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Tsurii commented on Video: Indulge in the Weirdness of This Genei ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu in the actual title of the game it's a "sharp", it's a symbol that's used in music sheets. It's a huge pain to copy/paste the darn thing every single time tho which is why everyone uses # instead. I guess if you don't really care about the game and/or aren't too much into that whole music stuff it's pretty confusing.



Tsurii commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

I can't say I feel bad for him tbh...he doesn't really strike me as someone who was just out for some "quick cash" via kickstarter (altho paying debts from other people's money isn't the smartest thing to do), but when you fail to fund something twice because there wasn't enough interest in your product, aim for way too little money even though you know better and then aren't even honest about it right away, you're bound to fail. I really think a lot of these smaller studios are underestimating the effort you have to put into a succesfull kickstarter campaign and how much responsibility comes with the promises you make to the people who're backing your game, and just how much work goes into developing a (good!) video game nowadays.

I don't think any publisher would want to have someone like that work for them, not with an attitude like that. And the worst thing is probably that it doesn't seem like he's learned anything from this either.



Tsurii commented on Video: Indulge in the Weirdness of This Genei ...:

@nessisonett > Junpei Iori
So I'm not the only one.. lol

I think I don't want an english dub for this tbh. There's such a big focus on the music and they put so much effort into getting the right VAs it'd be kind of a waste to ditch all of that work. I usually hate having to read subtitles in games all the time, but this is kind of an exception for me.



Tsurii commented on A New Shin Megami Tensei Announcement Has Been...:

@redivgamer90 Fair enough I guess. It's your opinion after all.
If you didn't already see it, watch the gameplay preview from E3, tho. I think the game looks brilliant gameplay-wise and it helps that I'm already a sucker for the artwork/designs for the game. I'm admittedly not too fussed about the bikini DLC either (but hey, at least they're catering to everyone with the stuff for the male characters), but apart from that the costumes look pretty dang good to me (especially the stuff from other ATLUS games you already mentioned yourself)

And honestly, I'm not all that excited for Persona 5 myself. It doesn't look bad, but I'm not really excited for a new Persona right now unless they changed a lot compared to the stuff in P3 (and 4 I guess? Heard it's similar, I didn't play that one, tho)
Just not really into that type of game and GIR#FE looks to be just different enough.



Tsurii commented on Skull Kid is Confirmed as a Playable Character...:

@rjejr they initially planned to integrate amiibo functionalities into the Majora's Mask remake, but Aonuma ultimately decided against that because he didn't want to shoehorn something like that into a game that doesn't need it (and I hope he does the same for the next big Zelda tbh. Games like that don't need these stupid amiibo gimmicks at all in my opinion)

Oh, and Skull Kid's just his "race" in case you care about that. (there's been multiple ones, one in OoT, Majora's Mask and one in Twilight Princess)
People just usually refer to the one in MM when they mention the name because he's the most iconic one (yet)



Tsurii commented on Nielsen Game Rank Lists the Most Anticipated G...:

It sucks that Xenoblade is kinda going under the radar right now but, to be honest, none of the Xeno games were huge sellers. Granted 3 of the 6 games deserved bombing because they were, well, garbage (the bulk of Saga was s***, and don't even try defending the series, even its creators hate those games) the games have just always been kinda niche like a couple people already said. Gears was shafted for and later overshadowed by FF7, Xenoblade Wii was released when the console was already all but dead in terms of (first-party) support and Xenoblade X looks to fall into a similar point in the Wii U's lifecycle, although I still think it has the potential to beat the original's sales number by a bit, heck it managed to beat the Wii game's week one (and two) sales with a tenth or so of the install base. It will do well for Monolith and Nintendo, but I agree with the people who say definitely won't be a huge system seller (and I'd argue the Wii U didn't have this uber-massive system seller, people make the likes of Smash, Splatoon and Mario Maker out to be, yet nor will it ever get one. The thing might just be my favorite system since the SNES but not even the biggest, most mainstream (in terms of broad appeal) Zelda will move many systems at this point)

