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Tsurii commented on Feature: The Twilight Princess HD Fan Project ...:

"Hurr durr let's smack random HD textures onto an old game and pretend they don't look completely out of place"

I really don't get why these people bother with stupid s*** like this, in the end they don't give a rat's ass about the actual game, they just want to brag about how they run gamecube games with fugly 4k textures on their computers.



Tsurii commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Its Second Batch o...:

Well...I've been eyeing DKTF for a while now, but (and I really don't want to be that guy)...I can get physical copies of these games for a similar price and if I have to decide between a download and having the pretty box on the shelf I'll gladly pay those 2€ more



Tsurii commented on Nintendo of Europe Launches Its Cyber Deals We...:

Meh, got 3D World for the same price on day 1 and W101 as a freebie for...Mario Kart I think.
They'll have to step it up by a lot, if they want anyone who had their Wii U for more than a month to buy anything.



Tsurii commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

@Judgedean the load times are quicker, menus (in shops and when you equip gear) load faster and the draw distance for enemies, NPCs and certain objects are also improved by a bit. None of them are that bad to begin with, from what I've seen, but they make the experience a bit... smoother I guess.



Tsurii commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

@sandman89 no, why would you? They're just copies of certain files on the disc.

Anyway...if the preload feature isn't available on the same day, I'll just order the physical copy. I don't feel like waiting a day to play this, I decided to use the weekend and do nothing else before I drop everything that isn't work for college until Christmas.



Tsurii commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

@Xenocity Honestly, dude? Sounds like you've had s*** luck with the people around you. I can kiinda see teasing someone for preferring Nintendo (although I've never had anyone do that to me, I guess it was because we used to own different systems and visit each other back in elementary and high school...geez, I say that like I'm way older than I actually am ), but giving you s*** for playing PC games/using Steam? What?
I hope you don't take that too much to heart, but people like that (those who're judgemental and stupid) are the worst.



Tsurii commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

@MrHeli /sign

Easily my favorite system of all time, still have the same one my mother bought ages ago hooked up. So many great games I've been playing since my early childhood - starting with Yoshi's Island when I was 4 or 5 - and I just don't seem to get tired of any of them. Like, at all. I spent countless hours playing games, and watching games being played, with my family and later friends from school and I still remember how I was always itching to do my homework because my mom wouldn't allow me to play videogames before I got everything done (yes, I was that kid ;D)
Here's to 25 more, and I hope my SNES manages to survive that much longer. So far it's been a pretty reliable companion in my life XD



Tsurii commented on Video: New Hollow Knight Trailer Shows Off Som...:

Woah, that looks really neat, that artstyle is really cool. And so pretty :c
It being a metroidvania-style game just makes it look even better to me. I'll keep an eye on this, definitely something I'd play the hell out of, if the final game is as good as it looks here.



Tsurii commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (Europe):

"This is a charming entry that we enjoyed in our original review, though this download version won't include online or multiplayer features."

Which makes it completely worthless. Animal Crossing is all about connecting with friends and having fun derping around each other's towns in my opinion. Just another slap in the face for everyone who expected /wanted a new AC game on Wii U.

Also not getting Mario Tennis at that price unless they come out with some updates and /or DLC for the game. It seems pretty barebones as it is, even more so than Splatoon was at its launch and that game was also cheaper



Tsurii commented on Video: Watch Kids React To The Original Pokém...:

Meh, the Johto stuff was leagues better than the first season. S1 was just plain boring to me.
I always was "the Digimon kid", tho. Still kinda am (Pretty hyped for Adventure tri ), they should show that to these kids. And end the showcase with Wizardmon



Tsurii commented on Talking Point: The Latest Nintendo Direct Was ...:

There was a bit "downtime" in between bigger hitters like the Zelda stuff, Dragon Quest and the Cloud reveal, but overall I'd say it was one of the better Directs. A lot of the stuff they've shown was done in a fairly entertaining way, too (the Xenoblade trailer really cracked me up and I always like when they mix actual trailers with a bit of gameplay with voiceover)
I think the only thing that annoyed me was that bit about the updates. Don't care about Mario Maker and Splatoon at all, but that's definitely just me being a pleb



Tsurii commented on Sacked Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Chris Prange...:

I don't get why he's surprised about this when he knows that they needed new, additional lines for the character in question. You're not firing someone just to have him do some voiceacting for your game a couple months later.



