 1.0.1 and they actually fixed the leaderboards and removed some guy who's been manipulating his division points and equipment last week (that's part of the reason why the prospectors used to have at least twice as many points as any other division every day and why there's records of like 1 or 2 seconds for the time attack stuff in the barracks)
I think they also changed how division points are calculated for the leaderboard



Tsurii commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Is Aiming To Quadruple Ninte...:

@Socar The Smash stuff is hella overpriced
Fates pretty much locks large parts of the game's story, altho you could argue that you're effectively getting three games for all of it I guess
Splatoon was decent but it's also "just" free updates
So far only Mario Kart 8 absolutely nailed it, Hyrule Warriors was pretty good overall but certain things still kinda sucked (the DLC characters were pretty much useless for the added adventure maps, the maps themselves were ridiculously grindy and the Ganon mode wasn't exactly exciting beyond the novelty of playing as beast Ganon/a boss monster)
The rest was either free updates (Splatoon, Mario Maker and I guess Triforce Heroes got that new dungeon and a couple more costumes), kinda expensive (you pay more for the Smash DLC than the rrp for the game itself) or it's locked behind amiibos (Mario Party 10, Splatoon's amiibo challenges, HW's spinner class and some minor things like costumes or the amiibo partners for Smash and Mario Tennis, and I don't really mind those last two things at all. Those are really neat examples for amiibo uses)

They got a couple of things right, but overall it's far from great



Tsurii commented on Video: Koei Tecmo Shares More Hyrule Warriors ...:

@CB85 still have to keep track of two players and keep the action more or less in sync for coop to work properly. I guess they could go the Monster Hunter route and only sync the "boss monsters" between all players, but even then you'd still have like a dozen times the amount of small(er) enemies you usually encounter in one area in MonHan and the areas themselves are also a lot smaller in that game.



Tsurii commented on Super Mario Maker Joins Elite List of Wii U Ga...:

@DarthNocturnal I know right? Somehow it feels like that game sold way more than it did, can't really say why tho.

And it's a crying shame that Nintendoland isn't included. It doesn't matter that the game was included with most Wii Us, it definitely deserves to get attention, it's a really great mix of fun single- and multiplayer games. Better than anything the other "party games" on Wii U could ever dream to be.



Tsurii commented on Pokkén Tournament Modes and Details Emerge:

@SamirMalik no it doesn't? Pokken renders both players' perspectives at once, in Smash everyone looks at the same exact screen, the only thing the game does is streaming that same image to the gamepad and nothing else. That's also the reason why Miyamoto and Platinum had to scale back on the visuals in Star Fox, because TV and gamepad have to show different images. (if I derped and "rendering" isn't what I'm trying to explain, tell me. But Smash definitely isn't as demanding as something like Pokken)



Tsurii commented on Pokkén Tournament Modes and Details Emerge:

@Phantom_R they're rendering the entire thing twice in multiplayer. I guess Pokken is just more demanding on the console than Smash, which shouldn't really come as a surprise imo. Pokken is pretty as f***

LAN is kind of a strange, but pretty neat, addition tho. I didn't expect that at all, but I'm already getting excited for some multiplayer action with two bigass TVs haha
Also...Magikarp? What would it even do to support you? lol



Tsurii commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

In my opinion Gen V was kind of the "climax" of the series before gen6 came and it took a nosedive.
It's the most "RPG-y" generation for sure, I really liked the story, characters and that they actually tried to do some world building here. There were things that didn't really serve much of a purpose (in the first two games) other than fleshing out the world and making it feel a bit more..alive. I also liked that they stopped with this "god-Pokémon" nonsense they had going since Gen 3. Sure Reshiram and Zekrom were referred to as these mystical beings but ultimately they turned out to be "just" very powerful. They didn't grant wishes, they were a means for people to achieve their goals instead of clapping their hands to stomp land out of nowhere or tinkering with space and time.
The Pokémon in general are some of my absolute favorites. I really like Haxorus, Emboar, Samurott, that big blue frog (no idea what its English name is right now), Chandelure, Zorua is cute as hell, Sawsbuck as a badass normal (and grass) type, Emolga is get the idea. I never understood the criticisms of the designs not looking like animals or anything...that was never the goal of the developers. Just look at Ditto or Voltorb, they are a blob and a ball...sooo creative. Just like Sanshrew, Marowak or whatever the hell Mr Mime is, right? Man whatever happened to the creative Pokémon designs in Gen 5

Oh, and one thing Gen 5 did especially well was the music. That music...hnng. "Route 10" has got to be my favorite track in the entire series and I doubt that will change anytime soon with the direction the series' music took in that godforsaken 6th Gen...