Aaanyway...I think that is, overall, a pretty good list. I'm only really looking forward to Fallout myself but I can see almost all of these games being relatively successful, relative to the sizes of their userbases, the only games that surprise me (and not in the good way) are probably Assassin's Creed and Devil's Third. (and I really hope I didn't overlook something else like those two)



Tsurii commented on Nintendo's UK Store Gives Free eShop Copy of A...:

I'm calling bulls***, the codes don't even work!! T.T

Pretty nice of them. It's a shame I can't order from the UK store, I'd love to have a pre-order get screwed up, if this is how they go about that XD
Oh, also good for you Thomas!



Tsurii commented on Rumour: Data Miner Discovers Three Empty Chara...:

Said it on the article about the ballot and I'll say it again at every opportunity I get: Elma. No one else. I'm not expecting her to get in at all (although she would kick ass), but I probably wouldn't mind most other characters being added either tbh.
I'm half-expecting Wolf to return, tho



Tsurii commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

@opeter it's an RPG. Its battle system is very different from most traditional RPGs, tho. It's not a turnbased system and your character keeps auto-attacking enemies, if you don't choose a skill (called arts in the game) from a palette on the screen, similar to MMORPGs (each with different effects and cooldown periods)
You have full control of your character during a battle and can (and have to) position yourself relative to an enemy to dish out more damage (just as an example, if you use "backslash" from behind an enemy (duh), you deal a ridiculous amount more damage than if you used it in fron of it) during a battle and it's a very fast-paced battle system compared to most other RPGs. That's probably why it looks like an action game to you, but that's intended. The idea was to create something that's engaging and requires a lot of strategy but also looks good and more dynamic, and it most certainly does (especially in Xenoblade Chronicles X)



Tsurii commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Xenoblade, Xenoblade and uhm Xenoblade...

Nah, I'll probably get Project Zero ,too. But apart from those two...I don't think I need anything else. I'm stupidly busy with college and I still have other games to play on the weekends that should take me at least until october. That and none of the other games really interest me that much tbh. (In FAST's case, not anymore. Just not feeling the hype anymore)



Tsurii commented on Video: Terraria Shines on Wii U and 3DS:

Definitely going to pick this up a third time on Wii U. Got it first on steam, but didn't play it too long at the time because I hate the keyboard+mouse controls, then on PS3, which got rid of the control issues I had with the PC version) and I stopped playing that version once I saw how they integrated the second screen (because the menus on the other consoles' versions are pretty finicky). I honestly think the Wii U version has the potential to become the best one yet.



Tsurii commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

@Yrreiht it sold like s***, that went wrong. They probably only made this a platformer because they know that that kind of game appeals to more people than an adventure game would to try and make Chibi-Robo (the character) more popular before they go back to how the first two games were.



Tsurii commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...: it only one guy or multiple people? The wording in the reddit post suggests the former but you're saying it's multiple players in the article.

Anyway...not playing Splatoon myself (simply because I can't thanks to Nintendo's online structure) but I hope for everyone else that the people who're using the skins and know about the issue stop using them and that the ducks who deliberately do this just to screw with other players get their behinds banned.



Tsurii commented on Weirdness: Just Dance 2016 Will Include An Exc...:

That picture of the "dog" is terrifying. I will never understand why anyone would think it'd be cool to breed those fugly things...oh, and I guess it's a pretty weird thing to write a song about something like that.



Tsurii commented on Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date Fo...:

This game had to end up being the best thing since sliced bread for me to even consider getting it tbh. And even then there's just been so much bull during and after the kickstarter campaign (and Red Ash's campaign), with all the delays and it still looking pretty boring/bland to me, that I don't really care about Mighty No. 9 or Inafune anymore.



Tsurii commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

I think it's rather unlikely but the only character I want in is Elma (XCX)
She's got a great design and I think her dual wielding swords/guns on top of the skills she already has in the game anyway would make for a pretty interesting and, more importantly, unique moveset. Also Skell final Smash. Who wouldn't want to destroy Pikachu in a mech?