Tsurii commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@VanillaLake agreed. It's easily my favorite platformer since the original Yoshi's Island, which is my absolute favorite game of all time (also the first one I ever played)
That comparison is really spot on, too. ^^

@Smoo sounds like a good Christmas Eve
Hope you'll have fun with the game, it's amazingly well-crafted (pun intended) and almost(!) everything is on-point from the presentation and sound to the actual game/level design.



Tsurii commented on New Splatoon Map, Museum d'Alfonsino, Revealed...:

I hope this isn't part of the direct. They did a fairly good job with letting people know about new content in Splatoon outside of anything like that so far, there's really absolutely no need to waste time in a direct with these kinda announcements.



Tsurii commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

@rjejr and no Pokemon GO! either.

Seems like these are (almost) all relatively safe bets. I'm actually really curious to see more of Metroid FF, I still don't really "get" the game I think. Also still clinging to my pipe dream of Elma in Smash, but I know that the most that could happen would be a Mii costume T.T

And I think they announced Majora's Mask 3D in november last year, maybe we'll get a repeat with Twilight Princess, I'd really like a remake and play it for 100th time



Tsurii commented on Video: Watch The King of Red Lions Make Waves ...:

@Tiefseemiez well..that's a shame, but you can't really blame them, can you? The game's 13 years old after all.

Anyway...this is kinda underwhelming tbh. He looks really boring compared to the other characters (same goes for Tetra imo) and the recycled voice clips are beyond annoying. I was really looking forward to Daphnes, but I don't think I could bear playing for too long with him.



Tsurii commented on Bigley's Revenge Arrives on the Wii U eShop Ju...:

@linforcer crying in the closet.

I'm a little afraid of the moment when "games" like this will start being released in Europe, too. The one good thing about the stupid rating systems here was that the fees scared the more blatant trolls off from bringing their bs over. (but at least we'll get more of the really good Indies too )



Tsurii commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: SNES PlayStation Prototy...:

@rjejr I'm starting to think that they hold out on advertising Xenoblade because Fallout is just about to hit, but I'm afraid they outright forgot about it at this point. They only released 2 of 5(!) of these guide videos with barely one month left to get them out, and even the two they already uploaded/made public didn't follow any kind of noticeable pattern whatsoever. They just "were there" all of a sudden. Apart from one tweet yesterday (or early this morning) Nintendo of Europe didn't mention the game at all either these past two or so weeks. They're being awfully quiet in general ignoring the weekly Splatfests and NoE starting this weekly thing with asking people about Mario Maker levels that follow some motif.
The only thing they really did was posting when something new was released...I really hope they have something coming up because it's starting to get kinda aggravating that we're not hearing anything new from them.



Tsurii commented on Activision Blizzard Has Just Opened a TV and F...:

@Tasuki I think you're missing something here, the new studio for these movies/series is called Activision Blizzard. That's its own thing, too. I guess your confusion (if it's confusion) just goes to show how incredibly stupid the name is, tho.



Tsurii commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

Ah, the gen that got me into Pokémon. I always liked Ruby and Sapphire and still replay them from time to time (not too fussed about the reamkes, tho. Those are easily the worst ones we got so far) The only real problem I had with the gen 3 games was that they felt kinda short, tho, Can't quite say why, but at least Emerald fixed that for me with the Battle Frontier (which also got me into this whole competitive scene up until gen 5), but I also think that made them more fun to replay. I could try more different teams in a shorter time like that, something I almost always do in the different games.

My favorite games in the generation, and really my favorite Pokémon games period, have got to be the GameCube RPGs. You didn't get to catch quite as many different Pokémon, so you were kinda limited in terms of team building, but the two games made me like a ton of Pokémon I kinda neglected before like Houndoom, Breloom and Ampharos, and it made Ursaring one of my absolute favorites because of how much butt it kicked in XD. I still have that same Ursaring on my copy of Black 2, transferred it all the way up to gen 5
Oh, and I also liked the main characters in both games a lot more than any of the other protagonists besides Warren Hilbert and Hilda, especially Wes because he really was completely different than anyone else in the series.