Tsurii commented on Weirdness: Conceptual Artist Attempts Tetris W...:

Mind = blown....not
These modern art..concepts are more or less nonsense to me tbh. Way too many people try to read way too deep meanings into the most trivial things that, more often than not, have absolutely nothing to do with these artists' "visions" or whatever you want to call it. (tl;dr I think they're only talking out of their...behinds )

But maybe I'm just too dumb to see it



Tsurii commented on Video: See What it's Like to Play Super Metroi...:

Random indeed lol
But I think it looks like it'd change the game up just enough to make it more of a challenge, or at least make it feel relatively different, for those of us who can beat the game with their hands tied to the back at this point (and because there's always that one, I don't mean that literally. But after beating the game for a couple of dozens of times and knowing every nook and cranny in it I might as well try that. And I likely wouldn't be the first one to do it)



Tsurii commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

I just noticed that I only got two first party games this year (Splatoon doesn't count because I sold it once I realized that the POS doesn't like my internet connection. It's only Nintendo's games that give me trouble with that kinda s***)

Anyway...I went with the "not sure" option because I couldn't vote for something like "it was an okay-ish year". I couldn't possibly call the year that gave me Xenoblade X and Woolly World bad and not feel bad about it.
Overall kinda disappointing, tho.



Tsurii commented on Random: Here's Where All the Koopalings Got Th...:

@DiscoGentleman I don't think the actual translator ever explained it, people just guessed the inspirations for the names (and as @Dr_Corndog said, two were actually wrong/didn't quite hit the mark)

Anyway...Larry used to be my favorite, but ever since I got him in Mario Kart 8 Roy kinda became my second-favorite Mario character in general (Bowser's #1, always will be lol)
I think it's the shades



Tsurii commented on Koei Tecmo's President Seems To Think NX Is A ...:

Ugh...they really shouldn't have opened that box, not only because it's starting to get annoying AF to constantly read about nothing, but also because, at this point, I'm convinced that it only helped killing any momentum the Wii U might've had and/or gotten.

But I guess it's still not as stupid as Nintendo refusing to produce/release more of the one Wii U bundle that sells like hotcakes in Japan (read a while ago that they sold pretty much every console+Splatoon+Mario Kart (or was it Splatoon and Smash?) bundle and that people should get "the other bundles, if they're interested in the system". Y'know..the ones that no one's buying)



Tsurii commented on First Edition Pokémon Trading Cards Are Getti...:

@Slaz afaik they're using the modern design for the cards' backs, so that would be one way to distinguish them from the old ones, and, as Cromzonlogic said, they're obviously going to have 2015 printed on them (I think that's under all the boxes for the attacks and status and so on?)

@RupeeClock but..that's the Anime version. The original original Pikachu looks a little different (really just nitpicking though )




Tsurii commented on ​505 Games On Bringing Terraria To Nintendo ...:

@LoveSugoi possibly because Terraria is more of an RPG than anything else. Sure, you can focus on building stuff, just like in Mincraft, but the real meat of Terraria is killing stuff and exploring for gear to beat bigger stuff and explore harder-to-reach places. You get a better sense of progression than in Minecraft (and it's also a lot better-made than Minecraft ever was in my opinion)



Tsurii commented on Gallery: Gawk At the Super Smash Bros. Reveal ...:

@NintendoFan64 absolutely nowhere. That was just something that came up when the ballot started and I guess some people (whelp..a ton actually) thought it'd be how they handle it. Just you typical fandom getting way too much into theories and the likes to the point where they can't tell what they made up themselves and what's official information lol

and yeah...the Bayonetta artwork is gorgeous. Definitely my favorite of the bunch. The Nomura picture is pretty cool, too. I'm surprised how much I like it tbh, I'm usually not too big on his designs but I love the style here.
The FE artwork...meh. That's by the guy who designed Awakening and Fates' characters, right? Yeah, most of his stuff is pretty..whatever imo. Already didn't like the one for Robin.



Tsurii commented on Feature: Time to Vote for Your Nintendo Life G...:

@rjejr I'll just go ahead and second what @Sakura just said (I was literally about to say more or less the same thing when your comment popped up haha)
Stick it to the Man is pretty darn funny, but it has some rough edges. I even have to say what I voted for? Like..seriously, even the people who didn't play the game yet should vote for Xenoblade Chronicles X. That game's really f***ing close to perfection in my eyes, and it's tons of fun. I put 106 hours into it so far. One hundred and six hours in a little less than 3 weeks. That's a first for me, Granted I had an entire week off and got the game early in said week, but still. It's ridiculous and the best thing is that it did not drag on or get boring once in these 100h (I have to admit that I felt like throwing the gamepad at one point, tho. The later parts of the game are pretty difficult, and I'm not even through the story yet. There's just so much stuff to do besides that, no need to rush saving humankind, gonna save them doggies first)