Tsurii commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

@Gerbwmu they're getting Genei Ibun Roku #FE in December and I think that took off quite a bit in pre-orders..? They're selling it with early access to a concert with the game's music, tho, and the guys behind the soundtrack of the game are fairly big in Japan, so I'm not sure how much of that is them being legitimately excited for the game



Tsurii commented on Here Is Nintendo’s Exciting Line-Up Of Games...:

Did the Xenoblade demo skip any event in the PAL territory since gamescom..? I still think it's weird that NoA didn't have it at PAX or some other convention even though they're putting way more effort into pushing it outside of those (not that that says much because I'm pretty sure NoE didn't do anything besides announcing the LEs lol)

That makes it all the more frustrating for me because I missed the only opportunity to play it, I would've taken, tho (I could've technically made it to one con recently but there's no way I'm putting up with the otaku crowd in Germany, those people are legitimately scaring me)



Tsurii commented on Review: StarTropics (Wii U eShop / NES):

The review doesn't really help getting me interested in this tbh. I was hoping to get to know why so many people seem to love these games, but that didn't really come across imo. I'll most likely not get this, the gameplay sounds like it's kind of a hassle (and it definitely doesn't help that I'm not a fan of NES games and how they aged in general) and the "story" sounds about as silly as it gets, only judging from the review, and I don't really like these overly "dumb" plots in some games. It seems the game does have its moments but I don't think it's for me.
Obligatory "I'm probably just to young to really get into this"

I'm surprised about the actual score tho. I didn't expect an 8 from what the text said.



Tsurii commented on Video: This Laparoscopic Wii U Controller is T...:

@bro2dragons I second that

The game looks pretty neat imo. Kinda like a 3D Lemmings (and boy, did I ever play the hell outta Lemmings when I was a kid)
I'd love to try this, but the price for the "controller" is kinda steep for me right now (being a poor-ass student and everything XD) and I think I don't want to miss out on the "whole package.



Tsurii commented on 3D Effect Will Be Disabled When Playing Hyrule...:

Not too surprising but I think it's a good trade-off considering how good the game looks on itself and how important it is to have as many enemies as possible on the screen. I could also see the 3D effect being a little bit distracting in this game because it gets pretty chaotic at times, but that might just be me.



Tsurii commented on Fresh Nintendo Patent Shows Handheld Device Wi...:

@DiscoGentleman that comment made my day :'D

And well..the more I see of these patents and what the NX could potentially be, the less I'm interested in any of this. I really doubt that any of these will be actually used tbh, most likely just random ideas they're "saving" for the future.



Tsurii commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

@Squadallama well, between the shoehorned romantic subplot towards the end of the game and the story trying to force me to feel bad for her at a point in the story when I barely care about Fiora she's just a boring character. She's pretty much just there to give Shulk a motivation for his journey. The only thing Fiora has going for her is the whole thing with Meyneth, but I'd argue she's more of her own character (and I actually really like Meyneth) than part of Fiora.
Again, I don't hate her, but I'm not particularly fond of her either. She's just "there"



Tsurii commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

Meh...Fiora might just be my least favorite (main) character in an RPG since that bore Van (FFXXII). I don't hate her, and I admit that that pairing makes sense, but I feel like there's wasted potential somewhere in there.

Awesome to see Chrom, tho.



Tsurii commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

@Zach777 aren't you a bit optimistic there...?