Tsurii commented on Sprixie Joins the Ranks in Mario Tennis: Ultra...:

@rjejr XCX doesn't support amiibo in any way, shape or form (thank god, I'm still salty that I "had" to get a Toon Link Amiibo to complete Hyrule Warriors)

Also..Sprixie, eh? Kinda curious how it'll "feel" playing as her (in terms of how much charm she's got in the game, that's one of the reasons why I adore Tanuki Mario in MK8, his animations are just too damn awesome. And that horn!! Hnng )
I'm a little bummed that Shy Guy isn't playable but at least I have Boo. Love him just as much.



Tsurii commented on Dinosaurs and New Playable Characters Are Now ...:

@rjejr yeah, I wholeheartedly agree.
I saw the trailer earlier and it's ridiculous how inconsistent its look is. Like you said, the backgrounds/environments look awesome, and some of the dinosaurs looked pretty neat in the trailer, but the.."main dinosaur" is just plain ugly - he really does look like one of these cheap, rubber toys - and the kids in Pixar movies were always kinda hard on the eyes in my opinion. (I always have the feeling those kids have too many freaking teeth, it's unsettling)
Almost all of the "characters" in the trailer looked completely out of place. I think it would've been a lot better if they decided on one style for both the world and characters.



Tsurii commented on Dinosaurs and New Playable Characters Are Now ...:

Those dinosaurs are from a Pixar movie? Oh boy...they look beyond awful. Looks like some of the bs for kindergarteners that airs on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel in the morning.
But now I'm curious. Gonna look for a trailer and see just how bad it really looks. lol



Tsurii commented on ZombiU Servers Reanimate After Being Down for ...:

@MitchVogel I always saw the horror genre as having two big sub "categories", the more atmospheric, deliberately paced and psychological horror (do I use the gun/am I trying to be quiet and use the bat, is it safe to loot right now, do I save my ammo for later or do I get rid of the threat from afar etc etc) and the action-oriented, more graphic and often more gory stuff (eww, that's gross/scary AF, let's shoot it )
ZombiU (or something like Fatal Frame too) is closer to the former, the more recent Resident Evil games are the latter. Both are horror, both can be scary, but they're doing it with a different approach to what horror is. (horror as psychological stress and horror as nightmarish, fearsome monsters)



Tsurii commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Share Details on ...:

The guy behind two of my favorite games is a cat person...yiss
I would love to see a video of that photo shoot, tho. That sounds ridiculous, having all these game developers "play" with cats and dogs for a whole day XD



Tsurii commented on RCMADIAX Is Bringing Its Entire eShop Back Cat...:

@AlexSora89 normally I'd fully agree but...if it means that studios like this are bringing their entire array of games over, it becomes a bit of a double-edged sword. Until now the studios had to polish their games so they'd appeal to the people who do at least some research before they purchase a game because of the relatively high costs for ratings, but now that "motivation" is gone because they can just throw whatever they create on every market and don't bother with each region individually.
I'm fully expecting a lot more "shovelware" on all eShops now. (but, again, I'm not saying this concept/system is a bad thing per se! Not at all!)



Tsurii commented on Review: COLOR BOMBS (Wii U eShop):

I really want to know why that guy still bothers with making "games". Can't be passion for it, he would probably put at least some effort into his work otherwise.
So...does he really make enough money from the 5 people who buy these unpolished, uninspired duds to be able to keep making them?
I think @buildz is right and he just does it because he feels like it and doesn't give a s*** about quality. Either that or to troll the poor people at NLife who have to review the bs.



Tsurii commented on This Is How Nintendo's First Smartphone Game M...:

@Megumi I bet the Pokémon co. don't allow any new information to be released right now. We all know how anal those people are when it comes to their IP and Nintendo most likely can't just decide to tell us more about that app/game on their own.