Anyway, I don't care tbh. I know a ton of people do tho and I guess it sucks for them, buuut I think the game does/did not look good as it is right now. If they say they're pretty much done with how they wanted it to be, I guess they finished working on the gameplay (or are close to finishing it) and this is mostly to polish the presentation and I think that's the best thing they can do for the game. I'm by no means a graphics elitist or something but the game just didn't look all that good at E3 and in the demos recently. It looks pretty bland compared to the other big 1st party games on Wii U and some of the few 3rd party gems like Bayonetta or Rayman.
I'm sure the main reasons for the delay are that (+ the negative reception towards the "meh" visuals), Miyamoto being incredibly busy with other things at Nintendo after Iwata's sudden death and I think they might've rushed development of the game a little too much, I doubt they worked on Star Fox Zero for much more than a year by the time E3 hit this year and it showed.
I've never been too much of a fan of Star Fox tbh, but even as someone who isn't super into the series and only played the games like once or twice when they were released (if I even finished them) I was left disappointed by what they showed. It didn't look as horrendous as a ton of other people say ("game cube graphics"? Puh-lease) but it didn't look anywhere near as good as most of the other Wii U games Nintendo released so far. It lacked that typical Nintendo polish in my opinion.



Tsurii commented on Video: New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailer Sho...:

I really hope we can at least get the Legend and Adventure mode stuff on Wii U. Without buying the 3DS version. I don't need or want this kind of game on a handheld at all and they'd have to pay me (and a lot ) to unlock all of the s*** a second time.



Tsurii commented on Video: Pokkén Fun with Masked Pikachu:

I didn't think too highly of these cosplay Pikachus before, but I have to admit Pikachu Libre looks amazing in this game. She's adorable and kicks ass, they should just replace the normal Pikachu with her in every single Pokémon game from now on lol



Tsurii commented on Super Mario Maker Makes its Way to Super Smash...:

@whodatninja I think he meant Super Mario Maker, not Smash Bros

And I agree with @Morpheel , just this 1 minute of footage looked a lot better than anything you can do with that sorry excuse of a stage editor in Smash 4 that's actually playable.
Really makes you want some sort of connectivity between SMM and SSB4.



Tsurii commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@Rhydas they describe that as "An individual selected from among the Representative Directors who has advanced knowledge and extensive experience, and holds the role of providing advice and guidance regarding organizational operations in a specialized area."
I'd say that's a pretty spot-on description of both Miyamoto and Takeda's roles within Nintendo. I think they created that term themselves, tho. So it's not too surprising that you (and me earlier today) didn't know what it means



Tsurii commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 10 Super Mario Pl...:

Ah, it's a shame we couldn't vote for SMW2, we all know it's the best Mario platformer

But I'm not really surprised by this list. It's always SMB3 and SMW that are at the top of lists like this, but, in my opinion, the Galaxy games got away way too good. They're good games, but I simply enjoyed 64, Sunshine and 3D World (in that order) a lot more than those two. (the music's some of the best in the series, tho)

Also, where the heck is 6 Coins? I always thought it was a great handheld alternative to SMW. Not quite the same or as good as the "big one", but definitely pretty damn close, but I guess that's, again, just me.



Tsurii commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

@Tiefseemiez because I'm the kind of player who wants to get everything in one package and not in 10. I always hated how GameFreak handled in-game events and event/special Pokémon, because they either force you to visit an event that's heavily geared towards young children and 100+ km away from where you live just because you want to complete a game or to play these beyond boring "mini-games" on seperate devices for Pokémon you can't get like that anywhere else in the actual game (that Pokewalker thing, the dream world and I think there was something else, too. Well, and this AR game now)

If I'm buying a game and they advertise said game with something (like the Victini event in the gen5 games), I want to be able to still get that stuff even if I'm not immediately running to the next store to buy the game day one. Because it's annoying as hell when they have this pamphlet in the box that tells you about things you can't get because GameFreak are not willing to let you get their DLC throughout a game's entire lifetime like literally every other game ever. And I doubt this app will be supported/available for too long either (as in, they'll probably not even bother including the next Pokémon generation if it doesn't start before Go is released)



Tsurii commented on Splatoon Art Book Making A Splat Landing In Ja...:

Hmm...I think the only thing that'd interest me in a Splatoon art book would be concept art and stuff like the anemone and the other characters in the shops. I'm not the biggest fan of the Inkling's and just the art style in general in the game (again, apart from the characters that aren't squids or octopi)